Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer Natural Treatment w 10 Day Colon Hydrotherapy Cleanse & Detox
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Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer Natural Treatment w 10 Day Colon Hydrotherapy Cleanse & Detox

well my name is Jerry national and I turn 50 years old this year on october i remember my birthday really well because I thought it was having a heart attack great I’m 50 years old i’m going to have a heart attack i sent my wife defend myers to get me some bare ass because I was not going to go to the hospital and I pretty much laid on my couch for a month suffering didn’t know what was wrong we have my shoulders and my stomach was all bloated i just did everybody took them onto finally talked me into going to the emergency room and they gave me an MRI and so it’s not called black cherry because well we’re having problems call blood your liver it affects some nerve goes up into your shoulder so you can think you’re having a heart attack but so they gave me the cat scan and the doctor comes in this is jerry you have cancer and it looks like starting your esophagus and has gone to your livers we’re going to send you to another doc and wasn’t any setting up for another doctor’s appointment really quick a week later and i went in and they were down my throat with a skull and took a sample and said yet I have esophagus cancer they didn’t check my liver that they could tell by the picture that it was a pretty bad shape there’s one little corner of my liver that looked normal the rest it pretty much looks like a head of cauliflower it’s not supposed to look like that supposed to be smooth and I said alright what are you gonna do this as well it’s nothing we can cure something well we’ll try to keep you alive for as long as we can go great happy birthday and my daughter Nicole surgery you gotta go see these people they’re going to fiction and I said great some witch doctor and I’ve always been a fairly liberal person and I said okay let’s go check it out and you know i started doing it it wasn’t the second day I felt like I could breathe again by third day the swelling in my stomach has gone down and yesterday was the seventh day we went through my liver cleanse and I saw a plethora of rainbow colors going down the toilet and i’ll show you today I feel better than I felt in a long time seriously it’s like this stuff catches up to you slowly in your body adjust to it you think this is normal but once you start feeling better you go i have been sick for a year or two not just since my birthday because there are things that are working on me now better then have worked on me in two or three years and it’s about yeah cleaning things out back to what’s inside of you make me writing I still got two more days and then some follow-ups but i can’t wait to go back to the doctors say I just want you to double check my liver before you going further more just see what he says go from there why suffer any longer than you have to it will make you feel better if you want to feel better just go in and try and hurt anything good

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1 thought on “Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer Natural Treatment w 10 Day Colon Hydrotherapy Cleanse & Detox

  1. RIP Jerry Raymond Nashif of Garden City, Idaho – and shame on this youtube publisher for posting this in 2016 and with bullshit like "The last 2-3 years he thought that was just his new norm, not realizing how good he could actually feel."

    The fact is Jerry died in 2014! – two years BEFORE this youtuber posted this video. And he was diagnosed on his 50th birthday which was in 2013. So Jerry only lived for a year after his diagnosis. Clearly "…the last 2-3 years…" is a lie on this youtube poster's part.

    Want proof? Google "Jerry Nashif cancer" and you'll see his obituary.

    Obviously this alternative treatment didn't work.

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