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45 thoughts on “Real Doctor Reacts to DOC MCSTUFFINS

  1. Wait what? They listen to your artery when doing blood pressure?

    Never seen that in all my years going to hospitals and Clinics…
    I live down in australia.

  2. You really should come along with my children sometimes. There children's hospital in Belgium, Ghent is amazing!

  3. Excuse you but that DINOSAUR is not a DINOSAUR 2:17…that is Stuffy Philbert Mcstuffins the DRAGON to you good sir😑

  4. How come there were like 1 or 2 things went with doc McStuffins (a kid doctor). But with Grey's anatomy (adult doctor), there's more then triple the amount of mistakes?

  5. Aaah, yes. The innocence of the child shows.

    I was scared my toys would come to live and go to a fucking kid who would steal them. Yes, those were go good time.

  6. You should react doctor x, well you can watch it in Netflix with subtitle cause it’s japanese drama, and you’ll get shock when you watch it

  7. My little sister LOVES Doc Mcstuffins! Shes has her very own Lambie plushie I got her for her birthday and a doctors kit.

  8. Hey Dr Mike i have all ways wanted to be a doctor and you have inspired me to be one even more. could you give me some tips about med school and college

  9. Would love to see a reaction to Three Rivers and Medical Investigation. They didnt last that long only 1 season for both but I enjoyed both of them.

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