Rick & Morty Song – I’M FINE – Beth In Real Life (Whitney Avalon & Brendan Milburn)
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Rick & Morty Song – I’M FINE – Beth In Real Life (Whitney Avalon & Brendan Milburn)

Well, look at you! Here of all places! It seems no matter where I go you’re always there somehow I can’t escape your angry faces Try to leave them in the past but you show up here and now Which one are you? I mean, you’re glowing! A metaphorical glow stop looking at your hand Jerry’s home, so I really should be going Oh, you’re asking how I am but it’s phrased like a demand I’m fine My heart’s not broken I’m not smiling just to hide my every tortured thought I’m fine There’s nothing unspoken It’s not clear you’re here to use me like a butter bot Well, this was fun! A father-daughter catch up! You only said a hundred things that make me wanna puke Look, you’ve made sure this is not an even matchup To change your mind at all would take a tactical nuke In between burps, you keep expounding on these nihilistic theories you present as facts You’re always right! The odds are astounding! So people die while you’re spewing wisecracks No really, I’m fine Believe me, bub I’m not consumed with rage so strong my body is on fire I’m fine Wubba lubba dub dub It’s not abundantly clear that you’re a total liar Summer’s not upset that on one picture day I clocked her It’s so fun she’s seventeen like me when she was born I’m not feeling old and I am a real doctor Unlike Natalie Imbruglia I am not torn Maybe you’re not evil and it’s just the way you’re drawn But you don’t even think of me as human just a pawn Life for you is one big selfish everlasting con It would make this universe much simpler if you were gone Oh, I’m fine Therapy’s working I’ve never had sociopathic tendencies I’m fine I don’t see you smirking I’m not “meeseeking” your love with my dependencies Since I’m not a clone, that means I chose this and it thrills me No nightmares about Froopyland and how much you knew My life isn’t dull and my family fulfills me I haven’t realized I’m exactly like you, you, you I’m fine Believe me I’m fine No really Fine I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine How many of those Rick and Morty
references did you spot? You might want to go back and watch it again there’s a lot of them! 🙂 The portal gun in this video
was created by Indy Mogul Infinite thanks to my patrons who helped make
this video possible Come join the club at patreon.com/whitneyavalon

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100 thoughts on “Rick & Morty Song – I’M FINE – Beth In Real Life (Whitney Avalon & Brendan Milburn)

  1. All easter eggs :
    1. 0:16 Froopyland Tommy
    2. 0:22 Teddy Mason
    3. 1:03 Beth's clone / real Beth
    4. 1:43 Mr. Poppy butthole in the chair
    5. 2:41 Ms.Wong /pickle on the table
    6. 2:41 Morty's old gf+ Tommy
    7. 3:35 szechuan sauce poster

  2. I kind of hate this bc I don't watch Rick and Morty and yet this song honestly slaps even tho I know nothing about this character. 😂

  3. 1:05
    Um… hello? To the girl in the background

    By the way your songs are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So the therapist eats a pickle at the end….(pickle Rick) mr poopybutthole is in the chair at one point, Tommy with his my father didn’t eat me T-shirt 😂 and schesuan (cannot spell it) sauce at the end and the other Beth in the window 😂 I can’t see anything else 😂

  5. Really is an amazing song so glad I found it even a year later, should start a series and do one from each characters perspective, plenty of YouTubers who would Colaberate with you on it xxx

  6. You know, I find myself coming back to this song at least once every few weeks. This has to make some list for top fanmade songs dedicated to a show. You nailed it. I mean the relationship between the characters conveyed through lyrics, the catchy instrumentals, the easter eggs, the acting and your overall look are all on point. I know they always say not to read the comments on youtube but Whitney, if you see this, please know that your work is appreciated and it's easy to acknowledge that you have a rare gift.

  7. I watched this 20 times in one
    day like bruh,it's stuck in my head my gut says she is not fine. 😖

  8. I love how in the beginning Beth is smiling like when you see someone you hate but you have to smile because it would rude not to

  9. Months later, and the MELODY of this song keeps popping up in my mind, especially the "OHHH wubba lub dub!" bit.

    Really good work there.
    —Oh, and I finally noticed the pickle right at the end.

  10. i love how many easter eggs there are like, another beth in the back kitchen when shes at the bar, and "my father didnt eat me" on who i think is tommys shirt? also mr. poopy butthole sitting at the bar, and their therapist from the episode with pickle rick.

  11. Поет хорошо, но клип скучноватый. Нужна песня РИКА! Всем добра!

  12. What if Rick knows leaving Beth is the best thing he can do for her. Like, he knows he won't change and Hell just hurt her, so he leaves.

  13. Is that clone Beth in the back, in the kitchen at the 1:05 mark? She looks through the window and looks like "shit, Rick is here. Run!" 😂😂😂

  14. Even though he's a crazy antisocial psychotic sociopath. I think it's cute how all Rick would give their life for any Beth accros realities.

  15. Poor Beth. this is my favourite show in the world even though I really shouldn’t watch it cause I’m way too young

  16. I did have to watch it a second time to catch the Szechuan sauce poster and the red headed guy who randomly shows up in various episodes.

  17. This is still my fav so far. Now Come up with something this good for Archer or the upcoming Harley Quinn series and I can die happy

  18. I just discovered this and wow, such an amazing song and video..haha, I've always been a fan so I'm amazed there was a gem like this on the channel and it took me this long to find it.

  19. Not-fun fact: I'm listening to this while learning about stress/trauma related and dissociative disorders for my exam.

  20. What impresses me the most about this clip is not only the song that is accurate af, nor the references. It's her facial expressions and the perspective of Rick. The camera follows whatever interests him while she is singing, which is kinda an indication that he doesn't give a shit. And damn girl, you should be an actress. It's amazing how you can express her anger with your body.
    And the I've never seen people translate sass into a dance before. You're amazing

  21. Watching this again and it’s just an incredible song. This nails Beth and her dynamic with Rick wrapped-up in a genuine hook sprinkled with easter eggs.

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