Republicans Can’t Defend Their Cruel Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill: A Closer Look
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Republicans Can’t Defend Their Cruel Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill: A Closer Look

-Republicans are once again
making a mad dash to rush through a bill
that would repeal Obamacare and drastically overhaul
health care in this country. And once again,
very few Republicans can actually defend their bill
or explain what it does. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -There’s nothing
Donald Trump is better at than making big, empty promises even though he has no idea
how to achieve them. The latest example of this
strategy came yesterday when Trump met with Palestinian
President Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations and said he’d like to achieve
Middle East peace. Although he seemed to have
no real clue how to do it, as you can tell
from his nonchalant tone. -Israel is working very hard
toward the same goal. And I must tell you, Saudi Arabia and many
of the different nations are working also hard. So, we’ll see
if we can put it together. Who knows?
Stranger things have happened. [ Laughter ] -He talks
about Middle East peace the way people talk
about getting back together with their ex. Hey, stranger things
have happened, right? But he’s right. Not only have
stranger things happened, stranger things
are constantly happening. I think we might all be trapped in an episode
of “Stranger Things.” We’re a week away
from Trump saying [As Trump] we’re gonna pass
health care, achieve Middle East peace, and bring Barb back
from the Upside Down. We can get it done. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Normal voice ] Even when
it comes to basic details, Trump is, of course,
often confused. Just take his address yesterday at a luncheon
with African leaders where he tried to praise
several African countries for their efforts
on health care, but seemed to make up a country
on the spot. -In Guinea and Nigeria, you fought a horrifying
Ebola outbreak. Nambia’s health system
is increasingly self-sufficient. -Of course, the problem is Nambia is not a country
that actually exists. I’m pretty sure Trump pulled
that right out of his Djibouti. Trump is single handedly keeping Google’s “did you mean” feature
in business. [ Laughter ] That’s right.
Trump thinks there’s a country called Nambia, which, of course,
is right next to Nigeristan and Kenya-Believe-This-
[Bleep ]-Guy. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Now, the “who knows” approach
is basically the same approach Trump has used on health care. During the campaign,
he claimed repeatedly that he would provide
great health care at a much lower cost
that would cover everybody and that it would be very easy
to pass. Well, shockingly,
it turns out Trump had no idea how to accomplish any of that. In fact, during a recent meeting where a bipartisan group
of lawmakers tried to pitch him
on a compromise bill to shore up Obamacare, all Trump cared about
was the name. According toPolitico…A Democratic lawmaker
responded… Hell, you can call it Nambia! [ Laughter ] No one else is using it. Now… [ Applause ] Democrats and Republicans
actually were getting close to a bipartisan solution
that would have fixed some of the problems
with Obamacare while keeping the bill
largely in place. But GOP leaders decided
to blow all of that up in favor of yet again another
last-ditch effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. -A health care hail Mary — The president
pushing Republicans to not let
this Obamacare repeal fail. -This is
the Graham-Cassidy bill. This, really, for all intents
and purposes, is the final hail Mary here for Republicans
on health care. -Republicans pushing ahead
with a hail Mary plan. -This hail Mary option. -They’re referring to it
as a hail Mary, essentially. -There is the last-ditch,
furious hail Mary effort. -Of course,
if this thing passes, a hail Mary might be the only
health care option some people can afford. Hail Mary, full of grace, does this mole
look weird to you? But that’s right. They’re throwing
another hail Mary. Except Republicans
aren’t exactly Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. They’re more like Jay Cutler. -He’s gonna launch it. And that was way out of bounds.
Incomplete. [ Laughter ] -Now, the main sponsors
of this new bill are Senators Bill Cassidy
and Lindsey Graham. And they are trying
to rush it through for a vote as early as next week. Now, as you may recall, Republicans complained
repeatedly about the process Democrats used to pass Obamacare
in 2009 and 2010 even though it was
a far more open process than they’re using now. But they didn’t just complain
about the process. They even complained about
the length of the bill itself. In fact, back in 2009,
Senator Mitch McConnell thought the page length of the Obamacare
bill was so damning that during one floor speech, he kept repeating it
over and over. -We have now had less than
48 hours to look through
this 2,074-page bill. This massive, 2,074-page bill. Buried in this 2,074-page bill. This monstrous, 2,074-page bill. On what is buried
in this 2,074-page bill. In this 2,074-page bill. Were we to pass
this 2,074-page bill. This 2,074-page bill. What else do we know
about this 2,074-page bill? -Well, there’s one thing
we definitely know. [ Laughter ] But here’s the thing.
It’s supposed to be long. This isn’t book club. You’re reorganizing one-sixth
