STOP Saying Vaping is Safe! | My Update On Vaping | Wednesday Checkup
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STOP Saying Vaping is Safe! | My Update On Vaping | Wednesday Checkup

– We’ve talked about vaping
before on this channel. But with this many people getting sick, I think it’s time to
take another deep dive. Bewhoop! (hypnotic hiphop music) What’s going on right now
with the vaping situation is just absolutely absurd. We have about 500 cases in 33 states of individuals suffering with lung illness that is suspected to be caused by vaping. And the scariest part, up to
five deaths have been reported with the same type of lung injury. They’re having a chemical
inflammation in their lungs, and the only thing that they’re doing that could possibly cause it is vaping. These are not elderly
folks with lung disease or those suffering with pneumonia. We’re having young people
who are otherwise healthy being admitted into the
intensive care unit, put on breathing machines
just because they were vaping. – [Narrator] He was
hospitalized this week. – I’m 18 years old. My lungs are like a 70-year-old’s. – Why is this happening now? Many people have speculated that, oh, it’s because we’re more
likely to recognize that people may be vaping
and ask the question, therefore, identify more cases. Well, last year, when we were asking the
same vaping question, we didn’t see this uptick in cases. This is a genuine uptick, and
there’s been studies actually that have been done on this
and proven this to be true. I think two reasonable things
that can be happening is, A, products have changed
somewhat over the last year. They’ve become more potent. They’ve added new flavors. They’ve added new ingredients. And the second thing is if someone’s been vaping
for a longer period of time, they’re more likely to have side effects. And possibly one of these side effects is lung-related injury. Is this caused by a specific product, a specific chemical, a
specific modification, or a specific frequency of use? Now, we don’t have answers
to those questions. The one pattern that we have
seen in the recent times, they’ve been using not
only nicotine products, but the huge majority of
them use THC vape products. In those THC vape product, there is a chemical
called vitamin E acetate. And New York State
Department health officials have a suspicion that it’s this chemical that’s causing many of these cases. And, of course, the big companies
like Juul are jumping in and saying, well, our
products don’t contain THC. So we shouldn’t really
be affected by this. I don’t think that’s the case. There have been some instances
of people not using THC vapes and just using nicotine vapes like Juul. So jumping to a conclusion
now is just too early. That’s why the CDC mentioned
that there’s a pattern but are not saying anything definitively. As I said before, I
much prefer to be alert in these circumstances
rather than anxious. So I wanna give you some symptoms that are good to be on the lookout for if you or your loved ones vape. The obvious one here
is shortness of breath. It can develop slowly over
time in a progressive manner, or it can happen really quickly, at which point you have to call 911. The other symptoms are less specific. We’re talking nausea,
vomiting, fever, chills, and even a cough. Now, all those things may make you think that you have a virus or
some other sort of infection. But that’s exactly why it’s important if you see any of these
symptoms and you vape to go get checked out by your doctor. Now, if you’re using it as
a form of risk reduction, you’re a habitual smoker, adult smoker, and you’d like to get off cigarettes and vaping is the only
the only way you can. You’ve tried all of the other
methods, and they’ve failed. Maybe, in that circumstance,
I can say vaping works. But right now, what we’re
seeing is a generation of young people that actually
weren’t smoking cigarettes that are now starting to
get addicted to vaping. And the reason why
vaping is so addicting is because of nicotine. Nicotine affects your frontal cortex. That’s the part of your brain that’s responsible for decision making. When you’re a teen, that
area isn’t fully formed and developed yet, so
you’re very susceptible to outside influences on that area, meaning that you’re more likely to develop an addiction potential. In fact, the reason we regulate products like smoking, alcohol, gambling is primarily because of this reason that we don’t want the frontal
cortex affected by this. When Juul and all these other companies launched their product,
they really benefited from the perception that
vaping is safer than smoking. And while that may be true in some cases, if you weren’t smoking to begin with, there’s no real reason to vape. But the way they advertised
it to young people is that, uh, it’s pretty much safe. They showed picture of cool
and hip young adults using it. They even created flavors
like bubble gum, cotton candy. Who’s that attractive for? The young mind obviously. Now, in this specific circumstance where we’re seeing all these
vaping lung-related injuries start to rack up, we need to take action. I don’t like that the CDC said we should consider stopping vaping. What does consider even mean? I recently heard a doctor
say this really well. Imagine you’re in a building. And the fire alarm goes off, and the announcement that’s
made is not to evacuate but to consider evacuating. What are you gonna do there? You might be left in flux and confused. So I don’t think that the
current level of alert by the CDC is appropriate. I think what we should do just like we do when there’s
a salmonella outbreak in lettuce for example, we
say don’t eat any lettuce until further notice, until
we figure this thing out. I think we should exactly that. We should stop all vaping until we figure out what is causing this. Is it a specific chemical? Is it a specific product? Is it a specific frequency? We need answers before
we start giving guidance. And until we can give guidance, the proper guidance is
to say, don’t do it. As I told you in the past, the way doctors make recommendations
is based on evidence. And evidence sometimes changes. Right now, with all of these
vape-related lung injuries piling up, I think it’s
best to hold off on vaping. That may change. I may change my guidance and
make an updated vaping video in the new future, so be
on the lookout for that. If you enjoyed this video, check out this playlist
that I made for you. And as always, stay happy and healthy. (hypnotic hiphop music)

