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SUPER LONG and STRONG THICK Hair Growth. – Muskaan Hamad

Hello Friends! Welcome to Natural Home Remedies TV. If you have still not subscribed to my channel then please Subscribe. In today’s program we will share recipe on
how to grow 3 inch hair in one month. This is a proven recipe told by my Grand Mother which I am sharing with you through YouTube. For this we need Citrus Leaf. This Citrus Leaf can be from Lemon, Orange or Musaami tree. Next we need Methi/Fenugreek seeds. This will provide warmth to the scalp and
will auto massage and stimulate hair growth making your hair double or tripple. Next we need Methi leaves this will help in Hair Growth as well. Next we need Extra Virgin Olive oil. This is the first extract of Olive oil and
is filled with vitamin. Next we need 100% pure mustard oil. As we are making this oil for one week use so we will use half cup measurement. Make sure you measure crrectly. This bottle is small and cute and has a nozzle for Hair oil. Many people complain about hair fall during massage. With this auto massage hair oil you do not
need to hand massage as the warm oil will circulate blood itself. You just need to pour oil in you hair using
the nozzle. Make your hair strong and prevent Hair fall with this oil Just drip the oil in your Hair. No need to massage. Use Half cup Olive oil. This is from the first extract filled with vitamins It will remove dandruff and when your scalp will absorb this oil it will stimulate hair growth. Extra Virgin Olive oil is very healthy It is not cooked and is used directly in food. This is Mustard Oil. Very good for Scalp. Use half cup of Mustard oil. This will make your hair Black and Long. Next we will add one teaspoon of Methi/Fenugreek seeds for Warm Auto massage. These seeds are very important as they provide warmth and increase Blood Circulation in Hair Roots without hand massage working as a stimulant for Hair Growth. Next we will use Methi/Fenugreek Leaves. You can also use Kasuri Methi. This will stimulate Hair Growth. It will make your hair Strong and Long Next we will add our Citrus Leaf. This will release Citrus Oil extracts We will put this mixture in indirect sun for
24 hours. If you get sun 5 hours a day then put this
mixture for 4-5 days and then use it on an everyday basis for 30 days. You can wash it after 5-6 hours with a mild shampoo. This will have oil extracts from Methi/Fenugreek and Citrus Leaf. Please use this Hair Oil and send us your

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