of the American economy. Details are good. Just take
Obamacare’s protections for people with preexisting
conditions as an example. Obamacare had lots of very
specific legal definitions for what kinds of coverage people with preexisting
conditions should get. By comparison, the new GOP bill
has none of those details. And I don’t know if you’ve met the guy who will be signing
this bill, but I’m not sure we should go
by his definition of affordable. [ Light laughter ] So the bill takes money away from vulnerable people
on Medicaid and strips away protections for people
with preexisting conditions. Now, you might think,
“How could any senator vote for such a monstrous bill?” Well, the answer is, they either
don’t know or don’t care. The website Vox interviewed
GOP senators and asked them basic questions
about the bill, and their answers were baffling. Take, for example, this exchange with Kansas Senator Pat Roberts. [ Laughter ] I love how he realized
halfway through that his analogy made no sense and he just hoped the reporter
had never seen the movie. “You see, it’s kind of like
‘Forrest Gump.’ You probably haven’t seen
that movie.” “No, I’ve seen it.” “Oh. Uh… it’s like ‘Minions.'” [ Laughter ] And on top of everything else
this bill would do, it would also… Now, those cuts may seem savage
and cruel, but to be fair, Republicans have always preached
fiscal responsibility and the importance
of saving money. And I’m sure
this next series of clips about Trump’s Health Secretary,
Tom Price, won’t prove that
they’re all full of [bleep] -Health and Human Services
Secretary Tom price is taking a little bit of heat
after Politico found he took five
private flights last week for events in Maine,
New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. The cost?
Tens of thousands of dollars. -That included a flight from Washington, D.C.,
to Philadelphia and back on a 30-seat private charter at a cost of — and this
is really astounding — $25,000. -$25,000. Do you know how short a flight
is from D.C. to Philadelphia? If you tried to watch “Thelma & Louise”
on that flight, you wouldn’t meet Louise! Susan Sarandon is in it?
Not the part I saw. [ Laughter ] So, Tom Price thinks
Medicaid patients should lose their health care,
but has no problem spending tens of thousands
of dollars on private jets. And he’s not the only one. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin
also came under fire after he… And before that… And when he was asked about that
taxpayer-funded eclipse trip, he tried to claim that he didn’t
actually care about the eclipse because he’s from New York. -When I got there, the staff
had actually intended that we watch the eclipse
on the roof of Ft. Knox. And, you know,
people in Kentucky took this stuff very seriously. Being a New Yorker
in California, I was like, the eclipse — We got there, I was like,
“Really, I don’t have any interest in watching
the eclipse.” -You think New Yorkers
don’t care about the eclipse? I can show you one New Yorker who wanted to see the eclipse
so badly, he almost burned his retinas. [ Laughter ] [ As Trump ]
No, I don’t want the glasses. I want to see the whole thing.
No glasses. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] So these guys
think millions of people should have their health care
ripped away from them while they spend thousands on private jets
and eclipse trips they don’t even care about. And now the question is, can they get the votes
to pass this bill? Republicans are pulling out
all the stops, even forming unlikely alliances. Lindsey Graham, for example,
said he’s even been in contact with his one-time nemesis, Trump’s former chief strategist,
Steve Bannon and that Bannon
has been helping him push the new repeal bill. Graham said of Bannon… Hey, Lindsay, when you’re trying
to get a bill passed, you’re not supposed to admit that the people
you’re working with are evil. [ As Graham ] Let’s just say,
Cruella de Vil and I have been working on something
that I believe will be good for all Dalmatians. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] But there
is still some holdouts. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
remains opposed to the bill because he thinks it doesn’t
actually go far enough in repealing Obamacare. So, to win over votes,
Trump has been tweeting. Yesterday, he claimed… And before that, he tweeted… So, Trump managed to claim
three falsehoods in there. Bill covers
preexisting conditions. It doesn’t. Graham-Cassidy Bill is great.
It’s not. And Rand Paul
is a friend of mine. He is? -His visceral response to attack people
on their appearance — short, tall, fat, ugly. My goodness.
That happened in junior high. Are we not way above that? Would we not all be worried to have someone like that in
charge of the nuclear arsenal? -Mr. Trump. -I never attacked him
on his look. And believe me, there’s plenty
of subject matter right there. [ Laughter ]
That I can tell you. -Plenty of subject matter
right there. Trump knows more
about Rand Paul’s appearance than he knows about
his own health care bill. In fact, his Rand Paul burn book
is 2,074 pages. [ Laughter and applause ] So Republicans are racing to jam through
a health care bill that would destroy Medicaid
and strip coverage for millions of people, including those
with preexisting conditions. Could Republicans really
be shameless enough to pass this monstrous bill? -Who knows?
Stranger things have happened. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