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100 thoughts on “STOP Saying Vaping is Safe! | My Update On Vaping | Wednesday Checkup

  1. Wait, Dr Mike! I would like to point out something I've considered reaching out to the CDC about, to look into. I bought a THC cartridge once and I noticed that it burned my lungs and not in the same way smoking pot does. It was like breathing in a harsh chemical. When I took it apart and looked at it, I noticed there was a rubber plug at the top of the tank. I looked it over closely and realized it didn't have a hole that the vape juice could be pulling through and showed it to my boyfriend and he was just as confused as me. I thought "that's why it burns like that, I really am breathing in chemicals". If the vape juice is being heated, it can still go out of the bottom vents but if the rubber plug is being heated, that might be what I was breathing in. So, I never touched it again. Now, I'm wondering if it's the same ones that are making people sick. It would make total sense.

  2. The problem isn't vape juices made by the companies that are mass producing it, the problem is the average Joe trying to make it at home not using proper ingredients like the vitamin e oil that turns toxic when heated. This stuff is typically just in the thc and cbd juices that have little to no regulation. Anyone claiming to have never used them but still got sick from vaping lied about not using it. I personally have Vaped daily to replace smoking for 4 years only using juices from well known companies and never had any issues as well as many other people I have known.

  3. I am also a doctor. First of all, nobody is saying vaping is safe. But according to the Royal College of Physicians of England, it is 95% safer than smoking. Smokers should stop smoking if they can or atleast start vaping.

  4. Been saying it on facebook, but youtube can fight me too. Don't put crap in your lungs. Unless you are inhaling clean air and/or nebulized meds (which are made for lungs) you are going to get sick. Even people that live in cities with air pollution or in a rural area with airborne pesticides show evidence of lung damge on death. Vaping was never safe. Stop it.

  5. Can you do a video about cancer, the different stages, and when chemo works or doesn’t? My dad is dying from esophagus cancer and there’s so much to learn and try to understand that it’s overwhelming. Also maybe explain how cancer figures how to get around chemo and how to know when it’s time to make a decision to stop the chemo or keep trying various chemo types. Also he is struggling with having no appetite and the lack of nutrition is causing problems for his body. I asked the oncologist about appetite stimulants and he abruptly shot down that idea by saying they have bad side effects.

  6. Stop vaping until we find out what the issue is? How did that work out for cigarettes? Cigarettes are some of the most poisoning products on the market but no one will step up to remove them. You want to put a ban on vaping but not on cigarettes? As a doctor you've just failed everyone.

