She Now Makes $115,000 Per Month On Amazon & Shopify 🤑💰
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She Now Makes $115,000 Per Month On Amazon & Shopify 🤑💰

So this is the front end of the Shopify store,
this is what customers see. Now, I’m logging into the backend of the Shopify
store. This is what me and my employees see and you
can see here that within the last 30 days, this store has done $81000 in sales. Now, let me show you the Amazon store. So Amazon store in the last 30 days, we’ve
done $34000 in sales. I started the business on Amazon. And then I was making around 40 or 50, $60000
a month on Amazon and then I took it off Amazon and started focusing more on the website. So you know my own website. – Hey everyone, this is Stefan James on Project
Life Mastery and I’m here right now with my beautiful fiance Tatiana who I know many of
you guys already know from my previous videos that we’ve done together. Today Tatiana is gonna be sharing with you
guys her story about how she makes $115000 per month in sales on Amazon and Shopify at
only 24 years old. Now, I know many of you guys have already
seen the previous video that we did together where she shared her story about how she was
making $40000 in sales on Amazon at 23 years old. This video is gonna be an update on that video. That video actually went viral. It’s got over four and a half million views
and it’s been amazing to see the impact that video has had on so many people’s lives but,
we wanted to do another video for you guys to share more in depth about her story from
the very beginning, when she first started her Amazon product, the failures, the challenges
that she had along the way, how she’s not built her existing brand Luxx Curves to where
it is today. The whole journey of what, ups and downs of
what she’s gone through and how she was able to scale and grow from that $40000 a month
in sales, to now $115000 a month, transitioning not just from Amazon but to Shopify as well. So, babe I’m so excited to do this with you
again. – Thank you. I’m very, very excited as well because the
last video that we did that did go viral, we didn’t really think much of it when we
recorded it but then we started receiving all these messages from people who, that video
really inspired them. It was the tipping point for them and then
they started their own businesses. And so, it is just, it’s so amazing to know
that just creating one simple video like this, can help someone or inspire someone or push
someone and propel them to start their own business which you know this business has
completely transformed my life and so our purpose today is to hopefully add as much
value to you as possible and maybe present this as an option for you as well. Present this business model as an option for
you and online business is something that you could pursue and yeah! – Yeah we wanna be as transparent as possible
with you guys as well so we actually decided to kinda start things off by Tatiana, actually
sharing with you a screen share of her computer showing you her website, logging into her
Amazon account, her Seller Central account, her Shopify account, and as she’s showing
you guys the proof and the reason why we wanted to do that is, I understand with videos like
this and some of you guys might not have followed our stuff for a while now but there’s a lot
of skepticism out there, there’s fear, there’s people don’t know whether or not it’s real
or not and, I know for myself when I first started and I know for you as well, when you’d
hear these big numbers thrown out, there’s a part of your, in the back of your mind you’re
like is that even possible? Is that even real? And we wanna make sure that you guys see the
proof and evidence ’cause it’s 100% real, what we’re sharing with you. We wanna be as honest with you guys as possible
and to really inspire you guys, to show you a different option, a different possibility
for your life. – Yeah, and you know it’s not the most comfortable
thing for me to share my, finance isn’t something, I was brought up, being taught that this is
not something that you really should share, it’s private information but as Stefan said,
for you guys because I know that there are a lot of skeptics, just to hopefully show
you that this is real. And you know, what I’m making is really small
compared to many other online sellers. It’s just the beginning so this is a real
possibility for you. – Yeah, and it’s really demonstrating that
if she can do it, if I can have success you can too guys. All it comes down to is what we’re gonna share
with you guys in this interview, it’s the mindset, it’s the belief, it’s the confidence,
it’s having the right plan, the right strategy so it’s absolutely possible for anybody here
regardless of where you’re starting from her story is gonna inspire you like crazy. Doesn’t matter where in the world you live
but we wanna make this as real as possible for you guys so, with that being said, let’s
grab your computer and let’s dive in. – Alright guys, so we are on my website We just rebranded, we were at And as you can see here, we sell waist trainers. So these are body shaping garments for women
and what they do, well they do have a variety of different things. They help with posture because they have vertical
balance that help support the spine. So if you’re someone like myself who sits
at the desk all day, that is so important. I use it all the time when I’m sitting down,
so I have really great posture and I’m not slouching and so I have less back pain. And it also helps postpartum. So women who have given birth, oftentimes
when you have a baby your muscles will separate and they should close with time but this helps
close the diastasis recti faster. And then obviously there’s body contouring
effects. As soon as you wear it, you look two sizes
smaller and then if you wear it consistently over time, it does mold your fat. So yeah, and then we also have this underwear
line which is relatively new, which I can talk about a little bit in the video as well,
this is just kind of like a branding thing, it’s not like I really care to make a lot
of sales but it’s just supporting the brand. And so this is my Shopify store, the homepage. We’ve got a video here, we’ve got sizing,
the best sellers, we have different types of products, we have a quiz and my YouTube
videos. We’ve got a Facebook support group which is
also something we should talk about, really, really important to building a community. Social media, Instagram pages. You can see here like this is a before and
after. Look at this one, it’s amazing so, yeah I
mean the products really work and that’s the thing, you have to have a high quality product. You cannot try and cheap out and create something
that’s not legit. You have to have something that works. – How many products do you have in total? – Well the thing is they’re all waist trainers
but we have a variety of different kinds and you can see here like there’s three different
categories that we have. Every waist trainer has 10 different sizes,
10 different colors so I have a lot of skews right now. And you can see here, like there’s just different
kinds. I don’t even really know in terms of how many
skews we have. That’s my brother. So, yeah it’s what it looks like. So I’m gonna pop into, so this is the front
end of the Shopify store, this is what customers see. Now, I’m logging into the back end of the
Shopify store. This is what me and my employees see and you
can see here that it’s showing the live sessions and you can see here that within the last
30 days, this store has done $81000 in sales. So our profit margins, it depends like everyone
has a different profit margin. Our profit margins range with each product. Each product is obviously a different profit
margin but it ranges from 30 to 60% profit margins. So I think the profit margins are pretty good
especially since we don’t do any paid advertising. So I’ve gotten to this point without any paid
advertising which is really amazing because that can definitely eat away at your profits. And then I’m gonna show you the Amazon store. So Amazon store in the last 30 days, we’ve
done $34000 in sales. And again, the funny thing is with Amazon,
we’re gonna talk about this a little bot I guess is that, I started the business on Amazon
and then I was making around 40, or 50 $60000 a month on Amazon and then I took it off Amazon
and start focusing more on the website. So you know my own website. And so since then I haven’t really focused
on optimizing my Amazon store, but it still makes sales. So that’s really cool. – And this is in the US, but you
also sell in Canada, Australia… – Yeah, yeah exactly. – And you sell worldwide through your Shopify
store. Talk more about the details on that as well. So let’s dive into your story. Do you mind sharing with people how this all
started for you from the very beginning? The first product that you launched ’cause
this wasn’t the first business, the first product that you launched on Amazon. You had a few other ones before you got to
this point with this product but do you mind sharing with people when you started and that
journey, where your life was to, we’ll go all the way up, to where you are today? – Okay, sure! So, before I started this business, I was
a student, I was in university studying and never knew anything about this world of online
business. Never like, really never crossed my mind. Didn’t even have a computer at that time,
didn’t need a computer. I had an iPad and I only used it for Facebook
every now and then but I was also working because I had to pay my student loan. So I was working and I was in school and my
goal was to work in the Parliament of Canada, that was always kind of the career I wanted,
the career that my parents wanted for me. And then I met youand you had an online business,
you gad Project Life Mastery and I didn’t really understand what you did. When I first met you I actually didn’t know
what you did for like the first few months. I think, I didn’t really know at all. – Yes, like can you really make money online? Like a YouTube channel, a blog, like is that
real? – Yeah, I really didn’t think anything of
it. I didn’t think you made and then slowly, slowly
you started to kind of share with me the benefits of having this online business because you
have this laptop lifestyle. – And you saw it, right? – Yeah and I saw it, and I was like, you know
what, this does sound enticing. I would like to have flexibility. I would like to have the freedom. And you wanted to travel. – And part of it too, when we first met and
dating, you were going to Brazil for a volunteer trip and we are gonna be away from each other
from summertime and we’re just dating in the first three weeks or a month and I was like,
I’m coming to Brazil. And you’re like how did, I had the freedom
to be able to do that because of my online business. – Yeah, that was amazing. Like I never thought, first of all that a
guy would go to another country just to be with me and then I thought, wow it’s amazing
that I have that flexibility to do that. And so that was the first thing and it kind
of ignited that passion in our relationship, that was very romantic of you. But then, yes, so then I started feeling like
okay well, if we wanna have this amazing relationship where we can live this vision of traveling
and living abroad and experiencing different cultures. Well then I also need to find something online. He can’t just have something online, I have
