SOU Health Care Administration Degree Program
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SOU Health Care Administration Degree Program

The healthcare industry is in great need
of individuals who have the background and exposure to healthcare topics right
as they’re coming out of their degree. This program is designed for students
that are actually looking to get into healthcare administration or the business
administrative side of healthcare. While you are at SOU, there is opportunity to receive
practical hand- on experience within the workforce, through your practicum
and your capstone experiences. Now these experiences are critical to
your career path because they’ll influence not only what you want to do, but also what you don’t want to do and
it will help define your pathway of where you want to go. And so there’s a plethora of
opportunities across southern Oregon, where you can glean experiences,
make connections, and grow your professional network. You’re going to be in small classes,
even for the entire four years. We have a very small ratio of students
to faculty and especially in the upper division, you’ll find that you’ll have an even
greater relationship with your professors within the classroom and
outside of the classroom. It’s a place where the professors
know your name and not only that, they know who you are as a person to
be able to help guide you through the process and you won’t feel
like a number here at SOU. if you’re really looking at healthcare
management or administration, they equip you with a lot more tools
than I think other colleges are that can further progress the Rogue Valley and
its practice and be more forward thinking and equitable in care. Virtually every job that you get, 75% of all jobs will come from a person
who had had an internship and that’s built into this program For those that are coming in as a freshman
and want to do this or those that are maybe looking to explore a new
direction in their academic career. Maybe they started into
a clinical health care, for example, premed or pre PT and found that that
wasn’t the right track for them. This gives them another option
to explore going forward. You can go into nursing, you could decide to get a
master’s degree in business. You could go into education and there’s,
it’s really, it opens up doors for a lot of
opportunity to later as well. With the aging population, we have many positions that are opening
up because of retirement and we need the next generation of healthcare
professionals that are
going to come in and assume positions of management, leadership operations, and having a university that’s providing
the training and background is really a tremendous asset to our region and beyond. Another aspect that I focus
on in my courses is what
can we do in the healthcare system to provide support and
care for the providers themselves? So what can we do to support nurses and
doctors who are under a lot of stress themselves? So what could we do as health care
administrators to put in place systems and practices and cultures to improve the
wellbeing of our healthcare providers, which will ultimately go a long way to
reducing health care costs and improving patients’ lives. And if there was an opportunity for
them to have less on their plate, if you will, in terms of the administrative processes
that are involved with every patient, that frees them up to do quite a bit
more of their work when they’re working with their patients one on one. Living in Southern Oregon
for the last almost 25 years, I really enjoyed the network and the
community and being able to establish myself not only here at
SOU as my foundation, I was able to then create my
career here in Southern Oregon, and once I was able to find that
career path and that passion for me, which is in healthcare, I was able to go on and get my master’s
in health care education and Southern Oregon University absolutely prepared
me for success along the way.

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