Singing tips -How to deal with dryness of the throat
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Singing tips -How to deal with dryness of the throat

So many of you have been asking me lately
whether on youtube, twitter, or sending me an email, “what do I do when my throat is
dry?” So, that’s what I’m going to talk to you about
today. Hi there, everyone! This is Kerri Ho from
the, and today’s subject is how do you combat dryness in your throat. So, here goes, four tips for you today. #1. Drink lots and lots and lots of water.
Now, I know that sounds completely obvious, and maybe you’re thinking, “why is she wasting
my time saying this?”, but, there’s 2 things you need to know about this tip. #1. Don’t wait until you are thirsty before
you drink. Because you see, it’s kind of too late if you wait till that point. Your body
actually takes time to absorb the water in order to hydrate your body. So this is what
I suggest instead. Drink water continuously throughout the day. That will ensure that
your vocal cords have the adequate moisture and hydration it needs especially for singing. #2. Temperature of the water. A lot of singers
love to drink icy cold water. Sorry to buzzle effect you, but that is not good for your
vocal cords. See, just as anything icy cold will freeze up anything, it will do the same
to your vocal cords. So, the best thing to do is to drink room temperature water or if
you don’t mind it, warm water. I’m gonna introduce you to my trustee thermos.
So when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is I put on the kettle, and then
I fill this up to the brim. And throughout the day, I will be mixing this hot water with
room temperature water. And for me, I find that that gives the best moisture and hydration
to my vocal cords. Why don’t you try that and let me know what you think. You see, when the temperature of the water
is cold, and when we drink that, our body needs to convert that into hot water in order
to absorb it into our body. And so that takes just that little bit more energy and that
little bit more time to hydrate. So even though you down that couple of iced tea cold water
and you feel better, that’s actually just a temporary feeling. But in terms of actually
getting the hydration, it isn’t gonna happen until a little bit later just because it is
a bit cold, and needs to be converted into hot water in order to be observed. #2. Honey and lemon water. Now, for me, I’ve always recommended manuka
honey. Manuka honey is a type of medicated honey. It has antibacterial properties and
healing agents which is obviously really good for health, and particularly for singers,
to kill any throaty infections that we might get. But I am aware of the fact that manuka
honey is not available all around the world coz many of you emailed me and asked me “what
is manuka honey? how come I can’t find it?” And you know what, that’s totally cool. If
that’s your situation, go to your nearest health shop and just ask them, “what is the
best type of honey that they have, that has antibacterial agents and healing properties.
That is just very good for general well-being and health. Just put one teaspoon of that
mix with warm water, couple of drops of lemon and mix it all together and wa-la, you have
an amazing, healthy, warm drink to keep your vocal chords hydrated. Although I love manuka honey, I decided I
would try something different recently and I found this really, really good. The honey
I used is this, it’s called lady peter’s nectar. And the brand is Meilliere. I don’t even know
if I said it correctly. It’s actually made in Australia, it’s actually unheated and unprocessed
honey, so I’ve been having this, along with a few drops of lemon and it’s just delicious
and really, really helpful in just me maintaining my wellbeing as a singer. Tip #3: Steam. So, go to your bathroom, fill up your sink
with boiling water, and then grab a towel, and put over your head and stand over that
sink and inhale the steam. This is the most amazing ways especially if you are really
suffering from chronic dryness and you’re actually feeling husky and hoarse. The steam
really helps to moisturize your vocal cords and hydrate them again. I recommend you do
this twice a day, after you’ve waken up and before you go to sleep, because they seem
to be the times of the day that people are feeling dry. Just to add a little bit more
effectiveness, you might want to add a couple of drops of eucalyptus into the water, just
because that might help to clear up any sinuses and stuff like that. I personally use a product
called Vicks Vaporub. It looks like this… And basically, it’s just a minty gel. And
I just put a bit of it in there, and it just immediately clears the sinuses away. Very
very good stuff. So you might have a product that is very similar, go for it! But, yup,
steam is a very great thing to do to combat dryness. #4 and final tip for the day to combat vocal
dryness is, use natural throat sprays. now, it’s integral that use natural throat
sprays, and not ones that contain antiseptic and what that means is, that you
might be, let’s say you’re going to a gig and you’re not feeling a 100% with your throat,
it’s a bit dry, maybe a cold is coming on or something like that, so you use throat
sprays that has antiseptic and alcohol in it. It’s going to numb your vocal cords, and
you might actually be straining but you don’t even know it because you can’t feel it. Now
that’s actually quite dangerous because you don’t wanna be inflicting upon yourself any
vocal damage especially vocal damage you don’t know you are inflicting upon yourself because
at least if i didn’t have antiseptic in it, you can feel it and you can stop yourself.
It just provides that temporary relief that you need in order to get through a gig, let’s
say, you have a gig coming up tonight but you are not just feeling the best, your throat
to be trying stuff, this is very very effective. One that I would recommend is called, entertainer’s
secret. It looks like this and it says, for dry throat and hoarse voice. So all you do is literally take the cup off,
give it a bit of a shake, and then open your mouth and spray it! And that’s it! Done! And
this one just contains aloe vera, pretty much just aloe vera and water and a couple other
things but it’s all natural. And that’s really quite important. So there you have it songbirds, four tips
on how to combat throat dryness in your throat. #1. Drink lots of water, continuously throughout
the day, and room temperature water. #2. Medicated honey lemon water.
#3. Steam. #4. Natural throat sprays. I really hope that you have found this video
helpful. If you did like this video, I would love it
if you would like and share it with your friends! And, of course, subscribe to my youtube channel
which makes you the first to know of any other videos that may come up in the future. Now if you found this information helpful
and get a hold of it for yourself, head along to my website, and you’d be able to download
the pdf with the checkpoints of the points that I just covered as well as the audio version
of this video so you can have it on your phone if ever you wanna recap and revise, you can
always have it on the run. So, just click on the link below to do that. While you’re there, please leave a comment,
I would love to know if you have any suggestions for combatting dryness in your throat. Please
share! I would love to hear from you and I’m sure, the rest of the songbird tree community
would love to hear from you, too. And, last of all, while you’re at my website,
it would be very cool if you’d sign up to be an email subscriber. immediately, you will
receive, 3 secrets on how to belt! Until next time! Get grounded, take flight
and sing!