to make money and support my lifestyle and having an online business would be a great
fit for that. But I was reluctant, I remember I was reluctant
because I didn’t wanna learn all this stuff ’cause I had no experience. I didn’t have any business experience, I didn’t
have any marketing experience, didn’t know how to use a computer and I thought that you
needed to know all these things before you got started. And I think this is a really big misconception
is people have the fear of getting started because they’re like, I don’t know how to
do this, I don’t know how to do that but guess what? You learn how to do it, you ask yourself empowering
questions not disempowering questions, you say okay, how can I make the way, how can
I learn this? How can I figure this out? And so what I think really worked for me is
just having that open mindset and never living in myself saying you know what, I can learn
anything I put my mind to. And yeah, so then I started with the Kindle
publishing. So that was the first type of business that
I tried which you have your kiddie p course and I really like that for a while because
I was self publishing books through Stefan’s training about dogs. And I would put my own dog on the cover and
it was so cute. – Simba! – But then I kind of lost enthusiasm for that. I just felt like it didn’t really resonate
with me and eventually we discovered this course called the Amazing Selling Machine. And then we started to enroll in it at the
same time, so we said okay, let’s challenge ourselves let’s go through this course, and
at the time we were living apart and separately so he would go through it on his own time,
I would go through it on my own time and it was a little bit of a competition of like
who could get through the course and what are you doing with your products and how far
are you with yours and, it was kind of fun like that. – It’s basically a course that teaches step
by step by step how to do all this. How to sell on Amazon, how to find the product,
how to source the product. All the logistics because when you first started,
I already had a lot of experience online before but, physical product business was brand new
for me, like I didn’t know anything about it even though I had experience selling on
Amazon books, self-publishing books but this was just a totally new animal and for you
you didn’t know anything but just a bit of experience publishing and making some money
with that so, mind sharing with us about that journey? – Yeah so, I had to learn so much. In such a short period of time but I’m so
grateful for it because it’s really made me who I am today including all of the mistakes
and failures and so I was taking the course while I was in school and working as well
and so, then I followed the instructions and I came out with my first product. And my first product was a very inexpensive
product because I was broke as a college student, payin’ off my student loans, my textbooks
were like $600 every semester and it was just a lot of money for me. So I didn’t have much money to invest at all. And so I put in $300 into my first inventory
and my inventory was like, I private labeled a cognac sponge which is a beauty sponge and
it’s 100% natural so I knew it wouldn’t hurt people and it was like 10 cents per unit. – Yeah, it’s basically to exfoliate your skin. – And it comes from the cognac root which
you can also get those in noodle form and they’re zero calories. Yeah so got that product and so the whole
process was just new and I kinda saw it as, maybe this is the product that’s gonna make
me hundreds of dollars ’cause I wasn’t really aiming high at that point per month. I was just trying to learn the process without
investing too much money because there was not much flexibility in that area. But it was exciting because I found suppliers
which you guys, people always ask where do we find manufacturers? You can find them on AliExpress, on Alibaba,
I find all my supplies on Alibaba or you can source locally. So if you wanna source locally you can just
do a Google search, type in skin care supplier, Ohio or wherever you are and yeah so it’s
very abundant. It’s very easy to find suppliers but you have
to do your due diligence and make sure that you are finding high quality products, suppliers
with good communication, samples yeah. So learning that whole process and also trying
to communicate with suppliers and make myself sound like, I’m a big brand when I’m really
not, I’m just one person learning everything it’s kind of fun for me. And then when I received my samples it became
real. All of a sudden I was like wow, this is a
product that I can actually sell and add value to people, people who are buying it are buying
it from me because it’s something that they want or that they need. And so it really excited me to know that someone
would be excited to receive this product at their door. And then the whole creative aspect of it. Creating my own designs and labels and colors
and all this stuff and my logo and I did everything myself because again the resources there was
not a lot of money on the table so you can get creative if you don’t have a lot of money,
you can do things yourself, or you can outsource them at a very low cost. And yeah, so that was the cognac sponge and
so, the cognac sponge started selling on Amazon and it was doing I think up to $3000 per month. I can’t remember the exact figures but I think
it was doing maybe two or $3000 a month and I was shocked ’cause I was not expecting that
and I was like oh my goodness, I’m working my ass off as a server at night time, after
school, working really late nights trying to save money for my education and here I
am, passively making this– – Making more than your job and– – Yeah, yeah! – Yeah! – It was just really that’s kinda like when
my mind shifted a bit. So that was one mind shift for me, I had several
along the journey. – And I’ve had a similar thing as well. It becomes real once you get those first sales. And even though it might not be a significant
amount of money, I know like that first dollar, that first sale, I remember when you had your
first sale, we were at an event. It was an event actually hosted by Amazing
Selling Machine because they put on these big events once a year for Amazon sellers
to learn and be around. There’s like 2000 people that go to these
events but that like shift your belief, but when you’re at the event that’s when you got
your first sale and when you get that it becomes real. You’re like wow, someone, somewhere in the
world, I don’t even know who they are, I didn’t have to call them on the phone, I didn’t have
to try to sell them, they found your product, they found my product and they decided to
buy it and I receive money into my bank account, you receive money and there’s an exchange,
it was passive and that’s when it starts to become real when you really realize wow, all
I gotta do now is scale it up. How can I get more sales? How can I improve the product, how can I improve
the conversions and this blow up from there. – And by the way guys, how do you get more
sales? You add more value to people, that’s what
commerce is, is you’re exchanging a product or service for someone who sees value in it
and they’re willing to put down their money so that they’ll buy it from you. And, so yeah, so I started to make this money
and I was feeling, oh my goodness this is amazing, this is a great opportunity and at
that point I was like, kinda like maybe I should focus more time on this business than
on the job. And so after I was doing around two or $3000
a month and I started focusing on my next product, I think ’cause like my sales went
down a bit or something, something– – It’s a little bit hard to compete with that
product because it’s really hard to differentiate from it. There was a product you were selling for like
$10 and you can’t really sell it for like 15, $20 so there’s some limitations to that
product but it was still a great learning experience. – So that’s a good point because, I got that
product initially because I was paying 10 cents a unit at the manufacturer to manufacture
it. That’s why my initial inventory was only $300. Nowadays, if you’re finding a product that
you wanna sell on Amazon for 20, 30, $40 you’re not gonna be paying 10 cents a unit for it. You’re gonna pay, be paying five, seven, $10,
$14 a unit and so your initial inventory will cost a lot more. And so, I realized that with that product
that yes I invested less initially in the business but also the profit margins won’t
be so great and I can only charge maximum $14 for the product and yeah, it was just,
it was hard to differentiate myself with that product. – And you wouldn’t have had the money to start
the waist training business at that point because it’s just way more expensive to get
into that business so, this was like a perfect product for her to start with and just kinda
get your feet wet and learn the process and make some money along the way and make it
real. Before, once you learn that, it helps you
so much more for your second product and now the waist training business. – Oh yeah for sure, and because with myself
I never took out any loans or borrowed money in any way, that $300 that I initially invested,
I reinvested all the profits back into the business and I did that every two weeks. Every time I got paid out, I’d reinvest, reinvest,
reinvest and I didn’t pay myself for a long period of time and that $300 is now what’s
providing me that $115000 per month in sales. So it really does go a long way if you stay
committed and you dedicate yourself to the process. – Before we go into the second product and
the third product, I know a lot of people might be thinking well you know, how did you
manage the time? ’cause I know people watching this right now,
they might be in a similar situation. You might be for example right now going to
school, you’ve got a part time job. Maybe you’re working full time, you’ve got
other obligations that you are starting a relationship around that time as well so,
you are incredibly busy but you still manage to find the time to do it. – Well, you know what, I just don’t believe
in excuses and I believe that yes your reasons are legitimate and yes, we’re all really busy
people and we all have 24 hours in a day and when I look at some people like Oprah, or
Barack Obama, people who have so much on their plate and they have the same 24 hours in a
day. So I do believe that it comes down to time
management and prioritizing certain things and yeah there wasn’t much balance in my life
at that point, I will admit it, like I was in that work mode and there was times we even,
we didn’t see each other that often, once a week and I remember you were like saying
oh, let’s spend more time together and I was just so focused on this and it was really
exciting for me. And so I realize now that there are stages
in your life where maybe you have it all figured out. You’ve got perfect balance, perfect harmony,
you’ve got your morning ritual, your night ritual and it really feels great but then
there’s times in your life where you have that motivation, where you have that drive
and you gotta use it when you have it. And that’s when maybe there isn’t as much
balance. And for me at that time, there wasn’t. I worked my ass off, and I was perfectly okay
with it because I knew that it would pay off for me. And so, I was still in school, still working,
