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100 thoughts on “Senator Kamala Harris: Health Care The Number One Issue I Hear About | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. why not take those 30M people and sign them up but leave the system as it is for those already factored in?

  2. Kamala not only has an awful record, she’s also an establishment and corporate sponsored dem. We need progressives, not sellouts.

  3. I starting to see much of the "News Media" as a form of mind control, it's contrived to present certain candidates as the the only viable choices.

  4. In my opinion the only reason this vile creature gets any attention is because 1. she is black, 2. she is female. Heck, if she comes out as some version of LGBT she would already be proclaimed the next president by the media!!! And if you criticize her for ANY reason whatsoever you would be called a racist, misogynistic homophobe.

  5. The more i learn about Kamala Harris the more sure i am that I
    DO NOT want to see her go any further. Tulsi gabbard is a more TRUE CALM VOICE.
    With the emphasis on
    TRUTH !!!

  6. Kamala Harris: "I'm proud of my career keeping innocent people imprisoned, thwarting justice, and locking up pot smokers!"

  7. Hypocrite Harris claims to fight for civil rights, yet as DA and AG in California, she fought hard to uphold convictions against innocent people she knew to be wrongfully incarcerated only through gross prosecutorial misconduct by her office. Prosecutorial misconduct disproportionately affects minorities and people of color. Innocent people are still in prison today because of "hard line" Hypocrite Harris.

  8. Hypocrite Harris has long opposed marijuana legalization, only changing her position recently after it became politically untenable. How many people of color locked up unjustly–and, as you well know, disproportionately–by your stance, Kamala? Too many to count?

  9. She is so fake she is not genuine at all she has no emotion everything is calculated I can't believe anything that comes out of her mouth she might be a nice person but I don't believe her at all sorry Kamala you lost me

  10. What a bunch of abject phonies. What, did they promise they wouldn't ask her about the factual veracity or otherwise of claims made against her record? In what way were they false? I suppose the show's research staff couldn't come up with any information on this. [I'd forgotten what a loud obnoxious bully Scarborough is; but I really didn't know he's so phony]

  11. Men need to stop telling women to smile/laugh. We aren't here for your enjoyment. Has he ever said that to a man?

  12. MSNBC presses Tulsi Gabbard. They have conversations with Kamala Harris. Like CNN, they are calculated with framing, and who they are adversarial with

  13. Whaaaaat?!? No talking about Kamala Harris getting TKO’d by Maj. Tulsi Gabbard? Missed a big ratings boost Morning Joe. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. I'm not impressed with Harris' plan at all. It has been slapped together haphazardly just to please some people and makes absolutely no sense. I prefer Bernie's plan. He has been refining his plan for a long time and has considered all aspects of what Medicare For All should entail and the costs/savings involved.

  15. I'm a black man and this woman scares me very stern ridged unforgiving lock a brotha up anti black policy's she's not good for us y'all

  16. This show is Dated and out of touch. Interviews like this only help secure Trump another term in the white house. Good job MSNBC.

  17. What about Kamala Record that affect minority? She is so fake! I will not vote if she get elected! She would be worst than Trump, trying say Biden is racist.

  18. *In March of 1938 former president Herbert Hoover met with Adolf Hitler. Was he a "traitor?"

    *Former president Jimmy Carter met with Fidel Castro in 2002. Was his patriotism questioned?

    *Bill Clinton met with Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang in 2009. Was he an "apologist?"

    *Rumsfeld met with Saddam Hussein in his palace in 1983. Was he a "toady?"

    *George McGovern (senator and WWII bomber pilot) met with Castro in 1975 – was he "Anti-American?'

    *And when President Roosevelt met with Stalin in 1945 and Kennedy met with Khrushchev in 1961… were they called "Communist?'

    So why is Tulsi Gabbard for three years variously labelled by media talking heads and scribes as ALL OF THE ABOVE? Think about it, voters, and WAKE UP! And by the way, Kamala, your calling Tulsi an apologist for Assad has permanently identified you as a DESPERATE LYING FOOL.

