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We need to buy something else. That. What is that it’s coconut oh you’re right actually
how did you.. did you read that? Let’s see it oh yeah you kinda did it what’s up guys welcome back to our
Channel we are here at the pediatrician right now for a Mason’s four-year
checkup and Lincoln’s nine months back up Lincoln he is actually nine months
old a mason term four years old a couple months and we’re just over here for his
checkup but that’s what we’re doing we’re all here in the paw patrol paw
patrol got you a doctor patrol I’m taking a video of you hey Lincoln Zink
what’s up dude can you believe you’re nine months old today I can’t
happy nine months old day oh thanks dad are you are you peeing on me who walks
on their knuckles and grunts how’d you know who has it who has a mane a long
tail it says Lincoln you did what’s that happen was it I have a game for you for
who me yes you cool see if you can name all the paw patrol
characters and if you can I’ll give you a high five
what what a prize I know I’m gonna guess oh yeah hi who’s this guy that looks
like Rocky V goodnight Mason is he right is this Rocky there are key ding ding
ding oh my god all right all right this one’s a no I think the
sky no I guess I don’t know if it looks like you’re not getting I have I know
it’s not like your normal in the pocket roll wait for the corner nothing good guys Mason tell them how
many inches you’ve grown since you were last here
you’ve grown three inches Wow we are leaving the pediatrician and we’re gonna
go to sand because I’ve been wanting to go there for a while so we can get to
stuff so you can get stocked up on some things so that’s where we’re gonna go
Sam’s Club Sam’s Club nope nobody else okay I can not push this with one hand
I’m really hoping Sam sample game is on point today I’m so hungry I’m gonna go
find some good samples right there’s first all right Becca has our first item
what’d you get what are you getting Sean we love these cheddar cheese veggie
straws say they’re the best they’re the best I’m not calm – but you can underneath it
well okay maybe it sounds great I like the flavor I don’t like the texture but
it has honey roasted almonds hi crust cookies you kidding me
glazed pecans maple clusters and regular that sounds great do what is that it’s
coconut oh you’re right actually how did you did you read that
oh so you just knew it was coconut house that’s impressive maybe we should eat first okay let’s do
stoppies those are cranberries but I like what is she what is she doing what is
she that’s a llama come here let’s see how
can you get the story for Christmas it’s so soft
should I get it are you gonna put your arm in the armholes oh I couldn’t find
the remote this is just gonna to a whole new level can I try
hello it’s a unicorn horn she’s getting some food let’s see it oh you coming yeah you kind
of did it that’s impressive oh that’s cute st. why don’t you say
mommy what is she doing what is this place this is the back of the store
where’d you get that what is it salmon what is salmon that’s pretty
crazy what kind of animals do you know it’s
fish they have your cereal Raisin Bran crunch
is that your favorite Raina right nose you want me to hide baby shark do do to
do to do baby sure do do do do do do baby shock do do do do do do baby shark
so what’s it like to just have people come up to you and just give you like
compliments this is the ho we’ve been a surfer how long now like 40 minutes
maybe not even that you’ve had two different people come up and comment
it’s cute I’ve never had someone come to me and
just be like precious actually said it twice now in the same shopping trip
saying that’s it’s pretty special waits for mommy and Mason and mommy and
Mason and Beckham daddy can’t have any of it I could have one I can have five
or I can’t have five okay oh that’s sweet thank you watermelon crackers yes the classic
watermelon crackers good call Mason it’s not a watermelon but it looks like a
water gun that sir is a tomato okay can I remind you let’s travel back let’s
travel back to 2011 this is the year we got married I know and I loved it for a
little bit we had a can of deli doing pictures of that okay someone cool okay
so I called Leah mommy where’s she good bad or have this exact mixer the exact
color I know but this is a mini everything miniature is way cuter oh wow we have so much of that stuff the
boys want to go in the fridge I already win and I’m not going in again
it’s too cold it’s too cold whoa that’s a bumpy ride mom can’t do it
with one hand you’re so cute baby I love you I see your teeth oh my goodness you
have so many feet coming in are you excited your hand it was a little crazy
and chaotic as we were leaving Sam’s so I think it’s a vlog too much there we
had to get out load the car up we’ve got home and I had to turn my
background because I’m shooting some more videos for the gaming casuals video
game web series that I’m part of with the buddy so I’m here now we’re gonna
shoot some stuff tonight I am here at Jon’s we’re about to shoot
we’re setting everything up right now we’re about to do some video with Super
Smash Brothers it looks like so yeah I’m excited
I’m not very good John here is you will learn from the best
that’s right that’s so I’m hoping so we’re gonna have some fun here ooh is
this that’s for vloggers oh cool a tripod oh it’s having that more than a
tribe is a swish pot a switch pardon I’m excited we don’t have a good tripod at
all which is why a lot of it you can just see our arm because we don’t have
anything for holding the camera is this like okay
oh nice yeah from from vid summit in la ooh all right
I’ve got it on now and let’s see what it looks like
yeah readjust sure yeah there we go hey you can see farther it’s like a
heavy-duty selfie stick but much better it’s cool and now you guys can’t see
this but I can now it’s a tripod cool that’s awesome man
oh it’s got the vid summit logo on there too nice alright we shot our first video
costume change and we got another guy here hanging out with us I should get 6
we’re gonna shoot another two videos we’re gonna knock them all out today and
post them throughout the month so it’s gonna be fun
stay tuned for those alright guys just got done filming we shot about three
videos tonight that we were posting in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that
if you like videos about games shout out to the gaming casuals channel that’s
gonna be up in the card up top and info in the description down below but we’re
gonna call it here cuz it’s about 11 o’clock now we really appreciate you
guys staying along with us on this ride if you do like this kind of content
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love to get back to you thank you guys so much for watching we love you we
appreciate you and we will see you guys in the next video have a great night see
you later

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