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100 thoughts on “Real Doctor Reacts to NURSE JACKIE | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

  1. Dr. Mike:
    “I like her bunny 🐰 scrubs, I’m jealous; I want a pair of that”.
    Id love to see Dr. Mike wearing bunny scrubs 😍

  2. I have seizures so I can't drive cars, and I also have severe anxiety and now that I know how dangerous bikes are I guess imma be walking everyone forever haha

  3. I know this video was made months ago but I have to comment on the danger of riding a bike that Dr. Mike was talking about (2.35-2.52). It is very true that riding a bike is dangerous, and many bike riders indeed don't wear helmets. However, I must point out that the risk of riding a bicycle is actually very low if you are in a place that accommodates for it in its laws. I am Dutch, and many know about our cycling culture. In the Netherlands, bikes have right of way. There is an entire transport system dedicated to bicycles, and drivers will yield to cyclists. They take priority in design and traffic flow. In addition, due to the "forgiving infrastructure", users are able to make errors and emerge relatively unscathed. The reason the speed limit in living areas is 30 kilometers per hour (about 18-19 mph) is because at a speed in excess of 30 kilometers per hour the cyclist is not likely to survive Even though nobody wears bike helmets in the Netherlands, the fatality rate there is 6 times smaller than that of the United States. Here's a great article by Dan Kois on the subject: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/personal-history/how-i-learned-to-cycle-like-a-dutchman

  4. the motorcycleguy duied the same way derek sheperd died in greys anatomy their was a bleed in the head but some dumbass decided not toget a head scan it sad expecially dereck i almost cried

  5. There is also bullying in nursing. I get there is goodness in all, but there can be horrible staff that bullies new nurses…

  6. My boyfriend has gotten hit by cars while riding his bike at least 3 times in the past year. Never wearing a helmet, but luckily the cars weren't going very fast so he wasn't hurt too bad. Bike and pedestrian accidents are probably one of the scariest kind of accidents.

  7. I'm going to have to disagree with excusing mean nurses. My sister is a nurse and some of her senior nurses are straight up bullies and they use "patient care" as an excuse to be horrible. It's unacceptable and bullying in nursing is a serious problem. I don't think it's alright to be nice to patients and horrible to your staff. Nurses are wonderful (I'm training to be a veterinary nurse), but they're not all saints.

  8. What amazed me about 'Nurse Jackie' was how easily the staff could leave the floor for lunch at a restaurant. I worked for >30 years as a nurse and can't tell you how many lunches i ate walking around the unit putting out fires.

  9. I used to work for the company that sells those medication dispensing machines, they cause so many crazy stories in the hospital! From nurses licking their fingers to use the biometric ID (finger scan) to drawers not opening in an emergency situation, to the machines catching on fire… oh the days!

  10. Tbvvh I watched the show because of Merritt Wever (Zoey Barkow in Nurse Jackie) and I grew to like the show and would regularly re-watch some episodes. Zoey is amazing! ❤️

    I work in Governance / Patient Safety for Emergency Medicine and I'm so happy you said that the Near Miss incidents are super important!!

  12. lol you dont just snort a whole pill doc, im dead. she opened a capsule prolly adderall or something. is a great show tho keep watching

  13. Great comments and show! Two points: They had an ER nurse as a consultant and while you may not believe it, all the weird ER events are from real life. And while you may be confident that a locked system can keep med personnel from abusing drugs in the hospital, they got one later in the show and it not only was defeated but went haywire like HAL!

  14. I don't know how it goes in your country's but I was in hospital for gynecologist check up and yeah door opened and closed every minut and every single person in the hallway has seen my…. 😂 😂 I just throw my shirt over my head and wanted to cry.. I was 16…Bruhh..

  15. Have you not seen many episodes of nurse Jackie. They ended up getting one of those machines and she figured out how to break into it.

  16. In a subsequent episode of Nurse Jackie they get a pyxis machine, but she figures out how to get the thing to dispense pills without creating a record of it.

  17. It's those doctors overprescribing narcotics that have really screwed those of us who honestly NEED narcotics to control our pain issues. It makes it SO much harder for those of us who need those meds to get them. Some of us can barely get up every day and we have to jump through what seem like endless hoops to get the meds we need and it's mostly due to doctors getting their patients hooked. It makes life very tough sometimes.

