Still Using Body Wash for Your Intimate Hygiene?
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Still Using Body Wash for Your Intimate Hygiene?

I was in a job interview once. I
mean, God – shhhhhhh. Oh nooo. It was so ugly. Sorry, just like
now, sorry. You’re good girl. Ohhhhh. First time I had one, I
yelled at my husband. I said
what do you have the temperature on in the house – 85 degrees? I’m sweating here! He goes,
Marsha – it’s 70 degrees in the house. (Laughter) And, pretty
soon they’re gonna have to wear sweaters to the dinner table,
cause I’m going like this and everybody’s shivering. I like
that. All the time. Yeh. All the
time now. It’s starts like
inside and you feel like you are an oven. And, then you feel it,
just trickling up, your face gets bright red and then just
start sweating. And, my
boyfriend will be with a beanie hat on, scarf. You know, he’s
like in a sweatshirt and I get the fan, high speed. I got it
down to 68 degrees and I’m like ahhhh, this feels so nice in
here. (Laughter) And, he’s like
freezing. Oh my word –
menopause. Hot flashes, vaginal
hygiene, all important issues we need to discuss. So, it’s time
now to separate fact from fiction in part 3 of our 5-part
series “Take Back the Bedroom” as we ask the doctor. Rejoining
us on the show is Sexual Medicine and Board Certified
Obstetrician and Gynecologist, and our resident sexuality
expert, Dr. Michael Krychman. Welcome back! Thanks for having
me back. It’s wonderful to be
here. And, it’s wonderful to
talk about something that these ladies are really suffering with
– the oven, the heat. I heard it
when my mom went through menopause. I confess here, I
have not experienced this yet, but it’s gonna happen. Well, you
better get ready. I think it’s
important and one word that we haven’t heard is “the fire
within.” The fire within. The
burning, the sweating, the embarrassment. But, another
thing that’s really important that women don’t talk about is
the other symptoms. The unspoken
menopause. The dryness, the
problems with painful intercourse. I think that’s
really a taboo. Women aren’t
talking about it. It’s kind of a
conspiracy of silence. Because
they’re embarrassed, they don’t wanna maybe share with their
husbands – listen, it hurts down there, I feel dry. They’re even
embarrassed to speak with their doctors. And, that’s why we
wanna actually educate women today about the fact that, like
for example, I’m gonna ask you this. Women out there, women
like me, I cleanse my hair, my nails, my body, and the reality
is – correct me if I’m wrong doctor – I need to cleanse also
my intimate area, my vagina. Right, but just for
clarification, you said it gets dry down there. And, women
aren’t saying the word. It’s the
vagina, right? And, we need to
educate women that they need to start talking about it. And,
it’s really important you take care of your face with special
cleansers, and it’s the same thing. I mean, the tissues in
the vagina change. They get dry,
they get chafed, they get red, they get irritated from the
changes of hormones that you see in menopause. The decline in
estrogen – it effects the whole body, but particularly the
vagina. So, it’s important to
choose the right product for the right area. What cleanser should
we look out for, and I’m assuming the ingredients are
huge. Well, you’re right, and I
think it’s really important for women as they go to the store,
to pickup that bottle and start reading. Yehhh, not be
embarrassed! Right, and spend
some time there. You know, they
go quickly, they’re embarrassed, but it’s really time to break
that silence. Look for products
that have special ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, which
hydrates – it’s moisturizing. Or, things like elastin which
helps elasticity. Also, avoid
certain chemicals that are harsh, that may upset the
natural barrier, the natural oils that are protective. Things
like Lubrigyn are really great. Here, you know, we’re fast
friends since we’ve been here talking about sex all the time. How about trying just little
bit? Let me see. So, I would
apply this on the outside of the vagina? Yes, definitely. And,
it’s a cleansing lotion so you can use it every single day. OK. And, you know, I have women in
my office that use it for their whole body. Really. Because
during menopause you can have hot flashes, you can have
vaginal dryness, but your whole body may also feel irritated. So, a lot of women love this as
a daily cleanser. And, this
helps moisturize the area that is obviously affected because of
menopause. Definitely. I mean,
we see it, it’s very common and unfortunately it’s a fact of
life. As women age and they go
through the transition – even you. I know. You’re gonna
experience this, so it’s sometimes helpful to be aware of
products that are really safe, effective, and really going to
be helpful for women as they transition through a very
important part of their life. Their gonna spend 40% of their
life in the menopause. That’s a
long time. Very long time. Now,
my friends sometimes tell me when you go through menopause,
Olga, you know, you gotta be commando in bed – it helps. Others say: no cotton underwear,
no polyester underwear. I think
commando is great for a variety of reasons. Some women, they
feel that even the slightest touch of fabric can be
irritating to an already sensitive, delicate area. And,
there’s also a great study that shows that men and women that
sleep commando have more sex. So, it’s really important to
think about that in the overall scheme because you wanna keep
the magic alive as you get older into your golden years as well. Absolutely. Always love having
you. Where do we find out more
about Lubrigyn? You can find
more information at Thank you so
much. And, you’re coming back
again right? Yes definitely. I’m
learning so much. I’m getting
ready for this. (Laughing) And,
if you’d like more information on Lubrigyn or this segment, go
to our website, that’s (music)

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