  19. Harris, like many in this crowded field, needs to get out of the way. Her own words and misdeeds prevent her from holding the trust of the People. If she wishes to continue in politics, she must take the time to prove she has changed, as she now claims. Moreover, she has only been a prosecutor, Cal. AG and a junior senator for two years. She, like many others in this crowded field, need far more and broader experience and knowledge before being considered to serve as POTUS. She obviously has a rather outsized ego to think she is in any position to criticize anyone else.

  20. Tulsi puts kamalas record on blast in front of the world and Kamala cant defend herself.. She goes on every news network and gets asked no questions about her record.. This is why I dont watch mainstream media.. There not independent.. They work to keep the status quo.. Kamala, Biden, mayor pete..

  21. I hate Trump cause he is a faaakin pig racist and of course, hypocrite, arrogant, ignorant, two face, traitor, embarrassing, and much, much more. But Kamala I definitely hate her annoying laughter. She laugh so loud and for almost nothing at all. She repeats her plan so much I don't believe anything she says and she always looks like she is going to cry.

  22. She is a hypocrite, pretending she cares about the people when in reality what matters to her is her reputation. very distasteful what she did to that man take away the opportunity to prove if he is innocent, just for not look bad before the people

  23. So why do you favor leaving MIDDLE MAN PROFITEERS in the healthcare system? They serve no USEFUL purpose. They shuffle papers around and try to find ways to NOT pay the bills. If you are sick you want to see a doctor, not an insurance agent.

  24. Harris is a two faced sell-out, she'll do or say any and everything she thinks will get her elected and once in office will continue to do the bidding of her corporate owners. So sick of seeing treasonous corrupt politicians of both parties running for office and lying like rabid dogs to get elected. It's time to wake the heck up America and smell the "BURNT" coffee odor coming from our demonically corrupt government.

  25. Here are some INDISPUTABLE
    republican socialist truths, trillions of your tax dollars to the rich &
    corporations for their tax give away, trillions of your tax dollars to bail out
    corporate American wall street banks, billions of your tax dollars to subsidize
    the fossil fuel & chemical industries, billions to possibly trillions of
    your tax dollars to subsidize "Private" for profit prisons, millions
    of your tax dollars to help Trump enrich his corrupt family at his resorts,
    hotels & golf courses. Trillions of your tax dollars that go to military
    contractors & not actually to the men & women serving. Now tell me
    again how you can't afford to help the tax payer with less costly social
    programs? I dare you to argue these truths that you the tax payer socialize for
    the rich!

  26. Down with the crooked politicians, corporate stooges and corrupt mainstream media. Power to the people! Tulsi for President!

  27. First debate: Kamala attacks Biden's record from 30 years ago and says he should have been more prepared when questioned about that approach after.

    Second debate: Tulsi exposes Kamala's terrible record from only a couple of years ago, and Kamala says the candidates should change what they focus on during the debates to current policies and defeating Trump.

  28. Her run is over, just making others realize this is indeed fake news no better than Fox when it comes to "their people"

  29. She will surely make money off of health care. one way or another. dont trust her at all especially since she is backed by msnbc

  30. look at them trying to protect corp. want to keep insurance and drug companies involved in health care. Obama did it with help from insurance and drug co help write obama care.

  31. yes it will cost something. but will be much cheaper than it is now. they dont say that do they .
    no because all these people get money from insurance and drugs.

  32. Hey Kamala, standing on stage with Major Tulsi Gabbard is a little bit different than sitting on your prosecutor's throne suppressing the poor and powerless huh? That helpless look in your eye was worth the price of admission. DONATE TO TULSI

  33. gov abuse power are you kidding omg. they are totally corrupt dishonest and work for no one but the top we all know that now.

  34. if you want to worry less about the future , vote out all these corrupt members and replace them with progressives for the people . progressives are the only one's that care about us.

  35. Harris, Booker and many others lost credibility when they attacked Obama and his healthcare plan instead of focusing how Trump has been tearing it down… It's discusting how the dems attacked Obama (and Biden).. Keep it up people, and Trump will be smiling in the oval office for another term.. Start showing that you care about the US more than you care about being president. It should matter more to you that the right person gets in rather than if you get in. After the debate I have narrowed it down considerably on who I would vote for.. I can't vote because I'm Canadian, but if I could, it wouldn't be for Harris… Or any of the others who trashed Obama.

