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Taylor Health: Quality healthcare for the campus community

(tonal music) (upbeat music) – [Shana Del Vecchio] I’ve been at Taylor
Health Center for 18 years and I am a nurse practitioner. I primarily work with young women and the female faculty and staff providing just general women’s health. – [Traci Brown] We offer a variety of services based on what the patient’s needs are, including allergy injections,
Depo-Provera injections, birth control, vaccinations, including travel vaccinations or just general wellness vaccinations. – [Elijah Kleinsmith] We do anything from, you know, your colds and flus that you
might get right when finals hit to, you know, psychiatric
care and dermatology. – [Ashley Crisafulli] When you wake up
sick and you’re in your dorm, you can immediately call over to Taylor. You can get an appointment that same day. From the second you walk in the door you’re greeted with a smile, and they really help you
through the entire process, and the best part is when I come to Taylor Health and Wellness I really feel like I’m at home. – [Dr. Robert Heath] We’re quick,
we’re easy to get into, we’re right on campus. We’re all board certified physicians, so they’ll get good
care while they’re here. – [Elijah Kleinsmith] It’s honestly
some of the best value you get on campus with
your tuition dollars because, you know, you can come in here for certain basic issues for free and that’s a really big thing as a student because, you know, things like insurance isn’t always quite on our mind. – [Traci Brown] We try to keep in line very much with the lowest cost possible that we can provide to them. – [Dr. Robert Heath] We’ve got a
great pharmacy here too. They’re very inexpensive and we’re always very
cost-conscious with the students and pretty much any problem that they have we should be able to handle and if not we can get them to folks
that can handle that. – [Shana Del Vecchio] I think our
care here is excellent. We have time to spend
with the young women. We are good listeners. We want to help them to grow to be successful and healthy young women. I just think our care can’t be beat. – [Traci Brown] I just would
love for the patients, the students and their families, to know that we’re really here for them. Healthcare world is complicated
and insurance is complicated and we feel like we can
help them bridge that and become good healthcare consumers now and in the future. – [Dr. Robert Heath] I think we’re
a quality healthcare place and we love taking care of our folks, so we hope you’ll come to Taylor. – [President Clif Smart] I’m Clif Smart, president
of Missouri State University and I want you to know that Dave Muegee is my personal physician. I receive all of my medical
care at Taylor Health. I use that pharmacy, and I have found that it is the
best quality of medical care I have received anywhere in my life. You can receive that same
quality care as well. So check it out. (upbeat music) (tonal music)

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