  7. I don't vape but I do eat potato salad and smash cake at 3 sometimes 4am. I know I need to change I just need time. Let's not talk about white rice ok? Good day

  8. My Mom got so sick she thropu and had migrants I think it's form the vaper she's useing now I'm sacred but thanks so much I criyd when I watched this

  9. Hey doctor Mike! I have a genuine question but not related to this topic..
    A couple of days ago, a man was thrown of a bike when they drove into a pothole and a truck went over him. He still had a pulse after being run over and the hospital was less than a kilometer away from him, but ppl on the road had to look for identification of the man , call his relatives and then only send him to the hospital. Not only in this situation but many others.. I'm not sure if it's the mentality of the people of what… I know that u are not from my country , but I'm very interested to know what are the procedures one must follow when such a situation arises… because on American TV we see good samaritans and what not , but they dont tell us the nitty gritties of calling an ambulance.
    Thank you for your time and effort ! Your videos are much appreciated 😊

  10. Vaping is safe… just not when done with big tabbacco. Use a nebulizer that way the whole room can get a dose.

    Then over use excessively, I mean go way overboard, Like all day everyday for at least 2weeks straight. 🤖👹

  11. Teens aren’t being hospitalized and dying from vaping E juice itself, it’s from illicit JUUL pods and THC cartridges off the streets being laced. People have been vaping for at least a decade now and JUULs aren’t that new so why are we just now hearing about this, it’s because marijuana isn’t legal everywhere and they started to ban e juice flavors awhile ago thus creating this black market which is scary and dangerous. They have found traces of synthetic vitamin E oil in THC cartridges for vaping.

  12. And the cases with teens being hospitalized from vaping nicotine juice never had any medical documents pointing to the act of vaping nicotine E juice being the reason. There were a ton of JUUL pods missing from their factory obviously they’re being sold in the black market and probably are being filled with laced THC.

  13. I don’t think it’s fair that teens are ruining vaping for adults smokers, especially the ones that use it as a alternative to smoking cigarettes, cigarettes a are leading cause of death why haven’t they banned cigarettes or alcohol then also? And if marijuana wasn’t so criminalized people in illegal states wouldn’t have to resort to the black market even if someone can get a medical marijuana card the prices are ridiculous at dispensaries and it’s cheaper to get off the streets. Now I’m not defending marijuana for recreational use but I’m talking for medicinal use. Do you have any tips for me, I’ve been through all sorts of different pharmaceutical pills antidepressants and anti-psychotics and if any of those pills have worked they would make me feel like a zombie and constantly drowsy I found that using cannabis medicinally works the absolute best and gives me the most normal life.

  14. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. Thank you so much for making this video! It's crazy that now hundreds of teens have lung illness from vaping.

    I hope the cause, like ingredients, vitamin E acetate, etc becomes known and this can be fixed! 😃

  15. To be clear on this. Nicotine vape does not have Vitamin E acetate.

    The nicotine vape community is actually way over reactive to any substance that is cause for concern, and we have called for a lot of substances to be removed from vape products.

    Juul is a different story and I don't know how to feel about them or "salts."

    I started 10 years ago, but there are definitely YouTube channels that have been around since the beginning. They could tell you all about the history of the product, the mountains of valid and bogus studies, and give an idea of how being as safe as possible has been a high priority.

  16. Dr Mike. All these deaths have a commonality. They smoked illegal THC cartridges filled with non THC, chemicals. This has nothing to do with vaping.

  17. He Dr Mike. What would happen if you took an antibiotic and a pro-biotic at the same time? I don't know of this a joke or not but I'm genuinely curious.

  18. 24 dead in Refugee Camps under the Trump Administration.
    Zero outrage.
    283 mass shootings.
    Another day of thoughts and prayers.
    150,000 die from lung cancer every year.
    More money for big pharma: the tobacco lobby is in the pockets of the government. We make a lot of tax money on cigarettes.
    6 dead from Vape pens: OMG ban them immediately, the first lady Melanie, I mean Melania is scared that boy, the son, our son, may try vaping and could die.