  18. I love making mean nurses turn into nice nurses because I purposely will joke around with them a lot more and #1 no matter who the nurse and no matter what they are doing for me I always say “thank you”. I had a nurse ask me once why did I thank her for starting my new IV and I explained that my dad was a retired nurse that used to work the prison psych ward or the trauma 1 ER at Charity Hospital here in New Orleans. He would tell me horror stories and the day I came home and said I got accept to LSU nursing school he kept begging me to rethink it. I wanted to be a nurse anesthetist but that went downhill really fast when I found out I was pregnant a few months before my husband left for Iraq. There was something about I couldn’t bring myself to start IV’s while pregnant, it was the only thing that made me sick. When I went to my instructor she blew up and said I was being to sensitive and that she would make sure I never made it back in. Now the program is a doctorate degree and a lot more money that I don’t want to take on at this point in my life. Even though I can use my husband’s GI bill to cover all of nursing school it’s the about another $200k that nurse anesthetist school would cost us. I might could do it if I sold both my kidneys and heart on the black market lol

  19. I agree with the mean nurse thing. I got my nurse aide certificate so I could work in old folks homes, I ended up becoming a nanny instead but while I was on the program there was a older woman who had to renew her certificate. She was on the stern side, sassy, straight forward, etc. During the final exam I almost failed, and I was the last person in the lab doing the exam. it was my last try on the lab exam, and I began to tear up and she came in, took my hand, and walked me around outside. she just talked about the weather, holidays coming up, her kids. and then I went back in and passed. it was so touching and wonderful for her to do that I will never forget it.

  20. I don’t think riding a bike is dangerous. I think Americans just don’t know how to ride a bike. I’m from the Netherlands en here you can only have your drivers license when you’re 18. So every single person in my school comes on their bike. We don’t have a parking lot for students cause nobody has a car. And it’s not just students who ride a bike because they can’t have a drivers license, everybody rides a bike; kids, teenagers, adults, even 80 yo’s ride a bike. When I was 3 years old I sat for the first time on my bike. With helmet. I think I used the thing like 3 weeks. After that I knew how to ride my bike and I just threw my helmet away and ride to school with it. None of my friends uses a helmet. Actually, nobody uses a helmet. People are just good in riding their bikes. I can even do it without using my hands. I just let go of the steer and put my hands in my pockets when it’s cold. Because there are more bikes than people and it’s just a way of transport and not a sport, there are almost zero accidents with bikes. The accidents where bikes are involved is because a car hit them, not because the person didn’t know hoe to ride. So I don’t think bikes are dangerous. I think people in America should just learn better how to ride.

  21. I'm not 100% sure but Nurse Jackie was addicted to all kinds of prescription meds, not just opiates. These pills looks more like the inside guts of an Adderrall XR or Vyvanse b/c the capsules contain a tiny bead-like substance instead of a powder. Most Oxycontin/Percocet pills are powder form (hydrochloride) and I personally have never seen any opiates that were made in "bead" form. Eventually down the series of this show she starts snorting more "powder like" substances which would be more accurate…Esp when she gets into the heroin. Spoiler Alert.

  22. My mom as an ARNP and had to retire when she fractured her back due to multiple myeloma in her spine. So I guess the intro to this show is actually kind of accurate.

  23. Coming from a recovering addict I’ve done every pill I could possible imagine and that pill does not exist. Only thing I’ve seen come somewhat close is adder-all but the colors all off. So funny to think because of my addiction issues I may know more about pills than a doctor 😂😂😂 the irony

  24. I’m so late here! But I’m a nurse, those pills that she’s doing a line of are not really pills. Inside the capsules that look like this 💊, the two sides can be pulled apart to see very tiny beads of whatever substance is within the capsule. That’s what she’s snorting. Also never seen a narcotic that’s come in a capsule like that, but it’s a show.

  25. IT HAPPENED TO ME, Dr. Mike! That examination without a door thing! I was in the PACU after one of my brain surgeries (8 so far so I can't remember which one) and needed a catheter. I was able to walk but the PACU nurses didn't want me to until they asked the surgeon so they had to do a catheter. They left all the curtains wide open, IN THE PACU, with about 12 patients in a single open room!!! Plus relatives walking by since the hospital was so backed up patients were spending a full day in there and demanded family be allowed in! I finally realized when they were done and screamed to pull the curtain and they got annoyed with me. I was TICKED!!!

  26. This is prob a late question. But you do realize some people open their drugs and sniff them..? Faster fix. 🙁 fix your episode.

  27. I don't know if you've touched on this in another video already, but I'd love to hear your take on how medical errors cause so many injuries/deaths in U.S. every year.

  28. These shows should pay you for advertising!! Lol… why?…. cuz I never thought Nurse Jackie looked interesting before, but they just got a new viewer because of this video you did!! 😉 I'm gonna watch it now.

  29. I work at a courier service and whenever the couriers drive off without their helmets I want to grab them and shake them.

  30. The doctors and nurses always do that where I live, they will have a conversation that has nothing to do with you, they won't even try to conversate with you and yes they check their phones all the time

  31. i’ve never watched this show, but my sister is. about a month ago she was donating plasma and was watching this show. there’s a scene in the shower where a girl has been shot and was giving birth at the same time and my sister passed out because of all the blood. she stopped watching the show.

  32. My moms a mean nurse (technically shes a surgical tech in Labor and Delivery) but she has the same attitude
    Its kinda funny when she tells stories to her friends about it.

  33. This show actually shows Jackie finding ways round the Pyxis machine, it was actually a really moving episode and would love to see you watch it

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