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100 thoughts on “Republicans Can’t Defend Their Cruel Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill: A Closer Look

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    I expect loyal Fox News viewers stuck on the networks kool-aid to not have learned a thing but hopefully they will be in the minority.

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  7. I think Rand Paul is playing what some would consider smart politics, but ethical people would call deception. I think he actually realizes that the repeal and replace bills are extremely bad for the American public, so he is against the bill for the same reason that Democrats are. But he doesn't want to alienate corporate benefactors or his gullible, ill-informed Republican voting base. So his position is that the bill "doesn't go far enough". This way he can vote against it while still looking like a hero to right-wingers, corporate interests, and the super-rich.

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    Didn't know that?  To verify, follow the MONEY (instead of laughably-misleading rhetoric).

    And sadly, if tragic and ironic, follow the dramatic LOSS OF COMPETITION within and across American industry since 2000 alone.
    …(e.g. in airlines from 14 to 4……the trend is demonstrably there, you choose your own Oligopoly).  

    A few heroes aside, except for needed masquerading, Small Business and the actual middle class is virtually Dead in today's 2017 GOP.

  25. The Republicans’ health care plan for America: "Don’t get sick." That’s right — don’t get sick. If you have insurance, don’t get sick; if you don’t have insurance, don’t get sick; if you’re sick, don’t get sick — just don’t get sick! If you get sick in America, die quickly. That’s right. The Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick.
    -Alan Grayson, 2009

  26. What?? I just scrolled down in the comments and I haven’t seen any Pro Trump comments! This is a great sign for America. I believe the ugly stupidity of our president is finally showing itself to even his most devoted minions

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    Trump, you FUCKING IDIOT! From now on, just pretend you have lost your voice. Everyone will thank you.

  28. Private healthcare doesn't cover the poor, but it also undercovers the middle class. Almost everyone who survives a heart attack goes to the hospital. Some can afford it, some have great insurance, and some have medicare. For the rest, many are bankrupted because their insurance is inadequate. Others don't have insurance, and the providers make the money up on those who do, a tax that hits the middle class harder than the rich. But the providers do get their money, making US healthcare more expensive than almost anywhere else in the world, for mediocre results.
    Middle class 'conservatives' think their rates would go up with national care. The opposite is the fact. The system would care for the same number of people, but not single out the insured to be the only ones who paid. The 1% could pay a little, even. The profits of insurance companies, about 25% depending which stats you like, would be saved. England administrates their system with 5%. The cost of squeezing turnips would be saved. Huge drug company profits, often on products developed with publicly funded research, would be controlled.
    Anyone who believes in getting his money's worth should think this through for himself. Being conservative doesn't mean you have to be foolish with money, or not see the value in something because you won't look.

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  32. Actually the Thelma and Louise analogy made perfect sense Seth.Congressional Republicans are in a bad spot due to their horrible actions (Like Thelma and Louise) and instead of stopping and doing the right thing they keep on going (Like Themlma and Louise) and now they feel like they have no option but to try and pass another shitty bill (aka get into a new car). But of course they are wrong and it will end badly for them. (Like thelma and Louise.)

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