and then whenever I had free time, I would work on this business and that might have
been late nights or early mornings, I didn’t really hand out with friends much at all during
this time and yeah so just prioritizing. – Yeah, and you know you were 20, 21 years
old at the time and a lot of people when they’re that age, they wanna party and wanna have
fun and they’re not really focused on their future in the way that you are and that’s
one thing I just love and respect about you so much is how committed you are to your future
and that’s, I’m the same way myself. I believe that, we’ve got to invest the time
that we have for tomorrow. We’re gonna enjoy the process along the way
of course but, you’re willing to delay gratification, like a lot of people they want the instant
gratification, they wanna get rich quick, or they just wanna the short term pleasures
but you were willing to delay that because you believed in the future of this and when
you’re young, that’s the best time to do it. When you’re young, you have all this time
ahead of you and if you invest it wisely, you can set yourself up for the rest of your
life. Now today, you’re a millionaire and you’re
24 years old– – That sounds so weird. – Turning 25 years old and it might not feel
real and stuff like that but it’s the reality of it but it’s an amazing thing what you can
accomplish when you’re willing to sacrifice in the short term. Not forever, it’s a temporary sacrifice but
the long term, you’re set up for your entire life. Who you’ve become today is incredible, I’m
so proud of you for that, – Thank you! – And you’ve changed so many people’s lives
as well so– – Thank you! – And I just wanna kinda share that with you
guys how hard she works, and what she’s invested to learn, to grow, the time you’ve put in,
even the money as well. You didn’t have any money but you still found
the way. Do you wanna share a little bit about that
as well? Just working as a server and saving your tips. – I do wanna make a point though with the
delayed gratification, that is very true. And I totally believe in the long term gains
instead of benefiting from the short term gains but one thing I wanna point out is that
I never delayed my happiness. And I think sometimes what we do is we think
that, when I make that much money, when I achieve this, when I’m this successful, that’s
when I’ll be happy. And I think we have to really catch ourselves. We have to be happy in the moment today. Regardless of how much you’re hustling how
hectic your life is, what problems are going on in your life, you have to make and choose
happiness on a daily basis and it’s a conscious act. It’s something that we have to practice on
a day-to-day basis. And when you do that, making these sacrifices
it doesn’t seem so hard because you’re grateful and you feel that, you’re blessed. The fact that you’re alive today, you’re blessed. And to be watching a video on YouTube or on
your phone, you’re probably better off than a big percentage of the world. So I just wanted to point that out but, in
terms of the money, yeah. – And you started on your iPad. So she didn’t even start with a computer,
on her iPad which there’s only so much you can do with an iPad but you got to a point… – And then the first computer I got, the first
laptop I got, he sold his old one to me. That was my first laptop. – And I made her buy it ’cause I believe in
earning things as well, not just having things given to you as well so, I said, well I can
get the new one and you can buy it from me. – You never let me take out the easy way but
I appreciate that ’cause I’ve learned and I’ve grown a lot. – It’s about what you become at the end of
the day. It’s not what you get, it’s who you become
in the journey. – So a lot of people say, I just don’t have
the money to get started and this, there are so many ways that you can make money online. So if your mission is to build an online business
so that you can have that financial freedom, there are so many different ways of doing
that it doesn’t have to be this way. But for myself I chose this path and you just
have to kind of get resourceful and so I cut out things like I never got my nails done,
I never went and did shopping sprees. Like I wore the same clothes for many years
and after work I was working at a restaurant and all the girls would always go after work
and sit by the bar and have drinks and food and I was like wait a minute. You just made $30, $60 in tips, and you’re
gonna spend that now at the end of your shift in the restaurant that you’re working at,
every night, every night they would do that. I never did it and I didn’t have that many
friends because of that because it’s like it’s not, that doesn’t make sense to me. So anyway, so yeah there’s just, I’ve always
been really resourceful with money I think and just really been good at saving and having
that money management is definitely a skill so if you know that you’re someone who, as
soon as you have a paycheck it disappears, that’s not okay. So I want you to like, really I wanna emphasize
that because I know like I have best friends where is, at the state they’re my age, as
soon as they get a paycheck, it’s gone within two weeks. And that should not be the case and so it’s
coming, realizing okay how can I master my finances? ’cause if you don’t master your finances now
when you’re broke, you’re not gonna master them when– – Yeah, if already right now you have bad
spending habits, you don’t manage your money, just starting a business is not gonna be the
solution for that. You gotta first be responsible with your money
first, otherwise, the more money you make and you have come in, you’re just gonna spend
it, you’re gonna waste it, you’re gonna lose it, you’re gonna blow it so you gotta make
sure that you get down the basic fundamentals of money and that’s such an important thing
but, do you mind going now into the next product that you launched? – Yeah, so the next product I launched was
this 3D fiber mascara and so when I was creating this product, at the time I was not looking
at really, building a brand and building something that I could grow. I was just looking at different products that
I could sell that were trending on Amazon, that were trending the marketplace and that
were hot. And now my mentality is different so now I
believe that building a brand is key and it’s much more sustainable. And so if you’re new to this, I do recommend
to go in with the thought of okay, how will this business look long term? Now you might not necessarily for your first
product ’cause you could do what I did. Test the warps, learn it, go through a course
and learn from your mistakes with your first product. But at least for your second product, think
long term. And so, I didn’t do that. I did a 3D fiber mascara because it was super
popular and I enjoyed the product, I used the product. People loved the product but it’s not something
that worked for everyone. Some people loved looks, some people didn’t. And I also realized that any beauty products,
like topical products, things that go in your eyes, things that go on your skin, ’cause
remember your skin is the largest organ so anything that goes on your skin gets put into
through your pores and into your bloodstream. Those things have liability risks. And so I was sourcing this product from China
and distributing it in the USA. And so, of course I had to make sure that
the ingredients were safe and all that but there are still liability risks and someone
could sue me if something happened. And so I just didn’t want to have that type
of responsibility at this stage, still being very new. And you know what guys, like if you’re looking
at starting in the beauty category now that’s something to also keep in mind because Amazon
restricts a lot of products in the tropicals category. So if you’re thinking of like a skincare product
or mascara or lip gloss, or whatever it is, really be wary about that and do your research
because you might pay all this money to source your product to have it arrive at Amazon and
they’re like, no, you have to pay $300000 to get ungated. You have to provide this certificate and this
certificate and it becomes complicating. – And often when you’re first starting off,
I think that’s why it’s so important to go through a course ’cause when you’re first
starting off, it’s kinda hard to know what you should do, like what kinda product do
I look for, what’s the criteria and sometimes because you’re making an investment, there’s
some risk. Some of that risk is that, as you just said
if you didn’t go through a course and notice some of those things or, you don’t know if
there’s enough demand or market or how you’re gonna differentiate, the weight of the product,
the size of the product, like all these logistics involved with it, but I see a lot of people
make mistakes and they get into trouble because of that is they’re trying to just kinda figure
things out on their own instead of getting the right help along the way and I think that
was such an important thing for you with that and especially when it comes to ordering large
amounts of inventory, I think that’s also why it was good for you to start with a, an
easier and simpler product and once you’ve kind of learned the process you were able
to go and venture into mascara and other products and kinda break some of the rules ’cause you
already had the experience. – Yes exactly, and that’s invaluable. Speaking of which, I just received a message
I get this all the time from people who they get excited about this business model and
so they start it and they try and pull as much information as they can from YouTube
and from Google and so they start the business based on pieces of information. But they never have the full pie– – It’s often conflicting pieces of information
too, ’cause there’s all these different sources. – Yeah and so they message me and they’re
in desperate positions now. I’ve invested this, I’ve lost this money what
do I do? And this is where you don’t wanna be. So that’s why we both advocate to start this
business with a good foundation. And just like you would go to school to learn
something and have your education, you need to invest in a training program like this
too. Because this is a real business and you wanna
have that solid foundation and that’s why it is essential to take a course. And I can say with certainty, maybe I would
have had a different business but I would not have been where I’m at with this business
if it wasn’t for the course that I took. And it’s the Amazing Selling Machine because
it was so in depth, so step by step comprehensive that I didn’t have to think about okay, all
these different things and getting very confused and thinking so far in advance and like, when
do I have to do this, when do I have to do that? Am I missing any information, no! I just did what it told me to do in each module. So every week there was a new module, I just
did what it told me to do, I didn’t have to think about other things too much and that’s
how I learned. – And you didn’t have to go through the failures
and the trial of error that a lot of people go through. Because the reason why you invest in a course,
is you gotta understand the fastest and the best way to get to where you wanna go, is
to model other people that are already there. They’ve already been through the failures,