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85 thoughts on “Singing tips -How to deal with dryness of the throat

  1. guys i have a personal suggestion. Many of us have dry throats also because of nervousness or stage fear. a cool relaxed mind and proper breathing will help us avoid dry throat. 🙂 sing for audience and enjoy

  2. During my sleep I breath through my mouth causing my vocal chords to dry up. I drink around 2/3 liters of water/thee a day.
    Nothing seems to work :'( does someone have some tips that might work?

  3. I got the flu and was coughing a lot two weeks ago. But now I'm not sick, and my throat is really dried up. I can't sing because of it. But, now I'll definitely try this. Thank you.

  4. whenever i get nervous, my throat gets really dry so i have a really hard time doing well live and during auditions. this really helped and i have a performance on thursday so hopefully my throat doesnt get all dry!

  5. Kerri, let´s make it clear, you don´t trully have any scientific nor medical understanding of dryness in larynx. And what you propose in video is entirelly wrong. I am not trying to offend you. But not only you but even most ENTs have no understanding what stands behind chronic dryness. i know what things stand behind dryness. No matter how much water I drink my throat is dry. So it´s not the lack of hydration what makes larynx chronically dry. The biggest unrecognised reason for laryngeal dryness is malfunctioning superior laryngeal nerve, especially sensory nerve endings in larynx. In some studies you may read that nerve endings in larynx control and regulate laryngeal submucosal glands. So nerve endings are primary in epithelial fluid regulation besides CFTR . Now many people report throat dryness having diabetes, sjogrens, side effects from pills and laryngeal sensory neuropathy and all have in common local or peripheral neuropathy. Even if you read why so many pills have drying side effect the reason behind it is neurological, interaction with nerve system. I even know more possible causes resulting in dryness, but this is the biggest one, and most unrecognised. You don´t have medical understanding of larynx, pharynx and nose in the extent that I have, so you need to take these new information into consideration, and go to real studies, not internet articles about how hydration is important and so on, because it is not the culprit. you cannot win over chronic dryness by drinking more and more water. It doesn´t help, and I know it from my personal experience.