  19. I'm not saying Vaping is safe. But let's get something straight here, big tobacco wants the vaping world to ONLY use theirs. They want it so regulated so in the end, their the only ones who can afford to provide the vaping public with what they want.. But sure, let's all continue to let the one indistry who not only lies, but KILLS you…

    Jumping to a conclusion is too early, but yet, you're all doing that exact thing. I've been vaping for 9 years and have had NO issues at all. I breathe without issues, whereas with smoking I had lots.

    People smoke weed laced with all kinds of bullshit. We don't say "They were xxxxxxx because of weed" we say "it was laced with xxxxxx". Do the same with Vaping.

    I'm 38 and love my so called "Kid target flavors". I want to vape my Frosted Sugar cookie. It's not my fault that adults can't control what their kids do.

    Mike's hard Lemonade. Let's ban it, it's too much like Lemonade.

    5 deaths vs 4k+ deaths a year.. But sure, let's go after Vaping.

  20. Anecdotal but, been vaping for a long while now – Was a smoker for +15yrs before that. I am going to guess its the THC and CBD OILS that are causing the issue. Way before Juul came out, there was and still are plenty of us that vape and have no issues at all – still don't because our supply is water based. However – Get kids in that will do just about anything (cinnamon/tide pod/other random dangerous shit) and the whole damn thing goes to hell in a handbasket. The ingredients in standard ejuice are WATER based not oil based.

    I agree more research is needed but to say vaping is bad in general when the alt is cigarettes is going to the far side of extreme. It's not standard vape liquid causing the issue I don't believe. If I am proven wrong, then so be it. I am human after all.

    Side rant – demonizing nicotine – it is not that much different than caffeine. The effects on the body are very similar. Don't believe me? Look it up! Who here likes their cup of coffee/tea/soda?

    I am not a scientist, but just basic knowledge of what is generally considered ok to breathe in and what isn't
    water vapor = ok
    Oil – NOT OK
    It doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to figure that out. This may be the results of breathing in the oil base and it coating the lungs causing severe harm.

    Grabs the popcorn and awaits the hate comments….

  21. @Doctor Mike, what should i do to convince my parents to buy healthy food, ive managed to lose 20 pounds but because i am still young, i dont have a say in what i eat, i eat healthy but mostly just fruits and veg around the house, of which there isnt much,so i tend to under-eat all the time, i really dont want to eat junk, what should i do?


  23. Tbh, i just hope that there will be a fishbowl-like device worn on heads so that these freaking smokers can just die on their own n not suffocating others with their 2ndhand smoke 🤬

  24. I am trying so hard not to unsubscribe. You usually speak so calmly and explaim everything clearly and with plenty of details, but here you did not mention that you can vape without using nicotine, you did not take into consideration all the studies that say it's not dangerous if you use normal liquid (pg+vg+aroma), you just generally created an aura of "dangerous product" around vapes. Most people do not have your level of intelligence and knowledge , so when you make a video like this, most smokers that at least try quitting by getting into vaping , are going to get scared and stay where they are. It's like you don't know that people are more scared about "chemicals" than "not good for your health"

  25. isn't the inhalation of smoke alone bad in the first place wouldn't it dry the lungs like even without the nicotine and chemicals.

  26. 0 nicotine… Ummm hello we can obviously avoid getting addicted by just buying 0 nic juices.. stop lashing out on vapers and instead lash out on the government that allows selling cigarettes.

    I have a question.. why is it that even though cigarettes are bad for your health they are still legal to be sold? Same goes for alcohol

  27. The vaping community has been saying that the cases were bad juice that people buy for cheap illegitimately… thoughts Dr. Mike?

  28. Такс Михаил у меня вопрос почему ты знаешь русский, но не делаешь русские субтитры

  29. 10 years and up to 2 packs a day. Now nicotine free thanks to vaping. I have never felt better. I firmly believe that the reason we are having these issues are the rise of CBD and THC vaping. Just because they didn't admit to using THC vapes doesn't mean they didn't. Especially if THC is not legal in the state. Because if they were they were doing so illegally, may be afraid of getting in trouble.

  30. I said it before, I'll say it again, VAPING IS TERRIBLE! My lung collapsed after a month of vaping…..that's not even the chemical issue, that's just the water vapor. Doesn't help these people take 'phat ripz'.

