Tanglewood Wellness Center: Thoughts for the New Year
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Tanglewood Wellness Center: Thoughts for the New Year

hi its Loren Lockman from the Tanglewood Wellness Center in customer and I wanted to share a New Year’s poem it’s called thoughts for the new year for a year and we’ve removed them each day one by one and now all of our calendar pages are gone so as we pull off the last page from the sheath it’s a good time to challenge the existing beliefs we could start the New Year’s we ended the last but growth comes through change not reliving the past and if what you choose is to make this year better you can and you must or you’ll be slightly better because to really live life we must always be growing and decreasing the number of things we’re not knowing which shouldn’t be hard when you think of the truth there’s a ton we don’t know for each ounce that we do and at least 20 of 28 grams that we know are in fact things we think but are really not so and if that seems silly are hard to admit or maybe preposterous or even you should know that the largest of possible fields and the one that provides you the greatest of yields isn’t that what you know that you don’t know or do though these two things may seem to define you it’s true but rather the stuff that you don’t know you don’t know which is close to a 100% just below and if you keep open your eyes brain and heart and you live long enough you can make a good start so this is a powerful thing to recall compared to what we could be we’re really quite small but big and we can get each year month and day and bigger will get when more conscious when we stay and I’d hope in our belt size there’s no need for that from our waists and our heads we can clean out the fat because we want to be strong fit and slender and sleek from a physical health and the Enlightenment we see every part of our being is intimately connected so that focus on anyone pots misdirected unless you want to bring much too big for your head it might be smarter to balance it all well instead it’s just what you do with the stuff that shows up and whether you see half filled or empty your cup you’ll create what you want if you both intended and pay close attention to just how you send it so know what it is that you’re wanting to see and know you deserve it and finally let the universe know that you’re filled with the stuff that we call gratitude and this will be enough see you always get to be right in this game no matter if your thoughts are crazy or sing if you think that there’s never enough then there won’t be and if you’re thinking of thinking this way then please don’t be cause to think you can have just whatever you choose is at least twice as easy and ensures you can’t lose so believe in yourself heck you’re all that you’ve got and when you know your power you’ll know that’s a lot and from this day onward as you sally forth you’re creating your life and your health and your worth by the things that you think and the things that you say so you might want to focus on living the way that you know is the best for yourself in the world and when your life is over and it’s all unfurled folks will look back at your life and your work and they’ll know that you weren’t just some regular jerk but like – the things that you touched turn to gold and the lo that have happened because you were bold and when all of the talking and comments have ceased all will know that your life was a great masterpiece have a wonderful new year and go create some masterpieces you

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25 thoughts on “Tanglewood Wellness Center: Thoughts for the New Year

  1. Happy New Year! Have a question for you Loren. Have you ever treated a person with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Autoimmune disease) at your center and with what results? Thanks so much!

  2. Happy New Year to you, too! I don't recall a client with Hashimoto's, but it's frequently misdiagnosed, so we may have. We've fasted many people w/various other autoimmune conditions (including eczema, grave's, crohn's, fibromyalgia, etc) w/excellent results. Unlike almost any other form of "treatment," fasting simply allows us to get out of the way as effectively as possible so the body can cleanse & heal itself. If the body Can heal, there's nothing more efficient or effective than fasting.

  3. Thanks so much LeBron! I have done one, but it was long and I need to find some time to do some editing… I'll do my best to get it up as soon as possible.

  4. Hello Loren, could you please tell me what would be a normal blood pressure for a man of 54 yrs. at say day 15 of a water fast. the diastolic and systoloic ( <spelling ? ) aprox. of course, I'd appreciate it very much. Hope your new year is going swimmingly. John

  5. Hi John. I can tell you that normal blood pressure is 120/80 but that isn't necessarily healthy, and that while fasting there will be massive variation depending on what's going on for each person. There is no one pressure that one "should have" at a certain point in time as it all depends on what their body is doing. Hope this is helpful.

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