they’ve already made the mistakes so that you don’t have to. So why reinvent the wheel? Why make all the mistakes and go through the
frustrations and what happens for a lot of people is, when they try to do that, like
if I, if you tried to do this without a course, if I tried to do it without a course, I would
have failed or been more likely to fail or make mistakes. The pain of that, the frustration, you’re
not gonna keep going. You’re gonna get so frustrated, like this
isn’t working and so you’re gonna give up, you’re gonna lose your money, you have wasted
your time, you’re gonna go into something else and you’re gonna then go and say, oh
it doesn’t work. And so, you want to avoid those failures. There’s OPM, other people’s money, there’s
OPE, other people’s experience. You wanna leverage that as much as you possibly
can because that shortens the learning curve. It might have taken someone 10 years to learn
and discover this process that will take you 10 years to figure it out on your own or you
can buy that person’s experience, the training, the resources and cut down those 10 years
to one year. It’s about working smarter too and that’s
what your money can allow you to do. – 100% I agree with that but just because
you take a training course, doesn’t mean you’re not gonna make any failures. I made many mistakes– – it’s just a shortened learning curve but
you can still… – Yes, I made many mistakes, I failed many
times but remember there’s no such thing as failure, only lessons learned and so when
you have that positive mindset that’s actually gonna serve you instead of hold you back,
it’s not limiting anymore. And so every time that I fail, or every time
there’s a mistake, even now with my business, whenever someone on my team messes up or makes
a mistake or I do, I see it you know what, this isn’t something to get mad about, this
isn’t something to be upset about, this is an opportunity, it’s an opportunity to grow. Maybe there’s a system that I don’t have in
place that I need, maybe there’s an SOP I can work on. So you just have to see, how can this serve
me? – Okay, so let’s share a little bit about
that, the success with that mascara and then why did you, what was the challenge with that
and why did you transition to the next product? – Yeah, so with the mascara, the challenge
was that, again I didn’t wanna have these liability risks. I remember at one point I got held at the
border for an extended period of time, I think about a month and I was out of stock on Amazon,
and if you’re out of stock on Amazon, Amazon does not like that. Because if people are going to your listing
and they can’t buy anything, I think Amazon kind of suppresses your listing, it pushes
us down and you start to lose your rank. And so that kind of sudden, it made me feel
like, oh no, I’ve worked so hard and then my listing’s all the way back here again and… – I know it’s tough because, you weren’t on
the same position as you were before and when your inventory came back in it wasn’t rolling
in as much. – I never really recovered from that to be
honest. And so I thought a period of time, I was like
you know what I’m just gonna take a break from Amazon a little bit and so I just kinda
left my, let it passivelysales. And I just stopped I think for like a month,
I just had tried to clear my mind a bit and figure out what I really want and what my
vision is. And what am I working towards? Instead of just like slapping products here
on Amazon, what is the vision I have for my business and for my life ultimately. And so one day, I just, with the mascara product
I think I was making around $5000 a month with it, so I was super happy about that. But yeah so, then one day I was thinking about
stepping back from the perspective of being the one who’s sourcing the product and trying
to find a product. And putting myself in the shoes of the consumer. And so I thought to myself, okay I’m a consumer
on Amazon, what do I buy on Amazon. And I never really shopped much on Amazon
to be honest ’cause we’re Canadians and so isn’t as big as But I had purchased many waist trainers before. And so I had purchased many of them because
I would buy a waist trainer, I didn’t like the results I was getting but then they would
break down, they weren’t high quality. And so I had purchased many of them and I
thought, what the heck, this is my opportunity! I know how to source a product with all my
experience now through the Amazing Selling Machine course, through the cognac sponge,
through the mascara, now I know the process, I’ve learned the ropes. I understand how this works. So now I can take a bigger leap with this
product because it was obviously a more high end product for the quality that I wanted
to achieve. And so I thought, okay let me try it out. And I knew also, that this was a product that
would do really well for me because I had results from it. Like I had been purchasing them on Amazon. And I saw great results myself so I knew the
power of this product and through that I also knew I could market it. Because to be an effective marketer you have
to love your product so much that you have 100% pure intentions when you’re selling it
to someone. You believe that by selling to someone you’re
doing them a service and then if you don’t sell it to them you’re doing them a disservice,
and I believe that. And so, then I started looking for manufacturers
again, going through the whole process and eventually started to launch one color and
a few different sizes on Amazon because I needed a few different sizes. Only one color it was hot pink. Not even the most attractive color but for
me pink was a big deal back then. It was a more expensive products. So rather than the 10 cents which I initially
invested in my product it was a lot more. It was maybe like 10 or $15 per unit at the
time. And so– – [Stefan] And what are you selling it for? – I was selling it for 28.99, that’s when
I first started on Amazon, yes! And so I didn’t have a brand at the time. So I was brand new, so I just kinda did what
the course told me to do, put it on Amazon get reviews, start to rank it. And pretty soon I started getting organic
sales and people started buying my products and sharing their pictures on the Amazon reviews,
like before and after pictures. And I started getting more excited, more motivated,
I said wow, it not just worked for me, it worked for them too. And so I had passion and I think that’s important
guys. I don’t think it’s necessary, you can be successful
with this business without passion but if you have passion, imagine how much more enjoyable
this would be. You’re gonna spend so many hours in your day
doing this business, why not love it? And I think we both understand this because,
we work so much, let’s admit it. We work a lot but it’s because we love what
we do. – Yeah we don’t have to but it’s you get so
much passion, and for us it’s our purpose in life, it’s our mission doing what we do
and it’s fun. I don’t know what else would I really wanna
do besides this. Because especially when you’re building something
that’s your own. You know oftentimes when you have a job, you
don’t have that passion because you’re building someone else’s dream instead of your own dream. And so when it’s your own baby and you love
it and you wanna grow it and you see the potential of it and the customers you love the customers
and you see the impact it’s having in their life and you get this amazing positivity,
it’s this addictive cycle that you get into and it becomes fun and we’re able to travel
at the same time too so, we’re traveling all over the world. We’re in South East Asia and all these great
things while we’re building our business and so, that also makes it a lot more fun too – Yeah and one thing I do wanna mention is
just kinda like a side note that, if you guys don’t know the Tony Robbins six human needs,
so if you meet any three of those needs, at high levels on consistent basis, you will
become addicted to that. And so that’s like with relationships, with
your job, if you hate your job right now, it’s because it’s not meeting your needs on
high levels. And for myself when I look at my business
now, my business meets almost all of my needs. I get variety, I get certainty, I get a lot
of love, I get significance, I get contribution and I grow from it. I grow so much and I love that feeling. So it’s no wonder that we’re so willing to
work that. One thing I forgot to mention though is that
I quit my job. So I quit my job when I was doing the 3D fiber
mascara. Remember at that time I was working at a bank
and I remember just kind of the people that I was working with, they knew about this product
and they didn’t think very much of this business that I was doing and so I said, I’m gonna
start going full time with this business but the reason I actually quit was because we
wanted to go on a four month trip. So I wasn’t able to take that time off from
work and then I realized, you know what, if I wanna live this type of traveling nomadic
lifestyle, I need to go full out and create this business. And so obviously the more time that you can
put into this business, the more you get put of it and that’s the beauty of it. Because with my work at the bank the more
time I put in, I was making a fixed amount every hour and maybe every year I would get
a little raise but with this business, the more you put in the more you get out. So right now, I know, if I wanna make an extra
10, $20000 a month, I know exactly what I need to do. It’s not a matter of not knowing what to do
or not being able to make the money, it’s a matter of will. And so for me now, I just decided hey, do
I want more life balance and wanna enjoy my weekends and my evenings more? Or do I wanna make more money? And for me I believe in having that balance
throughout the journey and so yeah, so it’s really just having that opportunity to choose,
it’s so amazing. – Yeah, do you mind sharing with people, do
you wanna show them the products and actually you are amazing with design as well and that’s
an important key is designing, the packaging and do you wanna share a little bit of the
process you put into that? – Okay so this is what one of our products
look like. I do wanna mention though, ’cause sometimes
people we want to be perfect right off the bat. And so, what happens this is one of the main
things. When I do coaching for people, this is one
of the main things that holds people back is perfectionism and perfectionism is the
lowest human standard because you and I both know that there is no such thing as perfect. What is perfect, it is totally… – It’s unattainable. – It’s unattainable. And so when we’re trying to reach perfectionism
what we’re just doing is we’re stalling and so what we have to do is just realize that
okay, this I put in my all, I put in my effort, I did my best and that’s good enough. And so I think that’s what helped me to scale
faster is ’cause I wasn’t holding on to every little detail and I knew that I could always
go back and edit things. And so with your Amazon listing like you can
always go back and edit things with your packaging– – Your product, you’re always improving your
product. – Every month, every time I order my product,
every month I tell my supplier, let’s change this, let’s tweak this, let’s do this. It’s a constant never-ending improvement. Kaizen, that’s what the word means, constant
and never ending improvement. So with my product, the initial packaging
