Tanglewood Wellness Center: Balance and Yoga…for health!
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Tanglewood Wellness Center: Balance and Yoga…for health!

as we get older most ferment many people balance is a huge issue do you practice yoga mm-hmm okay well if you’re not already doing something to work on your balance and that goes for you too we’re the we’re the oldest ones in the room here three of us you know it’s important to work on your balance because one of the biggest issues for older people is they fall and break their hip and then everything goes to hell big-time I mean it’s for many people it’s the end of their life truly it comes very quickly after that by maintaining enough strength and balance you know which is getting into the fitness talk and exercise it’s much less of an issue so I’m gonna strongly encourage you if you’re not already doing balance exercises to do them and I probably mentioned this before but when I first started practicing yoga 25 years ago I found it very difficult to stand on one leg not anymore easy how many you can send one leg pretty like the time okay good yeah be glad to when I started practicing I found it very hard to do a tree pose for instance this is it’s a simple posture it’s just a balance exercise you stand on one foot you normally in stand with both feet ground at first on the floor and then you bring this foot up and and the way you do that is you bring it up to your hand so I’m not bending over you notice my body is not moving I bring my foot up to my hand I put my foot here in my crotch on my inner thigh now it’s easier without clothes it’s easier without these pants if I bring my shorts up I’ve got short shorts on then I’ve got skin on skin and one of the things that will help you if it tends to slide is press with your foot against your leg and your leg against your foot so you’re pushing against each other it’s not going to go anywhere no it’s not so easily so if you’re if you’re doing this I found this very difficult to do needless to say it’s not so difficult to do anymore okay how I got there was that when I would go into the shower to take a shower I would wash my feet like this and then I’d get out and I dry my feet like this my legs can I do the other one okay I have tie my shoe this way put my socks on this way one foot at a time standing on one foot I put my shoes on tie my shoelaces while standing on one foot you know the more practice you get standing on one foot the easier it gets okay you can move around you’re developing small muscles in your feet and lower legs that provide you with that balance and strength you need if you start to go one side you need muscles pushing the other way well most people don’t develop those muscles because we live our lives on flat surfaces okay so if you if you work on developing those little muscles you’re gonna be much safer in the world much safer as we get older no much safer his balance starts to go you’ve got that musculature to support you if you need it I mean your balance is better overall okay and by the way you really want to really test it like it’s easy for you stand on one leg that way do that but you know the rest of the pose you would normally be here and then that you start here for some people this was like a beginner version and this is the more advanced version is up here it’s harder here but do you want to make it even harder close your eyes because we depend on our vision to help us stay balanced so it’s a lot harder with your eyes closed but but scribbly practice take it to the next level okay balance is critically important if we lived in the natural world we’d be on uneven surfaces all the time I talked to you the other day about this injury about Bolla about the finger injury which one wasn’t I just can’t which hand but because I broke them both now it was this one I talked about the entry was bouldering and I would be literally like you know it’s called a billy goat trail I’d be hopping from Boulder to Boulder these big rocks and it’s you know I would leave a lot of people behind I mean because they they didn’t have the balance and they didn’t have the small muscles a strength to maintain it it becomes easy the other was originally intended as a spiritual practice simply to become more centered and balanced so you could be connected to God that’s the purpose of it but you know in the way it’s practiced in in most Western countries that’s just another exercise form it’s just a way that it’s a way to develop strength balance flexibility those are the three primary components of it there’s a most yoga it doesn’t do a lot for cardio but strength balance and flexibility are three you know from my perspective you’ve got strength balance flexibility and cardio those are the four primary areas of fitness and yoga it’s three of them and again you know y’all get pushes buttons for it they’re just balance exercises you

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4 thoughts on “Tanglewood Wellness Center: Balance and Yoga…for health!

  1. My girlfriend is an Ashtanga yoga teacher and she is slowly moving me over from Iyengar to doing sun salutations with more breath work and I can tell you that repetitive sun salutes can really get this soon to be 66 year old heart and lungs really pumping and the sweat dripping here in the Chiang Mai heat.

  2. I remember seeing Essie Honniball in a picture on one leg balancing in her fruit youth. I also did the same in the shower on fruit.Not so easy on SAD.

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