  31. Hello👋
    We are students from the University of Science and Technology. I wish you to subscribe and share our channel to support us to download medical educational videos👨 ‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ Thank you

  32. Hello doctor
    As u might already know that bullying and ragging in very common and like a culture in medical colleges and this can get really ugly at times so could u please tell us about ur tips and ideas to deal with this

  33. I have a question.

    I often get stomach ache after eating/drinking like, coffee, instant noodles, chocolate milk, is that normal? Please tell me. Cause I'm so sick of this stomach ache.

    Stomach ache,

    Stomach ache #imARMY

    No really I'm so sick of it

  34. So colin had this "hurrah moment"
    Saying "humans don't live forever because when we were born we were never suppose to cut the cord"

    I know about lotus birth but I was so confused when all the class agreed with him…

  35. There's enough crap in the air to do a number on your lungs as it is. Why would you want to introduce foreign material into your lungs deliberately?

  36. A few hundred cases in over a decade of millions of people using it is cause for concern? Vaping has been around for longer than this, with even more users outside the US. I think the CDC response is entirely appropriate. I certainly think people should also stop trying to lump THC and nicotine vaping together as well, they are not the same thing.

  37. I just want you to know you have for real made it because there is at least on guy on Instagram pretending to be you messaging women 😂😂😂

  38. OR you could just stop smoking in general, any kind of smoking….
    I'm /pretty/ sure just O2 is enough for us humans… I don't get how people can benefit from doing those stuff, I really don't.
    For stress relief? You need those stuff to handle stress and depression? that's just admitting you're weak, you can just handle it yourself.
    (Sorry my English is messy)

  39. I think this whole demonizing of vaping this is just a massive propaganda campaign by tobacco companies, everyone is talking about how we are going to ban vaping and ban flavored e-liquids but nobody is talking about banning cigarettes or tobacco of any kind even though tobacco is 1000000000x worse than vaping.

  40. The sad thing is
    all the nicotine addicts that are stuck off juul will most likely turn to smoking traditional cigarettes. Some won’t and will quit but the younger people who need their fix could fall into using tobacco cigarettes. Which wouldn’t be any better.

  41. There some kids in my school vaping or at least using something that they can hold and not get hurt and smoke coming out of there mouth
    And my dad smokes and coughs all the time

  42. Vaping is still new compared to cigs. So it's sort of shorthanded to defend how much better they are long term in comparison to cigs when negative stuff like this comes out. Where are the people who've been vaping for 20yrs? Do they exist? Waiting = More time. We need more time to get ahead of potential health risk unless you sell Vapes cuz in that case you want that boatload of paper and of course you're extending lives…no doubt

  43. K this is gonna be kinda long but plz read. Okay so it all happened around the first week of school our teacher was letting us play would you rather on the smart board (I’m in 6th grade so that’s a big deal) one of the questions was would you rather smoking be legal or illegal me having a dad as a doctor went to the side that said smoking should be ILLEGAL.ok so basically we were all asked why we went to that side I said this.If I was 18 years old and scientist and doctors alike have done research for YEARS about how bad smocking is for you then why should you do it? Why is smoking still legal? Why IN THE WORLD ARE DOCTORS COMPLAINING ABOUT SMOKING AND ABOUT PPL DIEING but smoking? Smoking is still for some reason…… Why? why is it legal? If ppl want to stop kids and teens from passing away why is smoking still legal. Because my dad always has told me and my siblings that if we smoke……we are out of the will.

  44. I heard that you were feeling ill, headache, fever and a chill, I came to help restore your pluck, ‘cause I’m the nurse who likes to….

  45. Been vaping for years, and never have had a problem. Most likely because of the following
    Dont use black market THC oil in your vape. Duh.
    Dont use black market e juice in your vape. Duh.
    Dont use your vape for all hours while awake. Duh.
    Dont do these things, and dont get lung illnesses.