did not look like this. It was just standard packaging straight from
the supplier, I didn’t pay for the packaging they just gave it to me, because when you
source a product online, they’ll usually have standard packaging, it’s not the nicest but
it’s free. So that’s what I had for all my products. Just boring packaging. And with time as I started to make more money
and I was able to see the balance growing in my bank account instead of just reinvesting
in products, this balance started to grow every month of savings, then I had more money
to put into the details like the packaging. – And it didn’t really matter as much at the
beginning too because, they’re not going to a retail store and buying it based on the
packaging. They’re seeing it on Amazon and the Amazon
listing, the graphics and all that, that’s the most important thing, the packaging is
once they receive the product which is important but more later on once you’re selling the
product. If you’re not selling the product, get some
sales first with whatever packaging, then you can make your packaging better. – Absolutely, that’s so on point and yeah
so don’t obsess over having perfect packaging because right now I put a lot of effort into
it because I have a brand and so for my brand, I want my customers to have a great experience
and to feel like this is a luxury product. So I want them to receive it and feel excited
and also share it online, social media, it is a marketing technique as well. So this was the after I reinvested some money
this was what the packaging looked like. I got this designed on for like
$25 and I’ll show you what the product looks like. – Let’s hold the package. – It’s still not even that great packaging. I could have boxes but then my shipping would
be more expensive. So this is one of our products and so, like
for example we’re just always improving the products. But I wanna show you guys, oftentimes people
ask me, well how do you design stuff, how do you make the packaging and the designs? You don’t need any special kind of Photoshop
program, you don’t need any skills, you just need a paper and a pen and so when I made
this initially, I just had a paper and a pencil and I just drew it out and I told them this
is what I want it to look like. Use your own creativity and your skills. What was the thing that quote that you told
me today? When you hire someone who is… – Is that the leadership one? – Yes, like when you’re hiring someone who
has talent you don’t want to tell them what to do. – You wanna hire people that are smart that
they tell you what to do rather than the other way around. – Yeah so my– – Steve Jobs. – Yeah so my skill is not design. My skill is not Photoshop, it’s not that. So I realize that if I’m hiring someone they’re
gonna know more about how to do this than I will. And so now, we’re redoing this packaging so
I just draw on it. I say I want this logo here, I want this text
here this, and then you just send it to a designer and they do that for you, it’s really
not that complicating. And then same thing with these ones here,
all the text that we want, so just gotta, it’s very basic. – Awesome, so this was now your third product,
you started with one with a few different sizes and then how did you grow it? I know there’s a number of things you’ve done. Your first person to sell on Amazon still
at this point, there’s different directions we can go. You’ve eventually transitioned to Shopify,
you built a community, you’ve done a lot of content marketing, do you wanna share some
of the strategies things that you’ve done to build it throughout the years to where
it is now? – So I will emphasize that I think that my
business woUld not be worth if it wasn’t for YouTube. Now, I don’t wanna scare you into thinking
that you have to do what I did on YouTube and put your face behind the camera ’cause
you absolutely don’t. But for my business that’s what really helped
with the marketing. That’s what got me out there. That’s how people found me and still find
me today is through the Luxx Curves YouTube channel. Whenever someone searches waist training,
we have basically all our videos show up. And it was so, so powerful for me and continues
to be today. Now, it might not be YouTube for you, it might
be a different social media source but you have to be on social media. And even if you despise social media because
I totally understand that too, it can be a black hole and but you have to realize how
valuable this is for business these days and learn where is your demographic? Are you targeting people 18 to 25 years old? 35 to 50 years old, 65 plus, where are they? Are they on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,
YouTube? Find out where they are and pick one platform
and master that platform. So you don’t have to get overwhelmed that
you have to do all of them. Just pick one at a time and master that. And so from me it was YouTube and then I ventured
off into a Facebook community. So, do you want me to elaborate more on YouTube? – Yeah, and I think that’s an important point
too, is that, you are at the end of the day gonna be the best salesperson for your product. I think a lot of people think, well I’m just
gonna create this product and I’m gonna put it out there and Amazon is gonna do everything
for me. If I build it then they will come. And that’s not how it works. You’ve gotta market your product, you’ve gotta
sell it and you can’t expect anyone else to do it but you. Amazon is only gonna give you the advantage
and the benefits of ranking you and all that. Either if you spend money for Amazon ads or
if you prove that it’s a great product by generating sales. The more sales you generate for your product
on Amazon, Amazon’s gonna love you because they’re making money. They take a cut from that and they’re gonna
rank your product higher. And I think at the end of the day you’ve gotta
be the one that’s selling it and get behind the product whether that is on YouTube or
Instagram or creating a blog or finding influencers, whatever it is but understand there’s work
to it. Like there’s work, there’s investing time,
energy, money to get your product off the ground and that’s exactly what you’ve done. And so you do not have to be the face behind
your brand but if you’re not going to, I would encourage you to do some influencer marketing. Find a brand ambassador, find someone who
can represent your brand because back in the day people didn’t really care for that person
to person connection when they’re doing commerce. It was more like, they wanted a big business
to be selling them stuff. Nowadays, they wanna know who is the person
behind the company. And so developing those personal relationships,
like when you look at certain YouTube channels, they’re a business but they have someone as
the host who is the face behind their brand and speaking in their tonality. And so it’s easy to do that, you just search
people and it’s so, so valuable. – And there’s plenty of influencers out there
that have your customers. They have as their following, your potential
demographic and if you send them the product for free a lot of them depending on how big
they are will promote it and share it and get behind the product. Others you might have to pay them and you
pay them to be an ambassador for the product because they have a lot more followers but
they have the audience, that you don’t have to go into yourself. If they have it, you can collaborate with
them and that’s one way you can launch a product. – And if you look at brands like Zaful for
example, ladies you’ll know what this is. You know they don’t have good quality products. They tried to collaborate with me and they
sent me all these bathing suits and they sucked and I didn’t do the collaboration ’cause it
just wasn’t good quality. But you know what, they’re huge, they’re huge
and the reason why they’re huge is ’cause when you’re searching Zaful on YouTube, you’ve
got hundreds if not thousands of people reviewing their products. So they give products to these people to review
and so they build up their social proof through that. So you really gotta think of it as like, this
is one major thing to focus on. I just hired an influencer outreach person
to just all they do, is reach out to influencers. – Do you wanna share just the importance of
the community that you built as well? – Yes, yes! So again nowadays community is so, so important. This was emphasized over the last three years,
I’ve been hearing this come up over and over and over again and one way you can do that
is through a Facebook group. And so I started those Facebook group early
on because for me I initially started it because I wanted to follow up with my clients. Because, I wanted to know, is my product working? How can I improve the product? Did you have success with the product or did
you hate it? I wanna know your experience and oftentimes
on Amazon you just don’t get that follow up because remember on Amazon, it’s Amazon’s
customers, not necessarily your customers. So you don’t really have their contact information
outside of the Amazon platform. And so I started this Facebook group and it’s
a private group so women feel comfortable to share photos and share results and it started
to grow and grow and it was so valuable for me and for them because you know what, just
like you are starting your online business and you might not have a lot of friends and
family that support you, you would love to probably join a Mastermind of like-minded
people. Same thing with waist training. Not a lot of people understand this. A lot of people think it’s so dangerous and
bad for you and there’s like a lot of haters and so these women found this community as
a valuable place to ask questions get tips, get motivation, and be around like-minded
people. And so it grew pretty fast. And for me it was extremely valuable because
in that group I was able to ask them questions directly. These are my customers, these are people who
have purchased my product. That is so valuable for me because now whenever
I’m sourcing a new product, I don’t just guess, I don’t just blindly say okay this color is
what I like, so everyone else will like it. This pattern is what I like so everyone else
will like it. I ask them. Sometimes I present a pattern that I think
is awesome and I get them to vote on it by doing a poll in the group and they hate it. And that’s so good for me ’cause now I didn’t
have to waste tens of thousands of dollars on this product. And so it’s also a place to build that community,
build that tribe and so in our community we call everyone our Luxx dolls, so they feel
like they’re part of a family. It’s a place to really connect with people
and we do like monthly doll of the month where every month, the doll who’s been the most
helpful, most supportive and kind to their peers is rewarded and gets free stuff and
so yeah, it’s just growing and growing, now it’s at 10000 women and it’s been invaluable
for me. – And that’s the power of building a brand
as well. You’re not just selling a product, you’ve
created a movement, you’ve created an identity you’ve created something that people are excited
about and they’re behind and by building that community and also providing the content marketing,
what you’ve done is you’ve been able to attract people, educate them on waist training, provide
valuable information from them and every time they watch the video, they’re building a relationship
