Still and Moving Center Kids Camp
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Still and Moving Center Kids Camp

We are a center that
really embodies wellness, cultural enrichment, as well as being a community center.
We are a place where we foster joy and collaboration and community. We are holding space for your
keiki to explore their bodies their emotions and their social interactions in a safe place and mindful place. What do kids want?
What are they looking for in their summer, and generally? Connections. A different
way to express themselves. Mindfulness. Or even knowing how to deal with emotions that come up. Because we have so many different
teachers from all around the world kids can relate to their emotions
through different kinds of activities and different kinds of points of view
through dance, movement, or yoga. One of the most exciting
things in this camp is to see the beautiful transformation
that kids go through in just one week. Let your kids finish the Sumer with
a fun, active, healthy summer camp.

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