#SumersHere — The Gary M. Sumers Recreation Center
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#SumersHere — The Gary M. Sumers Recreation Center

This new rec center blows the old one out
of the water by far. A hundred times better. I really love how open it is, and there’s
just so much space. It’s really easy to come and find a game of
whatever you want to play with a bunch of people who want to play it with you. So it’s nice to, like, get out and be around
people. And it also helps me to challenge myself. It’s a good space and it really opens up a
lot of room for activity here. My favorite thing about the wellness suite
is it combines lots of different types of health. Not only fitness and nutrition like the gym,
but also sexual health, mental health, and alcohol and other drugs. There’s a lot more space and everyone can
fit down here comfortably and still work out together. I love the cycling room. It’s really cool. The lights and, like, the cool equipment. Yeah, it’s super comparable to spin classes
that you can take outside of the gym for, like, 30 bucks a class. But we get them for free, which is awesome. It’s incredible. There’s such great facilities here. There’s three courts now, so my friends and
I can always come play basketball. The new gym facility is great as well. There’s weight machines, cardio machines,
there’s the crazy rig. TRX. I could never get bored. Now I’ve been able to try some of the Hip
Hop HIIT workouts. Some of the yoga workouts. And I’ve found that’s really diversified my
workout routine. It’s just, like, a better energy. You know, you just want to be here. You want to come work out and enjoy it.

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