with you and like wow, this is great, this is really useful. I love, and they connect with you who you
are and your story and also the people you share with them and then they are a part of
the community so they’re connecting with other people as well, they feel like they’re part
of a group, they’re growing, they can share their journey, their milestones, their wins,
successes and a lot of other people in their life might not understand and so they’re part
of this Luxx Curves community and by building a brand in this way you’ve been able to build
something where people come to you, you don’t have to always go out there and get people,
that’s one negative thing when you don’t build a brand. A lot of people they have to always hassle
their customers, the customers come to you and then also, you don’t really have to, you’ve
built trust with the brand and so every time you launch new products, like people line
up to buy it, they are excited for it but also you can charge more money. You don’t have to compete with every other
listing on Amazon because always people think, oh it’s too competitive or saturated, well
if you build a brand you don’t have to worry about that. Because they’re willing to pay more money
for her products than any other product because of the brand. And that’s the power of it. Now some of your products are 60, $70. And I remember times for you when you would
actually go out of stock and she wouldn’t have products available but her customers,
because they’re such raving fan customers they would not buy from anyone else even though
it was cheaper. They’d only wanna buy it from her so they
would wait for the product to be back in stock. And that’s the endgame, and we can transition
into also transitioning to Shopify and what you’ve done there as well but, I think that’s
a very important mindset because I always see people say oh it’s competitive and stuff
like that but that’s only because they’re trying to just compete on Amazon and they’re
not doing external marketing outside of Amazon and building the brand. The ultimate competitive advantage is by building
a brand. – So true yes. So when you are trying to, private labeling
a product and you want to launch it on Amazon, you are trying to find ways to differentiate
yourself, just slightly tweaking your product. Or if you don’t have any competitive advantage,
you decrease your price because that’s your only competitive advantage because guess what,
there’s always gonna be products that have way more reviews than you when you’re new. So your ultimate competitive advantage is
building that brand and for me, remember like it’s all about adding value to people and
having those high quality products and so people don’t just line up for my product because
it’s the best quality, because I’m sure I’m not naive to think that mine is the best quality. I’m sure there are other products out there
that are the same quality or better than mine but it’s because they trust me. It’s because I have that relationship, they
trust the brand, we’ve already added so much value to them, they’ve helped them with their
health and their fitness and given them advice that has impacted their lives that now they’re
waiting to buy this product. – So let’s talk about the transition to Shopify. Why did you make that transition and for,
we always recommend starting on Amazon at first because you get that platform when you
drive sales to it. You rank and you get Amazon’s organic traffic
in sales and Amazon ads but do you mind just kinda sharing that process for people. – Yeah so Amazon is a fantastic place to start. It’s a huge blessing for us because they allow
sellers like you and me, ordinary people to sell on their platform and they’ve got millions
of customers and people who have the one click buy now setting, have their credit cards input
there and it’s so easy for us– – It was on Prime and shipping – Yes, it’s very easy for us to become an
Amazon seller, so it’s amazing and I actually recommend, do not start on Shopify. I recommend to start on Amazon because again
you have access to their customer base and when you are having a new product on Amazon,
Amazon will boost your product, it will help you. It will try and help your product reach more
people because it wants to see what the potential is of your product. If your product is having access to all these
people and your product does not convert well, you’re not getting sales, your listing’s not
converting, Amazon will rank you lower. – And that’s an important point though. Is when you first launch the product on Amazon,
you do get a bit of a boost. Because they want you to succeed as a new
seller. Because they know that if you don’t get some
sort of early success, you’re gonna get discouraged and give up and you’re not gonna continue
using Amazon. So Amazon, in their best interests, they want
you to succeed but if your product doesn’t sell out of the gate then they’re gonna say,
oh well you’re not, there’s gonna be another product they’re gonna put there instead that
is gonna be selling. So you do get that early advantage on Amazon
too. – And that’s why it is crucial to act on that. So when your product is gonna be released
that week, count, close out your schedule, take time off like this is your time and not
even just when it launches, the prelaunch. So before your product even arrives there’s
all these things that you could be doing. So often people forget that and they forget
that wait, you could be reaching out to influencers, you could be creating social media, you could
have a blog, you could be driving traffic to a learning page, collecting emails like
there’s so much that you could do before your product even launches so on the launch date,
instantaneously you get those sales. And I’ve got strategies for that, I’m sure
you have strategies, there are a million and one ways to do that but you shouldn’t have
your product launched on Amazon and just wait for people to buy your product. You need to be strategic about it. And then also Amazon’s advantage is that they
have the pay per click advertising. So you can pay for certain key words and boost
yourself on the Amazon page. So if you’re just launching you might be on
the 17th page, and if you’re like any normal person you’re probably not going to scroll
through 17 pages to find the one product you’re looking for. But if you pay for pay per click advertising
your product gets boosted to the first page, a side bar, somewhere where the customer can
see it and you can get more sales that way. So those are advantages, like huge. And on Shopify you just don’t get that, on
Shopify I feel like you have to hustle to bring people to your website. Because you’re not getting that boost. Now the problem with Amazon, is just that
they’re growing so fast and I just don’t think that they’re that organized. I’ve had many times where my inventory’s gotten
mixed up, my inventory’s gotten lost, they send a product that’s actually not my product
or someone returns a product and they get a refund and I then I find out it’s not actually
my product, someone returned a product that was something else. So they’re just so many things like that and
it’s not easy to reach Amazon. When you’re as a seller, as a customer it’s
great but as a seller you can be hours on the phone, hours on the phone to try and resolve
one simple thing. And I had so many times crying, like saying
this is done, I’m done with this, I’m over it, I’d rather live a different life it’s
okay and just feeling really disheartened and devastated which is so stressful for me. Especially with my products. This might not be the case for you and it’s
probably not the case for most people but with my products because– – [Stefan] You have so many skews in sizing. – 10 different sizes, all these different
colors. So it is complicating. So at that point I was making around $50000
per month on Amazon in sales and– – You first actually did WooCommerce before
Shopify. – So at that point I decided, I’m going to
start moving people to my website and attempt to have more control. So more quality control meaning that I have
my own return policy. People can’t just return the waist trainer
’cause they don’t want it. Because another problem with this product
is that if someone buys it on Amazon and they decide they don’t like it anymore, they return
it. That product goes to waste, I can’t resell
it again, even if it’s in perfect condition ’cause now it’s considered used. So when you have a high end product that adds
up. So I really liked the idea of selling on my
own website and I was able to move my customers there because I built a brand and because
I built a social media following. So all I had to do is go on YouTube and be
like hey guys, just so you know, if you wanna buy our products, they’re no longer available
on Amazon, they were available but the majority of them you have to go to our website and
there’s more products available there for you. But if I didn’t build a brand, if I had just
shot out a bunch of products every here and there in different categories, not having
one brand but multiple brands, how would I be able to really share that with people. How would I be able to give that message to
people? It would be much harder. – You’re building more of an asset that Amazon
owns than you own. So it’s more Amazon’s business than your own
business and then also ’cause Amazon, they view them as their customers, that’s why they
give you all these great benefits. They do fulfillment for you, they do the shipping
and all these different things for you. They give you all these great benefits but
they ultimately wanna do that so that they can acquire her customers and own those customers
so that people keep coming back to Amazon and buy many different things because Amazon
knows the value of a customer. They know that when they buy your product
on Amazon, they’re not just buying your product, they’re filling up all these other products
on their shopping cart and they’re buying more. So Amazon, they don’t want to give you the
customer email address. ’cause they don’t want you to email the customer
and say hey you know, buy from me instead. Buy on my website and so, they limit that
and that long term is gonna limit the growth of your business and what you can do to build
that relationship and email them and all the things that you can do by moving to Shopify. – Absolutely yeah! Yes, so I started a WooCommerce or a WordPress
website. And it was good, strategy sales there but
the thing with it is that, I just always had issues with WooCommerce. Like there was always issues with the website
and I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on developers to fix it and so at one point
I just you know what, screw it I’m going to Shopify. – And I think for most people it’s fine but
you had a very complex– – Well I had a lot of coding– – Yeah very complex website and everything
with it. – I’m very picky about aesthetics and so I
want this button here and this button there, and it’s not like a template. So I just had issues and I was spending too
much money on developers and at that point I had rebranded from, no wait not at that
point. So I spent a lot of money on the website but
I was like, you know what, it’s worth just going to Shopify ’cause I can see in the future
there’s probably gonna be some other problem. So I went to Shopify and I’ve been very happy
ever since, thank you Shopify, it’s been great. It’s just so user friendly, it’s way easier
