Tanglewood Wellness Center: Ode to the Glass
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Tanglewood Wellness Center: Ode to the Glass

Hi, this Loren Lockman.
I’m here today to wish you a happy thanksgiving from Tanglewood in Costa Rica and I’m gonna share a poem with you this time.
This is a poem I wrote several years ago for my clients People celebrate thanksgiving in different ways,
and here in Tanglewood many people come each year to celebrate thanksgiving by consuming absolutely
nothing but water, and so I’ve written a poem
I’m gonna share with you I think you’ll enjoy it it’s called “Ode to the glass” No turkey no stuffing and no candied yams,
no string beans or mixed greens or honey baked hams this year’s feast may be lighter than most for our guests
as stomachs and Colon’s get much needed rests and no matter how older just how much you know
this may be the first year you’ll have just H2O after years of consuming the cakes and pies
and often still live on our butts andour thighs
it’s time for the body to really get clean from my heads to our feet and the parts in between
and then while you’re cleansing you might not feel great please remember it’s mostly the things that you ate,
so if your head gets achy or your nose starts to run
you just might be suffering for the things that you’ve done and if you’re feeling nauseous or just outta sorts
it could be a revenge of the tarts and the torques
so it’s true you might suffer a bit till you’re done but we never promise this fast would be fun
but will be stupendous just wait, you’ll see,
amazing, tremendous, inevitably and it’s not because tanglewood staff is so great
though it’s true I’ll be never allowed to say it
but rather it’s you that’s deserving of praise for putting aside all of your evil ways for a week
for a month or much longer perhaps so we’re bound
to you ladies and curtsy you chaps and by getting completely from your body’s way
you’re changing the course of your life from this day
from this moment on all the health you enjoy will reflect on your time
as a girl or a boy are all that’s happened since the time
that you grew or whether your hair is black, red or blue or blood type, ancestry, inherited genes
now those things are a mount to a small yellow beans
because now you’re creating your body a new every day as you choose all the things that you do
if you sleep ’till you’re slept, you breathe all your breath
and you weep ’till you’re wept you can put off your death when the water is pure
and you drink just enough and you’re letting
the sunshine on all of your stuff and you’re moving your body a little each day
you start feeling true health is a moment away
and to get there there’s only one more thing to do just only eat food that nature gives them to you and
I know it sounds crazy and people will think
you’re probably lazy and your ideas stink if you do this I know that your health will be great
and your brain will work good, well if it’s not too late and small children will love you, deer will eat
from your hand and you just might become king
or queen over the land so on this day of thanking for lots of great things
give thanks to your glass for the health that it brings Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. Thanks Itsy! If you like that, you'll probably enjoy the full-length book in the same styla about to be be illustrated…

    And can you believe that Dr Seuss had the nerve to pre-copy me??? I'm a huge fan of his work anyway.

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