  36. The right wing nonsense that universal healthcare will cost too much, non-facts based on nothing. More likely Medicare for All will save $13T over ten years. If you want to compare actual health care costs, it is again the government controlled systems that provide the best value for money. The USA ranks 11th and spends 2x what the top 10 spend for much less return, Great Britain at #1 does it for $5100 less per capita than the USA. Canada at #10 does it for $4000 less than the USA. That translates into spending $1.3T more than Canada per year for less coverage and poorer results. Everyone in the USA should be demanding universal healthcare and the resulting savings. http://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/fund-reports/2014/jun/mirror-mirror

  37. 7:47
    >My plan does not eliminate private insurers.
    That's code for "my plan does not eliminate the useless middlemen that help fund my campaign and sign the paychecks of the guy who just asked me a question."

  38. Kamaltoe Harris is pure evil. Wicked pure evil through and through.
    She is half as smart as Hitlery yet twice as dangerous.
    She must not be able to advance in this demonrat selection process.
    If she does we all all doomed!

  39. just give up Kamala, let Tulsi come in instead, she's more credible, more authentic and more level headed and more believable

  40. As a black man I will NOT vote for Officer Harris. She is dead weight and needs to drop out so she can laugh at weed smokers some more

  41. Remember when Pinocchio and his buddy got all caught up on false promises and landed on Pleasure Island. Ya– they turned into DONKEYS (Democrats) and scared for their lives. That was supposed to teach us that you have to work for what you get–No easy street,no shirking work, no free lunch . Don't listen to DEMONRATS. It's all false promises designed to take your freedom and choices. By the time you realize the mistake you made by going for those false promises it's too late. BIG LEFTIST GOVERNMENT is a slippery slope. Once you give up freedom it will NEVER come back. Remember when one little donkey wanted to go home to his mamma? Well, that mid-transformed boy/donkey could still talk. He "had to go back" for more transforming before he could be sent to the salt mines or the circus. Universal Health Care sounds nice, but it is a false promise. Are you or somebody you know over 60? OK, good luck on that universal health care now that you are no longer paying into the system.

  42. My God this pathetic woman that slept her way to the top, has the same detestable Hitlery Rotten Clinton laugh and has NO answers whatsoever.
    Why should we elect a Democrat again?

  43. Fake interview they threw her easy curve balls still selling corporate interest and most of all didn't ask about her record as Attorney General. MSNBC I understand corporate interest pays your salaries.

  44. It doesn't matter what she says. As she's a puppet for the rich people that bought her and only does what they want. Follow the money.

  45. Soon we'd forget back when she was attorney general she was giving head to Willie Brown Kamala Harris is a loser she slept with every California politician back in the day to get to the top so don't throw rocks

  46. God she is so fake….and Joe and the DNC flunkies are ridiculous, like they didn't see Tulsi Gabbard destroy her last night. She can't carry Tulsi's tea…

  47. Hey can someone tell me what is the process to dwindle down the democratic candidate process? Who makes those decisions?

  48. These comments prove that all the polls that have her ahead are BS. It’s scary how bad the propaganda has become in our country

  49. Eerie. Why does this look like Hillary all over again. Sloppy and fake, no thanks. I'll stick with Trump

  50. This witch has the adacity to stay in the race…black folks and good white folks are not behind your evil rhetorics. …do us a favor and disappear

  51. PYSCO Joe….. take Harris to your office and give her the o'l Lori Klausutis treatment….. remember….. when ya quit the GOP….. remember that ya hypocrite !!!!!!!

  52. Kamala, you and your millionaire husband can kick rocks. The black community is done with you. White America, she's all yours.

  53. She is handling the pressure of being interviewed much better after the experience of her presidential campaign. Watch how she’s been handling interviews on all networks and she’s been bashed for attacking joe Biden

  54. The number 1 issue people are concerned with is healthcare? Millions of people (in USA) HAVE NO ACCESS to healthcare?


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