  6. Hi my name is Tony im a singer and a Christian and i sing for my God but i ended up smoking cigarettes and will this help me with my throat

  7. Thanks. Had a gig last night. I knew some of those tips and actually did sth similiar before! I had always been drinking ginger tea + honey + lemonjuice before a gig and also while we were performing. Ginger tea is healthy as hell, however, i discovered that especially for switching between Growls, Screams and Cleans it will change the normal feeling you get in your throat of those techniques due to the spiciness. Therefore it's way harder to control those switching mechanisms (falsecord/truecords).

    Switching to relatively hot water + honey + lemonjuice made things so much easier for me! Had way more control over my voice and my throat was mostly moist. Hence i could sing almost perfectly on pitch although i always needed to switch between screams and growls.

    Thanks a lot again!

  8. could you tell me does green tea damage your throat,i had green tea 3 times a day with lemon and ginger,now my voice is dry,cracking and very loud,cant even talk properly,,plz help..thank u..

  9. why does my mouth dries up while singing specially whilst singing inside recording studio? please help I'm really struggling!

  10. Hello nice vid you have here. I just want to know the generic name or the exact brand of the natural throat spray. Thanks for sharing and God bless!

  11. 5:02 Hit like all Indians who went like — "Vicks Vaporub!!!"

    I have grown up with Bad Throat and Sinuses. Every winter, I suffer from these problems. And my Dad made me have steam with Vicks Vaporub in it.

  12. Dear I got your message for the proper cure of a dehydrated throat especially for those who are into passion of Singing; as it is extremely important for such singers to have a soothing and hydrated vocal cord and a touch of clear voice for the listeners to appreciate. Anyway you are cute and you speak sweet, well and eloquently for anybody to understand…wish to very very best of luck in your endeavor, with love from our side….Take care !!!

  13. Pharmaceuticals, caffeine and lack of sleep will dry up your voice and no amount of water will fix it. I experience this dryness myself. Drinking water can't hurt, but in most cases of chronic dryness it doesn't really help. That said stay hydrated friends! But don't expect a miracle.

  14. Hi lately my throat has been sore from singing… Especially after I sing and my voice sounds a little raspy and I have a harder time hitting high notes I used to be able to hit… Is the sore throat a result of an vocal injury? How can I get rid of it?

  15. Throat soothing tea by Yogi tea which includes slippery elm. Helps to coat and soothe the throat. I bet you can make this tea concentrated and then put it in a little spray bottle to make a throat spray and add aloe vera. Great tips/ideas. Last night I went to a karaoke night and I obviously couldn't bring that tea with me, but now I know I can…if I put it in a spray bottle!!

  16. I just used the steam inhalation with vix vaporub and it just cleared my throat perfectly. It doesnt feel dry anymore and i just hit that note i was struggling with. Thank you so much!

  17. Me drinking freezing cold water with ice she says many singers like to drink icy cold water but that's not what you should drink you should drink warm or room temperature water me seriously

  18. Are u kidding me? If I keep drinking water the entire day, I'll have to keep running to the washroom in every half n hour. I don't want that during a show. It's difficult when you are travelling or performing or anywhere

  19. Im going to try these tips…i sing most everyday …from classic rock to country sometimes i sing for hours…im bipoler singing is my medicine as well as my passion

  20. Mam when I sing in the class with high pich sound and when I came home I can't sing softly like earlier why Please help me give me some tips mam

  21. Manuka is bullshit. Cannot believe you're suggesting this expensive crap. You can get honey which is not processed and isn't Manuka honey! Which does all the things and no honey does not affect vocal chords!

  22. Your advice makes more sense than anything else I’ve heard! I can’t wait to try these remedies for my (annoying) dry throat.. I have a gig in 3 days: thank you so much.

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