than WordPress for me. And yeah, so now on Shopify it’s just like
how did I get to the next level from making $50000 a month in sales to around $115000
a month in sales. And so there are different stages of business. There’s a stage where you’re alone, you’re
the solepreneur, you’re hustling you’re grinding and you can get to like the 100000 mark doing
it by yourself I’m sure. But I think that to get to that 10 million
mark, you have to have a team, you have to build a team. And so, for me, I think from going from 50000
to 115000 was really building out a team that can help me because there’s only so many things
I can do myself. Even recording YouTube videos. Some people do that full time, like that’s
all they do but for us it’s just like that’s a small portion of our business. There are so many other components to it. And so I just thought, how can I scale if
I have to do all these little things that I’m not really a master at myself. I need to figure out what is my queen bee
role? Which is something to identify. What is the one thing in your business that
is essential? That without this, your business would not
be worth up today and how are you contributing to it? And I found out that my queen bee role was
content creation. I just love creating content. People enjoy my content, that’s why I have
subscribers and so if I focused more than just two hours per month creating videos what
if I focused five hours per month, 10 hours per month, where would my business be? And so I really thought, okay you know what,
I need to dedicate more time to that and in order to do that I need help. I need people who can take care of the day
to day things that may not be as complicating, things that can be outsourced. And so, oftentimes I think building a team
can sound scary and sound expensive, but it really is not the case because now you can
hire freelancers. You don’t have to hire someone on a full time
basis if you’re just starting out. So most people who work with me, are not on
a, nobody’s on a salary but nobody’s really full, full time, how do I say that? They’re like contracts. – Yeah, they’re different contractors and,
do you mind sharing like how, your first hire and then what you use to hire people? – Yes, so my first hire was customer support
because I was spending four hours a day answering emails. I didn’t even have phone customer support,
I did it at one point and I quit that fast ’cause I was crazy, no life balance there. So I was spending four hours a day answering
emails and I thought this is crazy and this is something that anyone can do and I’m sure
that someone else could do it better than me and so I found someone overseas in the
Philippines who’s with me to this day, she’s amazing and she just made my life so much
easier. And so I found her on This is a website that I’ve used all my freelancers. Everyone I hire is from except
one person. You have to also think about the currency,
the exchange rate. So for them making $5 an hour is actually
pretty good. And for us, if I were to here someone in my
own town I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to have so many people because it’s like what’s
the average, like 18, $20 or something like that per hour so, it makes a big difference. Of course hiring locally is ideal once you
get to that point but not everyone has all that much money in the beginning. If you can build up a business to the point
where you can hire locally that’s great too. So I hired that person in the Philippines
for customer support. My second hire was also a customer support
because I realized that this is such an important factor. This is how we get those raving fans, is by
providing them with above average experience, going above and beyond, so that was my second
hire. My third one was social media. Because I realized it just takes too much
time for me. It’s important but it’s something that I don’t
think my time is best spent doing this. And someone else can do it better. And so I hired another beautiful girl from
the Philippines who’s still with me today. Everyone is still with me today. And then my third one was, my third one was
inventory management because I kept going out of stock. And I said why am I going out of stock? Because I had no management skills. I had no idea how to manage all these skews. So I found someone on Upwork. She lives in Lebanon, she’s great. And then, yeah you just find people for different
things, video editors, so important, thumbnail, a graphics designer, I’ve a project manager
who’s from London and it’s just, it’s so so amazing to have these people supporting your
mission and supporting your brand and every week we do calls together, we’re all smiling. Everyone wants to be supporting this mission. We all believe in it, we know that we’re not
just trying to sell a product to people, we’re trying to help them improve their confidence. Educate them about health and wellness and
build a community and so it’s very fulfilling. – You’ve done an amazing job building your
team and, one thing that I love is just how much her team loves her. Like they love and respect her so much and
they’re so behind that mission that you have and I think that’s an essential thing is when
you get people on board because they also believe in the product, they believe in the
mission and they’ll do anything to help support that, I think that’s a key thing. I wanna ask a few more questions and by the
way, I know you guys hope you guys are enjoying so far which I hope you guys are. I’d love for you guys to hit the thumbs up
button here on YouTube and we appreciate you guys’ support on that. But we’re gonna link to some of the things
that we’ve already mentioned thus far, ’cause we wanna make sure you guys get resources
for this too. So we’ll link to that below. We’ll link to Tatiana’s website, we’ll link
to her social media, which recommend follow her on social media. She’s got some amazing inspirational content. Follow me as well, we’ll link all that below. But if you guys also wanna learn more about
how to get started on Amazon like we’ll link to the Amazing Selling Machine, different
bonuses and things that can help if you guys want help from us to support you along the
journey. But I actually have a free training, a free
video training that teaches you kinda how to get started, more inspirational content
about selling on Amazon. So I’m gonna link that below for you guys
as well, but if you go to, FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Head on over there, if you put in your name
and email, I’ll send you an email with some more additional stuff, to help you guys get
started, the training, the resources for you. How does this all change your life? Like when you look back in terms of your life
before, to where it is now, did you ever think that you’d get to this point now? 24 years old, almost 25. How much has your life has changed and just
kinda share that with people. – You know what’s incredible, is how the mind
works. One thing I learned is we have this old mind
and it’s not really, this brain is meant to help you survive not necessarily to make you
happy. And so I had lost of limiting beliefs and
a lot of things that were holding me back and I know a lot of people have fear of starting
this business because I was in the same place, I had a lot of fear. But realizing that oftentimes, the greatest
things in life are on the other side of fear. On the other side of comfort. If we always live in our comfort zone, we’re
never really gonna grow. And growth is a human need and when we grow,
we feel great, we feel amazing. When we go to the gym, how great do we feel? We feel proud of ourselves. And for me this business has changed my life
in just so many different ways. It’s provided obviously such financial abundance
which I never thought I would have. Like if I look back four years ago, I would
have never thought that I’d be making $100000 in sales. I actually didn’t believe people who said
that they were making that much money. I thought that was not real. I didn’t think it was possible. I didn’t understand this business and $100000
a month, there are people who are making $500000 a month and a million dollars a month, we’ve
met them. And it’s totally possible. You don’t need any special skills, you don’t
need to be a special person or super smart, like I’m not any wiser or smarter or more
talented than you. And that’s what’s so cool about it. And so it’s provided me with this financial
comfort. I used to always compare the prices at the
grocery store and always pick the one that was cheaper and trying to be healthy and then
there was medicines that my mom needs. My dad, like I remember my dad going to Costco
to get his medicine and it was like $800 and he couldn’t afford it. So he only got $300 worth. And I remember how much pain that like… – It’s okay babe. – Can we cut that? Cut that out. I just felt really bad about that because
I couldn’t help him and then he died and I never was able to… Yeah so, it provides just being able to give
back to people, being able to contribute to family and of course having this experience
where we can go to like other countries and give back to really the ones who need it the
most is amazing. And having that freedom to do what you wanna
do with your time to be able to wake up on your own clock, to be able to, if you wanna
take the day off you can take the day off. If you wanna work today, you can work today. If you want to, spend quality time with family,
you can do that. Just having that flexibility, it doesn’t have
to be, you don’t have to do like us and travel the world and do all these things. Not everyone wants to travel. But just to be able to have the freedom of
choice is amazing, yeah! – It’s amazing. And I’d love to hear, you’ve also gone through
different challenges along the way and I think, we want you guys to know that by being transparent
in this way, it’s not all up, it’s not easy. There is training programs and resources and
hopefully this can help you and, helps to make help the process a lot easier too but,
there were challenges along the way as well and what were some of the different ones that
you faced… – I think one of the initial challenges I
faced was just not feeling the support. When I first started dating Stefan there was
a little bit if resistance with my family because they didn’t understand him either. They didn’t understand what he did and thought
he’s influencing me to start this business and taking me away from school and I come
from a traditional family where school is of uttermost importance. You have to get an education because, my family
they’re immigrants and so when they moved to Canada, like having an education is what
made you successful, it’s what provided for you. And so I understand their way of thinking
but, I live in a different generation and there are opportunities now that did not exist
when my parents were growing up. And so I understood that no matter how much
I try to explain it, they will never understand it. And to this day, my mom doesn’t understand
really what I do but she’s supportive now. And so what I had to do is because I was living
at home on a daily basis, I felt like I was getting this daily dose of negativity of just
why are you doing this? What are you doing and I knew it was holding
me back because whenever someone tells to you, you can try your best to put up a wall
