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100 thoughts on “Sen. Michael Bennet On Education, Healthcare, Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Andrii Artemenko, Fmr. of Uraine Parliment- Said "there are ppl who will describe DemParty high crimes collusion, bribery, protecting Biden's and Burisma but US Emb. in Ukraine (George Kent, state dept) not allowing them visas.

  2. Mockingbirds MUST be held accountable for their Sedition. They have left the truth for propaganda so they LOSE their Constitutional protection!

  3. Gender confusion is plausible from male and female Aborted fetal tissue in vaccines.. ba-al worship by elite.. medical schools commandeered by filthy elite

  4. The taxpayer should not be subsidizing indoctrination. You'll just be putting MSMBS out of a job. That wouldn't be fair to Stephanie.

  5. Andrea chainsaw Greenspan minime is a MSNBCannibal stuffed animal beanie baby version of her that rivals even CHUCKIE!!!*

  6. in before the Bernie stans mass downvote this video. Everything he said is basically right. But keep drinking the Bernie/Warren [free] Kool-aid!

  7. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Information on President Obama's Birth Certificate


  8. The propagandist media still won't report on the truth of the Coup. They will continue to ignore truth and avoid reporting anything but their tired old lies

  9. Free Universal Health Care is available for the citizens of every Western Developed country except America. Why is that? Could it be our bloated Military Budget leaves no monies left to take care of it's citizenry basic needs.

  10. MSM Conspiring With Government Officials Too Over Throw President Trump … Isn’t That TREASON Against America We The People  ?

  11. Politicians that make sense unlike tRump. Listening to Michael Bennet & Elizabeth Warren is a breath of fresh air compared to the rantings of that lunatic tRump.

  12. 185 New Federal Judges
    140,000 Fed Indictments
    Over 7,000 Resignation's
    Death penalty reinstated
    That's why we elected him   🙂

  13. The lying coup fake Media is the enemy of the people, they want to destroy us and our USA and must be shut down. Vote Trump to bring back law & order and our freedom.

  14. " Gender Dysphoria " ? The past Obama’s administration planned to destroy the people starting from the young.
    Instead of determining ways to improve the lives of the people in every industry to raise the GDP (which they lacked in macro- and micro-economy or simply, business acumen), they played dirty politics, conveniently exploited and abused their authorities by stealing the taxpayers’ money through kickbacks, manipulating and poisoning the Americans to dangerous and unnecessary drugs, indoctrinating them that liberalism or socialism is good and populous and blaming the conservatism is outdated and bad that hinders progress for mankind. History had shown that conservatism is the basis of one’s ability to conduct or grasp any situation and analyse or self-determine any situation before making an outcome or decision. Unfortunately, the educational system has been short-circuited or compromised for purposes of destroying or controlling the minds of the students to behave ‘in a self-destruct’ manner.

  15. Planned Parenthood has been selling Fetuses and human DNA to other civilizations at massive profits and in exchange for the SSP technology.

    Aside from population control. the goal is (1) to eliminate gender and (2) to take us towards transhumanism for be finally control by Artificial Intelligence.

  16. Every American citizen should have equal access to the highest standards of education available, in pursuit of whatever vocation they are most capable, be they rich or poor. An educated workforce is a stronger, more innovative and industrious workforce. Substandard education, inadequate healthcare should be a thing of the past.

  17. Liz Warren – here's a detailed plan to get healthcare
    People – she crazy? Won't work
    Trump – healthcare is easy and I'll have a plan within the first week
    Trump cult – yup, he'll deliver.

  18. They have always been against homeschooling, for the reasons above. Fortunately, homeschooler parents are NOT asleep and DO network. In addition, there are, legal orgs supporting and protecting that are available to all homeschooling families. We are AWAKE

  19. Dems need to point out at every opportunity that the GOP and Trump will demolish SS and Medicare if allowed to return to power. They will confiscate the funds for themselves, and leave a shell of those programs, if that.

  20. United States is the greatest country on Earth ever was always will be …thank God for sending Donald Trump to save Western Civilization from the American Democrats. definition of democrat? treason!

  21. Fixing healthcare is critical to the American public. This guy is a Republican, more or less. A conservative Democrat is a Republican, and that means the masses will get diddly-squat if a moderate Dem like this dude is elected. Medicare for all isn't radical and neither is insuring students aren't drowning in debt when they leave school.

  22. Bill Clinton killed 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions but nobody talks about it. Ramsey Clark called it one of the greatest crimes in all of history. Why aren't people outraged, because the media doesn't instruct them to? I'm tired of living in bizarro world where half the country defends the Bush Family and the other half defends the Clinton Cartel no matter what they do.

  23. The Economy under Trump is doing 10x better than ever than Obama could ever dream of. I'm voting for my wallet and could CARELESS about some Libbys feelings!! Sit in the corner and cry! I'll laugh at ya along with the millions and millions of others! Of course many leeches wouldnt know or care how good the economy is doing! That's their problem, they can eat the urinal cakes out of a toilet if they wany….C YA!

  24. The politicians leaving the Democratic are leaving bc they are not Communist… anyone who stays most definitely is and hates the country.

