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SFA School of Nursing Tour

(Music) (DeWitt) It takes a certain type of person to be a nurse. You are going to have to hear about other people and have a lot of love in their heart and willing to give it away. (Student 1) I can’t wait to be a registered nurse. I’m extremely excited and also I’m following in my mother’s footsteps. She is a nurse practioner. (Student 2) I decided to come to SFA because it was one of the top schools in Texas for nursing and I really love it here. (Student 3) I decided to become a nurse because I am in the United States Navy and my job in the Navy is hospital corpsman. (Student 4) The school of nursing is awesome. It is a very great learning experience and wonderful program. (Owen) The advantage we have for a BSN program is it really prepares our nurses to be leaders in the nursing community. It opens a lot more doors longevity wise for nursing for them to have a lot of job opportunities. (Atchison) This is marvelous, I tell you what, this is a dream come true. (Polk) This place is really, really up-to-date, state-of-the-art and the envy of a lot of medical schools, dental schools, and other nursing schools, I’m sure. (Cole) Ed and I are just absolutely thrilled and feel privileged that we could have a part in this facility. (Thompson) It makes it better for health care in East Texas and all of Texas. (Carroll) This is something the community and the state can be proud of, the doctors have been looking forward to this for some time. (McKee) It’s incredible what I have seen so far. I think this is unlike anything else that is available any where in Texas. (Student 5) I the school is awesome! (Music) (Walker) Welcome to the Richard and Lucille DeWitt School of Nursing. This is truly one of the best nursing programs in the state of Texas. We have one of the highest graduation rates historically and also a high NCLEX passing rate, historically. We also all have been recognized by the higher education coordinating board for our best practices. But truly this is a school that is one-of-a-kind and its one-of-a-kind because of the students. Its one-of-a-kind because of the faculty and its one-of-a-kind because of the facility. I want to take a few minutes and give you a guided tour of our wonderful facility. We are now in a 41,000 square-foot facility and that’s a state-of-the-art facility. There are three wings to this facility. There is the administrative wing, the faculty offices are on each side. There is a classroom wing. There are four classrooms that seat a hundred students each. One of the classrooms is a computer classroom and in that classroom there 104 computers. They are built into the desk. Most of the testing in the school of nursing is done online. So when we need to give you a test, all you have to do is raise the computer and when you finish you lower it, but if you want to do anything that involves any web-based instructions, have you get online to look up something, we can do that in the computer classroom. The other classrooms in the school of nursing are set-up so that we can view anything that is going on in the simulation lab. You are now in the students’ computer room. This is where the students go to study, to access anything by Internet or if they want to watch videos. As you can see we have one of our students using the microsam which we use for clinical hours in the school of nursing. This is open for the students to use at their convenience. There is a copy machine and they are free to use. There is a student lounge that is truly a friendship room. It is a place for students to really be comfortable. It is equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, and very, very comfortable furniture. In addition, there is a patio with picnic furniture and ceiling fans. On the other side, is our Ed and Gwen Cole Simulation Lab. It is recognized as one of the best in the nation. In fact this past year, we were named a Laerdal National Simulation Center of Excellence. There are only fourteen of those in the United States and we are the only rural one in the United States. There is a medical-surgical wing that has ten beds. Within those ten beds are five 3Gs, which are the most high-tech patient simulators on the market now. With those simulators we can simulate almost any patient condition. We control what is going on with that patient in the monitor from the control room and we can watch how you respond and alter the conditions. Now we are in the pediatric and women’s wing. This is where students who are in the pediatric course and women’s and child’s course have their clinical experiences for the simulation lab. Again, we have the most high-tech infant. These simulators can simulate any patient condition for the infant and the child. Their lips turn blue. We can change the respiratory rate. We have set this unit up to be realistic as humanly possible. When you walk into this unit it is truly like walking into a hospital with patient beds with all the equipment that you would see. This is one of our Pyxis units that you would see in a hospital that deal with medication and how you would dispense medication in a hospital unit. This is our health assessment lab. This is where the students who are in their first semester learn how to conduct the history and the physical. There are ten beds in here and all the equipment necessary to conduct the history and physical. This is our emergency room bay and our skills lab for fundamentals. This is where fundamental students will practice skills on body parts, such as IVs arms. In addition, we have virtual reality arms where students can actually use the computer equipment here to practice inserting an IV into both an adult and a child. So, truly when you select SFA you are placing yourself among the best nurses in the state of Texas and in the nation. Thank you for considering us and we hope to see you here. (Music)

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