Standing on one leg test could reveal risk of stroke   한 발로 서기 20초 못하면 뇌졸중 위험 신호
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Standing on one leg test could reveal risk of stroke 한 발로 서기 20초 못하면 뇌졸중 위험 신호

How long can you stand on one leg?
A study claims that if you can′t do it for more than 20 seconds, it could be a sign that
you′re at risk of a stroke later in life. Sohn Jung-in has more.
Doctors conducted a test in which they asked two people to each balance on one leg.
One patient has suffered from a past stroke, while the other has maintained a healthy lifestyle.
The patient who had suffered stroke started to lose balance after 10 seconds and failed
to stand for more than 20 seconds. Meanwhile, the other person, stood firm and
continued on for more than a minute. “In the past, I could not move the right side
of my body since it was entirely paralyzed.” A group of Japanese researchers had 14-hundred
men and women, average age 67, try the balancing act and later took pictures of their brain.
The result of the analysis found that 34 percent of participants with more than two infarctions
experienced difficulty balancing on one leg for longer than 20 seconds.
The study also revealed that the inability to balance was linked with minor small vessel
damage in the brain. The more problems they had in their brain
blood vessels, the less time they could stand on one leg.
“For stroke patients, the part of the brain that is responsible for physical activities
is damaged, making their ability to walk or balance themselves relatively low.”
It is important to detect silent strokes in their early stages, since it can later lead
to severe strokes. A simple test may actually save you from more
severe complications. Sohn Jung-in, Arirang News.

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