  25. Bernie for the future of humanity. Vote for your children’s future vote for your grandchildren‘s future. BERNIE Equals Elimination of student debt the green new deal, Going after the fossil Fuel industry, Medicare for all, Prescription drug cost reduction. Corporate CEO pay cuts, overhaul of the unions doubling membership, minimum wage increase, equal pay for equal work, Home health care for senior citizens, And still writing bills this is the man for the future of this country

  26. This is 1932 Germany and every word that hitler said his opponents were doing, he did. And every words this traitorous criminal drumpf says of others, he is doing. You worship your Reality TV IDOL god, and they are stealing everything from you and your children. Right in front of your faces, your Democracy is being dismantled. You are all nothing more than hamburger, now get in your masters grinder, piggies need more money! youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  27. What has stopped the richest nation in the western world (until now) from having a decent healthcare system for its people? Doesn’t make you great, shows that you’re ruled by corporates not government.

  28. Ok so the media doesn’t have an email scandal so they are going to hit Dems with the Health Care thing over and over and over. The media praises Trump everyday for the work Obama did on the economy and jobs repairing and fixing what Bush destroyed and hit Dems with this healthcare story. Republicans want to take away health care the media isn’t hitting Republicans with that they come after Dems because of healthcare like it’s a bad thing. Dems needs to be smarted and stop just answering these questions like it’s the only thing Americans care about.

  29. MSNBC you have again proved are the most disgusting and useless news outlet. Why? Because you are so occupied with the crappy news coverage that you are unable to give any coverage to damming oppression , human rights abuse and violent crackdown on students protests in India occurring for couple of days. These protests have now spread across India and people from all walks of life have joined but you keep singing stupid impeachment song. Is there anything decent that you can cover and provide to your viewers?




  30. Michael Bennett I live in Colorado and you have sold out every Trump voter in the state! I will not ever vote for you again! Why don't you help the president with health care! Infrastructure, economic expansion, instead you pedal rhetoric of the president. More are walking away from your deceitful treatment of our president, your president.

  31. We need healthcare for all and we need to ditch the current mega profit oriented insurance system that is killing us.

  32. 4:31 well lol not with that attitude it wont lol the party of the guy who said in ten years we're going to land a man on the moon and bring him safely back to earth is now the party of .. its a pipe dream to think that we in this country could have healthcare as good as what they had in country far less rich than us lol gimme a break… its a joke you're a joke a bad bad joke…

  33. 6:44 wait ..he's on the intelligence committee… Jesus Christ you really are screwed… altho that does explain a few things…

  34. Even if Trump is acquitted in the senate, the impeachment must continue. The election will happen, either way. If you do nothing about his crimes now, the Republicans gain leverage.

  35. 8:37 you want to be non partisan cool go sing kumbaya on the house floor mean while let someone else do the job that needs doing ..and that you lot have been neglecting since like ..oh idk .. kennedy?

  36. Cut poverty? Legislate that businesses pay their workers a living wage. Raise taxes to pre Reagan administration levels on the billionaires. Use that money to fund free college rducation and Medicare for all. This guy is a corporatist Democrat, talking out of his backside.

  37. Republicans are purging and suppressing voters all over the country. Maybe the Russians are helping. The Trump campaign is spending $1 million a week on lying Facebook ads.

  38. One of the most important things I learned from pretty much all my teachers; If you have an idea for a text, an article, a book, a song, a painting, a new philosphic approach to reality, even a thing like a new religion. If you get an idea you think is important, then get it out asap. Get that timestamp. Its all that matters to history. You can claim whatever you want, if you dont have a solid evidence of a thought then youre a fool to claim you had it first. I also speak from own experience, but if you have any doubt then ask Antonio Meucci or Sir Hiram Maxim (to save you some google; 1st invented the telephone before Graham Bell, the second flew before Wright brothers and had a dispute with Edison over the patent for the first lightbulp)Ask any journalist. You get the scoop from being first. And you dont look good if you go stomp your feets and say ; dang you guys, I was too slow.
    We as unique humans isnt really that unique. The same idea can emerge independant of eachother, especially if the environments are similar.

  39. right, according to this moron rep people care about health care but they don't want medicare for all… I see. Hard to give up them drug money

  40. The first min and 15 seconds proved that Warren got more in her head than Trump thinks he deserves credit for changing and or adding to America than what it's been– and acting like he was going to "drain". That was calculated and specific. Dammit.

  41. Maybe his ideas aren't breaking through because it's not what the people want. And he sits there bad mouthing Bernie even though his platform is skyrocketing despite corporate media doing all they can to sabotage him

  42. Rich people don’t want universal health care for all because they already have it, they have convinced some people that are so stupid they’d rather not have it if it means others can get it, and those people are dying from preventable illnesses. That rich guy wants to concentrate on raising the middle class but that’s just a smokescreen he could care less about the poor and middle class. Good health is wealth I don’t care how much more money you have it’s useless if you’re sick and dying.

  43. You all keep talking about these public polls. Please understand that not everyone has been approached in any fashion to participate in them. So, in my opinion, you guys don't produce 100 percent facts in that manner. I am pretty sure that these pills only go to where they feel should be red. This is for ALL of the networks.

  44. This impeachment conspiracy was allready started as soon Trump win 2016. All dems and the media was preparing for it. Now dems knew that Trump will win again in the 2020 so they are playing this dirty trick. Actually dems and the corrupt media is betraying the American people with their lies. All sham process without a proper process by the leading house democrat Shiff and by the Nadler. Shame on dems and the corrupt Leftist corrupt media. MSNBC.

  45. Sorry.. not the topic, but I don't know where to put this question. WTH happened to the ''34B''? Sad she felt the need to change. Are we really going to pretend nothing has happened here?

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