RULE OUT BURNOUT: How do you know if you have burnout for women healthcare professionals
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RULE OUT BURNOUT: How do you know if you have burnout for women healthcare professionals

Are you a busy woman hustling in the
healthcare field and want to know what Burnout is let’s talk about burnout
basics. Have you ever felt like you’re overextended, overworked, dragging
yourself to work everyday and needing coffee to function and can’t even
function without coffee. Chasing time after time wanting to call-in sick but
you can’t? Well you’re probably asking what is burnout by the way? So let’s
define it. In May 2019, World Health Organization categorized burnout as
an official diagnosis which is defined as a syndrome resulting from chronic
workplace stress and that has not been successfully managed. So are you
wondering am I on the road to burnout? Lell let’s have a look at the signs and
symptoms and there are quite a few of them. First are you energy depleted and
exhausted? How about cynicism, being so critical,
negativism, mental distance from work, sleep-deprived and decreased
professional efficacy. Oh No! so what can you do if these apply to you? Well you’ve
got options here, you can either live with it or leave it. Well, living with it
is probably not the smartest choice but here’s a better choice, leaving it is the
better choice. Oh!… How do you? and How can you leave burnout and integrate both
work and life without feeling overextended? Where would you even start?
Coz it can be really really overwhelming. Here’s how, first you need to recognize
it and identify burnout and acknowledge that it exists in your life.
Second one, number two, learn more and explore it. Learn more what can you do.
And no. 3, which is most important look at your options take action and
activate your coping skills. Do you want to know more coping skills? I have
created a free workshop just for you as a health care professional. Well, it’s
kinda like pulling you out from your miserable life right?
And giving you a chance… It’s your opportunity to go in that life-changing
room and have a new life. It’s called the Free Masterclass for Women Healthcare
Professionals: RULE OUT BURNOUT. Here, you can find three steps to prevent
burnout and win back time for yourself. The link of that masterclass is down
below. If you’re new to this channel and if you love this video, give this video a
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