Swollen Head Baby Leaves Hospital After Successful Surgery
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Swollen Head Baby Leaves Hospital After Successful Surgery

COMM: Roona Begum, the Indian toddler whose story shocked the world, is finally said to
return home. The 22-month-old suffers from an extreme case of hydrocephalus, which caused
her head to swell to 94 centimetres – 3 times its normal size. COMM: After 105 days in hospital, doctors at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute
in New Delhi have reduced the size of her head to a manageable 58 centimetres. Doctor: I think all of you had seen Roona when she had come at the time. She was grossly
under fit, malnutrition was there, she was having infections, she was having chest infections.
Her head size was enormous. So after this, the head size – it was initially 94 centimetres come down to 58 centimetres,
which is quite a manageable size. COMM: Roona’s parents, Fatima and Abdul, are delighted they can finally return to their
home village of Tripura, in Northern India. Abdul: After the treatment from the doctors here we can see a lot of improvement in Roona.
She had no hair before, now we can even start seeing hair on her head. We are so happy. We have been here a long time, we will always remember and respect the people here. The
nurses have loved and cared for us. COMM: Roona will be required to return to the hospital for further treatment in the
future, but her condition will continued to be monitored by her doting parents. While Roona’s recovery is far from complete, the young family can now look forward to the
future with renewed hope.

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100 thoughts on “Swollen Head Baby Leaves Hospital After Successful Surgery

  1. her parents look very young and being young and having a baby can cause a lot of problems and i'm only saying cause my moms a doctor.

  2. So they send her home with her parents who allowed her condition to get that bad in the first place and they trust them to properly monitor her condition? Hopefully they'll be a nurse visiting them on a regular basis.

  3. These people making these comments is this your attempts at humor ..you're not funny at all ..This is a child that is going to have a very tough life if she lives ..Her parents are too young and inept and although they show her a lot of love she was malnourished and had a infection on top of her condition ..

  4. I feel sooooooooooooo sorry for your baby):I hope the doctors can make her head smaller I have to go now good luck for your baby and you bye bye(:

  5. But what are they going to do now. She shouldn't be going back to that village, the doctor even said she was grossly malnutritioned. Don't help her than basically throw her under the bus by sending her back into poverty.

  6. God Bless your little Angel….You're amazing and so loving. So many would do different and you stay right there for the love you have for baby. So amazing!!!

  7. Why can't someone set a go fund me page up for this poor child? I look at Jason strongs page and see he has more than he will ever need, and this poor child has nothing. Why is life so unfair.

  8. I think, yes, the baby will be bullied for the rest of her life.. And yes, I feel like the baby will have depressed, even suicial thoughts in the future, but everybody deserves to live. And how much I feel as if the child should have been "put down" due to the horrible condition, I'm glad that the baby will actually have a chance to have a good, educated, christen, or what ever belief, life.

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  10. I'm 24 and have hydrocephalus and had a shunt put in shortly after my birth. Apart from epilepsy and 2 shunt replacements. It has never affected me

  11. When he opened his eyes he was like, OMG I CAN SEE!!!! And, how did the mother get her out?!?!?!!!!!!???

  12. Um no her husband has now left her blaming her for their childโ€™s condition. Terrible he just couldnโ€™t deal with it.

  13. UPDATE:: June 2017-An Indian girl who made international headlines when a rare condition caused her head to swell to more than twice the normal size has died, days before she was to undergo corrective surgery.

  14. For all the people who are wondering why her eyebrows are drawn on,

    Indians (also some middle east) will apply a black eyeliner called kajal on a baby's eyebrows. Kajal is believed to be made from natural herbs & oils, but most of them contain high amounts of lead. Many poor uneducated village people still apply kajal to keep evil spirits away. Also, it was believed that applying kajal to a baby's eyebrows produced a cooling effect that protected babies from the hot Indian climate. There is no evidence to support the benefits of kajal. Parents still do this to their babies, because it's considered "cute".

    – Credit to B for the info

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