and try and ignore it and do that but it does get registered on a subconscious level when
it’s consistent on a daily basis. And so I knew that it was holding me back
and so I realize that sometimes you have to love at a distance. And so I couldn’t really afford to move out
at that time and I remember that it’s just so important for me, not because I wanted
to leave my family or not because I really cared to have my own apartment but because
I knew that if I moved out, I would have this peace to be able to work on my business without
anyone telling me that this is not smart or this isn’t gonna work or having any type of
negativity. Just to have this space to come up with my
own thoughts and come up with my own decisions and have and so that’s what I did. And so, it didn’t really even you know friends
also, nobody really understood it but I just realized you know what, I’m excited, I wanna
share this with people but they don’t really necessarily appreciate me sharing this with
them so I’m just not gonna talk about it. And so for many years I never talked about
what I was doing and so I did it in silence and obviously with YouTube now everyone sees
everything I’m doing which is very different but that’s kind of how it works. So in the beginning it was just the challenges
with people not being like-minded and not being supportive and I think a lot of us have
that because not many of us live in a community of entrepreneurs. So that was one. – So what advice would you give to someone
like that that maybe, I had the same thing too when I first started my business. Everybody thought I was crazy, they were making
fun of me for it, they didn’t think it was real, then they get my support. Funny enough once you have success, results
don’t lie then people wanna know what you’re doing but when you’re first starting the journey,
it doesn’t feel good to not get that support. But what advice would you give to someone
like that? Maybe their family, their friends, maybe they
think like whenever we share like Amazing Selling Machine or resources or courses or
just that you can make money online. People, they think it’s a scam. Like that’s too good to be true or that doesn’t
work. And that’s not true, that’s just their limiting
perception of it because they are settling in their life and they don’t wanna think big
or they don’t wanna risk it or go for it 1000% but, so it’s a lot easier to say that’s not
real, that’s not gonna work or whatever and they subconsciously they love you but they’re
afraid of losing your love and so they’re afraid that if you become more, if you become
successful, if you change then they’re gonna lose you. And so it’s kind of the subconscious selfishness
that I think sometimes people have. I think their intentions are often good but
they’re trying to do what’s best for you. It’s a good intention, that go to school but
they’re not maybe, they don’t know this opportunity or they don’t know your passion or your mission
but what advice would you give to someone? – Well first of all, I would say don’t take
advice from someone who’s not successful or if it’s around happiness, don’t take advice
from someone who’s not happy. Or don’t take advice from someone who’s never
been in a committed relationship or never had a great relationship. – Just don’t have what you want. – Yeah, they don’t have what you want. So be careful about who you take advice from
and be careful about who influences you. Because remember that people can say things
but you are letting that influence you, whether that’s on a subconscious level or not. And so again sometimes you need to be at a
distance, so distance yourself from certain people and that’s okay, like that’s perfectly
fine. – I think just again to add to this, like
surrounding yourself with people that are like-minded. Like other people that are entrepreneurial,
like and that’s the ASM community has been great for us, like going to the events and
meeting people and we have friends and people like that and being around people like that,
it makes it more real too and it shows you what’s possible and how this is a real thing
and you get inspired by them and they challenge you and they encourage you so, don’t try to
go about it alone. Be around others on the same path. Whether that’s through Amazing Selling Machine
or like a Mastermind. I love Masterminds we believe in the importance
of that because if you wanna get rich and you wanna become a millionaire but you’re
around people that are broke, it’s gonna be very challenging for you to become a millionaire. If you wanna be healthy and fit and have a
great body but you’re around people all the time that are unhealthy and they’re overweight
then you’re not gonna become healthy and fit. If you wanna be happy and fulfilled and have
a passion for your life but the people in your life, they’re negative and they’re complaining
and they’re skeptical and they’re putting you down and they’re criticizing what you’re
doing, then that’s gonna hold you back from being happy and fulfilled. So the community and being around people like
that I think is such an important thing. – Yeah, yeah for sure. – Yeah! So what final piece of advice would you give
to someone watching this that is inspired right now. Hopefully you guys are, you’re ready, you
wanna take action, you wanna build your own business to create this freedom, what advice
would you give to someone watching. – There are so many things I could share but
I think that you have to do your research. If this resonates with you and you feel like
you know what, this online business, this private label business, Amazon business this
resonates with me and this would fit in harmony with my life and this would be in line with
my vision then you’re gonna go for it. Because we have this fear that holds us back
all the time. And you’ve just gotta go for it. Go all in, burn the boats. There’s no going back because when you’ve
got one foot in the door, one foot out the door, as soon as you hit that stress level,
as soon as you make that first mistake, as soon as you hit that hiccup because there’s
gonna be challenges, there always are. Then if you’ve got one foot in, one foot out
the door, you’re gonna leave. So you have to have both feet in the door,
commit to it and stay consistent. I think you know, I just had a conversation
with one of my good friends the other day. And she says, you know Tatiana, if I had just
stuck with one thing instead of going from this thing and then a few months later to
this thing andoh like, oh Facebook marketing and then a few months later affiliate marketing. You’re like trying all these different things
all the time. If I had just stuck to one thing, I would
be so successful with that right now. And so you have to commit yourself and realize
that you know what, success often does not happen overnight and you have to work at it. So put in the consistent effort, dedicate
yourself, have a positive mind. I think this is something as undervalued sometimes. What we think our thoughts are our reality. So our reality is only what we interpret. So right now, what your reality is of the
way that you’re watching this video, what you perceive, what you get out of this video,
that’s what’s reality for you. It’s different for each and every person. So you have to consciously decide what am
I feeding my brain today? Is it positive or is it negative? It’s going to empower me or disempower me. And I think that’s one of the most important
things and it’s not a tool, it’s not a technique because those are abundant. Everyone has access to those things these
days, it’s what you put into your mind. I think that is the most important thing. So commit to growth, commit to learning and
you will be successful. – Yeah, that’s amazing. Amazing babe, thank you so much. Well listen, I wanna thank you guys so much. I have some lipstick on my lips. Thank you guys so much for watching this and
I think her message is gonna resonate with a lot of you hopefully and inspire a lot of
you and right now, you’re in a certain state and oftentimes I believe that, when you’re
in that state you gotta do something. You gotta take action because right now you
get that momentum and there’s no better time to take that next step, take that step when
you have this state and this inspiration in your life. So listen, I wanna encourage you guys, to
check out some of the resources. If you wanna learn how Tatiana and I got started
through the Amazing Selling Machine, we’ll link that below for you guys. Check out the free Amazon training as well,
at Again that’s totally free, more resources. I’ve got interviews, I’ve got tons of resources
than can help you with this. And I’d say be careful consuming too much
information as well because sometimes you get information overload and analysis paralysis
and that can prevent you from taking action. That’s why sometimes people they just watch
this video they click the next video and the next video and the next video and they don’t
even know how to start. And so, I wanna try to provide for you and
help focus you and direct you on I think the best way to start and so, get the free training
that I have, link below, Amazing Selling Machine if you wanna go through the step by step by
step, learn it the right way, save yourself time, save yourself stress, make that investment. I understand not everybody can make the investment
and there’s different resources that we can share with you as well but in some cases save
your money, get your money prepared. Oftentimes, it’s better than just trying to
learn it and try to do it on your own. You know this opportunity exists, this is
what the course costs, the information for it to get started, inventory, everything involved. Okay, instead of putting that time into the
business right now, instead how about you put that time, get a second job, a third job,
cut out some expenses, save and put it aside so you can start the right way. I much rather see you start this business
the right way than try to go about it watching YouTube videos and trying to figure it out
on your own and end up losing money and make a mistake so wasting time. So that’s often what we encourage for people
as well but if you’re ready to start the information’s there, check out Tatiana, she’s also got another
YouTube channel called Luxx Biz, do you wanna share, you’re rebranding it but– – Yeah I’ve got a new YouTube channel called
Luxx Biz. It’s all about online business, like I literally
have a video for everything. Everything I’ve learned, all of the mistakes
I’ve made so, people ask me if I do coaching all the time. Go subscribe to that channel because that’s
where I offer the coaching. I take the most common questions I have and
I answer them in video format in depth. But it’s called Luxx Biz right now but it’s
rebranding to Tatiana James because we’re getting married so, yeah beware of that. – So right now, it’s actually in our Instagram,
it’s Tatiana Buree, which we’ll link to as well. So follow her on Instagram, go to Luxx Biz,
or Tatiana James depending on when you’re watching this video, but check out her stuff
guys, it’s really amazing and as you can tell she has so much amazing content and value
to provide for people so, check out her channel, subscribe for her videos, subscribe for my
videos and we wanna thank you guys again so much and we look forward to seeing you again
soon. – Bye guys. – Take care, God bless.

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