Regenexx Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula – New Liquid Formula!
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Regenexx Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula – New Liquid Formula!

Can a dietary supplement
help your stem cells? The doctors at Regenexx
have been researching stem cells and their
ability to maintain healthy joints since 2005. These stem cells act as
tiny maintenance workers within the body, and they
play an important role in supporting joints
and connective tissues. Throughout the years,
Regenexx doctors were frequently asked for
suggestions on supplements that could help optimize stem cells. Patients also
wanted to know which supplements might keep their
stem cells in good health. The doctor searched
and searched, but they found very
little information about how human stem
cells were impacted by nutritional supplements. As a result, the lab
scientists at Regenexx set out to determine how
human stem cells reacted to a wide range of supplements. They looked at how hard the
supplements made the stem cells work and how the supplements
were able to help stem cells build cartilage. They also researched
how supplements affected their ability to stand up
to imperfect conditions within a joint. These lab tests took
more than a year to complete as the new lab space
model of stem cell function needed to be validated. In the end, the data showed that
several supplements were well suited to promoting
healthy joints and maintaining joint function. Regenexx advanced stem
cell formula combines the top performing ingredients
into a single daily dietary supplement, designed
to help stem cells do their job of keeping
your joints healthy. So rely on the most trusted
name in orthopedic stem cells and real lab data
to help your body maintain optimal performance
around the clock. These statements have not
been evaluated by the FDA.

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