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Supporting Families to Boost Students’ Success

>>Angie: Poverty plays a
huge role in education. We at Educare believe
that it’s our purpose– it’s not our job, it’s our
purpose to support the families and provide what’s needed to help them
overcome that so that they can focus on their child’s education.>>Angie: Our two-gen program means
the two-generational approach. It’s not just the child;
it’s the family as a whole.>>Thomas: From the moment our family
decides to enroll in our school, we really work with the family
one-on-one to show that we care, to show that we’re not trying to do for
them, but we’re trying to do with them. That we want them to grow to
find out what their desires are, what are their goals, how do
they want to develop in life?>>Angie: Our family support team
provides different trainings and focus groups, webinars and
supports around financial fitness, health and wellness, and literacy.>>Thomas: We’re always trying to help
families break their cycle of poverty to help our families kind of work
through those obstacles and go to another level or find
some sense of stability.>>Teacher: Hey, good morning,
Jade. How are you? Good morning, you ready for school this morning?>>Troy: Are you ready?>>Angie: Troy is a parent that
we’ve had for three years now. His daughter Jade is here.
Troy is a single father. In the beginning, Troy was reserved. Once we continued to reach out and made that connection, you
saw a change in Troy. He began to open up about what was
needed and what his struggle was and he didn’t just want a
handout, he wanted a path.>>Troy: Anything I need, Ms.
Angie, she’s always there for me. Ms. Angie kind of leaned in my
direction towards giving me support, giving me that extra, okay,
are you okay, Troy? You sure? Whatever you need, I got
you, I’m here for you. So that love and that warm feeling
of just being included is just deeper than just school, they care about you.>>Carolyn: What we’re going to do
is have you at one of the stations, one of us will be there to help
assist you, to support you.>>Angie: We have parent engagement
monthly in our classrooms.>>Thomas: We encourage our teachers to develop a parent engagement
activity calendar and they can be different activities
that directly correlate to what’s going on in the classroom and what’s
being learned in the classroom. The idea is to pull them
in and not just leave them with the mindset that,
hey, you’re at school. Let school do all the work. No. We want to involve you parents to come into the classroom and
see what we’re doing.>>Carolyn: So that’s another thing,
we’re always encouraging our parents and the children to use
those calming methods.>>Thomas: They can hear the teachers use
that dialogue and use those techniques that they may have heard about.>>Carolyn: It’s important for us
to be able to help the parents to know how they can
teach their child at home. Troy has been a very attentive father.
I think he see those strategies and those things that
we do with her here and he does his best
to do them with her.>>Troy: I’m calm already. Oh
my God, thank you all so much.>>Carolyn: When we give them the methods
or the strategies on how to do it, well, they take it and they’re, like, oh. And they see it working and they’re,
like, I get it. I can do this. But they need the guidance
and they need the support.>>Angie: Our families are
loving. Our families want the best for their kids and for themselves. Sometimes, they don’t know how
to get to that point and so, that’s why we’re here, to help them. And oftentimes, our families will
say I want better for my child than what I have and that’s
what we’re doing every day.

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