  46. 2 years ago I was 1-2 pack a day smoker. Only vaping has helped me quit. I breath, smell, and feel SO much better. I like your channel Dr. Mike, but it's really disappointing you're perpetuating this panic. MILLIONS of people vape and love the flavors. This is all because black market DIY juice.

  47. Been vaping nonstop since vaping came into the game helped me quit smoking cigarettes and I’ve never had a lung problem. Also smoke marijuana and still nothing . Hate when they say it’s aimed at young teens that’s bs they can’t even buy any unless they 21. It’s the big cigarette companies aiming to stop vaping. They should shut all cigarettes down because we know for a fact it causes cancer right?

  48. Vitamin E acetate was added from black market THC drug dealers. Not E-Liquid. Let ppl know not to buy illegal drugs on the streets where they dont know where the products are coming from. Also adults like flavors. Not just kids. We need to keep the kids from vaping without taking it away from the adults. If you take away the products from the adults they will most likely return to smoking cigarettes and that would be detrimental to our country.

  49. First 0:30 seconds: They're vaping THC Oils made with cutting agents that are NOT made from the same ingredients as normal e-liquid (Which, let me remind you, actual vape companies HAVE TO LIST on the package) These "Cutting agents" in the THC Or illicit mixes are things like MCT oil, Vitamin E/A Acetate, mineral oil, etc. which are NOT GRAS for inhalation (As they are Lipids, oils, THINGS YOU SHOULDN'T INHALE)

    1:00 See above, Basically a bunch of stupid kids "vaped" off the street THC oil or cartridges, got massively sick (due to inhaling cutting agents and other unknown chemicals in those illegal products) and then blamed it on the fact that they vaped, period. Because if they fess up to using THC and possessing it it's a freaking FELONY. Easy to see why they'd avoid giving specifics.

    1:10 and on that, some 13+ MILLION vapers in the US using nicotine-based e-liquids (including myself) aren't getting sick from it. This is simply an outbreak of cases related to a bad batch of street drugs.

    2:00 I Stopped watching here, we DO have the answers, and 30 seconds of google-fu would give you the answers. Here's a couple easy-to-understand ones:

    Even the FDA has said it's THC And cutting related (Likely Vitamin E Acetate entirely)

    Because COME ON. You start the video off by saying it's from vaping, then wait til 2 minutes in to mention the THC bit? That should have been the opener. You're doing a disservice to your viewers, the medical community, and public health by forgoing just targeting the real (84% Of cases and rising) cause of the problem.

    Edit: 2:30 ish, Protip doctor, for some people or kids, they use Juul pods to hold the THC oil, and if the pod is partially full, a Juul pod is 60mg/ml nicotine (yes, SIXTY milligrams per ml) where normal e-liquids tend to be 0-6mg/ml. So they're either getting f***ed up by the stupid nicotine level of that product, or the THC being put into it, or the mix of both. Or they happened to own a juul and were using a friends carto battery. We won't know exact specifics for a bit.

    So, go sit down, "Doctor" Because if you can't be bothered to do proper research on the cases, you shouldn't be speaking on them at all.

    I've vaped for 9 years, i've spent almost all of them researching what goes into these, i quit smoking using them, and i intentionally have pushed the boundaries of "Safe" or "Sane" Devices and power levels JUST to see what it would do to me. I've got devices capable of pushing out 3kw+ while most consumer devices tap out around 200w, and most tanks don't even run at half that power.

    Roughly a week ago, i just got my 5th straight clean bill of health, my breathing ability is back to 99% compared to when i smoked, my lungs are about as clear as they can possibly be, and i don't smell like a f***ing ashtray any more.

    in the duration of your video, smoking will kill 5+ people. Vapor could have helped them quit and added time on to their life. But here you are, "Doctor" Confusing THC-based devices with Nicotine-based systems that have been around for over 16 years, and helping spread misinformation to the masses.

    Wanna debate it properly? Bring it on. I'll burn any BS study you can find to the ground after i pick it apart into confetti.

  50. just wanna comment from an aesthetic pov… my sis-in-law vapes non stop & I can just visualize the hideous wrinkles she will have in a few years from sucking on her juul #smdh

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