Real Doctor Plays AMATEUR SURGEON! | Wednesday Checkup
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Real Doctor Plays AMATEUR SURGEON! | Wednesday Checkup

– Oh no, he’s dying! He has 24 beats. I’m not gonna fail at this awful game. (upbeat music) Hey guys, welcome to another episode of the Wednesday Checkup. I’m holding a scalpel
and I have my scrubs on. We’re going to be playing
another surgery game. This time, it’s going
to be “Amateur Surgeon.” You guys requested it. Also, I have to let you
know before we start, you have to come to the channel
this Sunday at 11 o’clock AM, eastern standard time, because my keto video goes live. You asked me to try keto. I did it for a full month. I vlogged. I sat down, I talked about it. All my results, everything. And for now, I guess let’s get started with “Amateur Surgeon.” And we live, Adult Swim Games but I guess it’s all right
if kids are watching. Oh, I have to hit play. Oh my god, I literally
have to use a pizza cutter. (laughs) Okay. Please select the tongs. Grab a piece of bone and what? I’ve gotta put his ribs together? I don’t understand. Oh, got one in. There’s something satisfying
about fixing ribs. There’s something so delicious about this. Suture him up. Oh, staples. We stapling this bad boy. Oh! Are we going to cauterize this? Ah. Glass extraction, oh. This looks painful. All right, we gotta get the tongs to get the glass out. Oh! Didn’t mean to miss. Oh! Use the tongs to grab the pieces slowly and clean them nicely. I told you guys that you shouldn’t ever take out glass out of your body because you could truly hurt yourself by hurting your arteries. Oh no, wrong area. Now we gotta burn him. By the way, this is not how we do it. What is this? Are we vacuuming? Oh no, he’s dying! He has 24 beats. I’m not gonna fail at this awful game. See if I can do it in time. Oh, come on. Give me an extra second. Did I get? Seems to be? My computer just went
into power-save mode. How? Why? I’m gonna replay this bad boy, especially now that I know what I’m doing. Let’s do this. We’re gonna fix these pieces of glass and I told you before, don’t take out any object that
gets inserted inside of you because, oh come on, you can truly hurt yourself if there is any kind of
cut artery behind that. By the way, we don’t close
most wounds with staples. This is super inaccurate. We close most wounds with sutures. If they’re on the scalp or on an area that we need to close fast, then we use staples. Let’s burn some stuff. Pizza cutter, ha. Oh, you need to be accurate. Oh, we’re inside. These lungs do not look accurate. I love it, we’re throwing
staples on his lungs. We do not leave staples
inside humans bodies and the best part about it is, we don’t (laughs) burn the lungs but for some reason, it feels good to do. He needs paint, oh I
gotta do this quickly. Here I am talking but you
gotta actually save the life. Come on. Come on, Mikey. Oh, it’s gonna staples in here. Let’s get the staples, the burning, and then the paint away. I just saved, excuse me plant, I’m trying to save a life here. What are you doing, bro? Bro? Back up. Back up, bro. I thought so. We just saved a life, so. How about you just back
up a little bit, huh? My god. Some plants, they don’t even
know what they’re doing. This guy’s not even real and he’s just trying to be here with me. (laughs) All right, it’s 11
pm and I’m losing my mind. I’m sorry. Let’s work on Cletus the fetus. Wow, that porcupine has a hillbilly stuck on its head (laughs). It’s okay, this is getting crazy. Oh, oh, he’s got a
serious little condition. Let’s pull these thingy’s out. He’s bleeding rapidly but
we’re gonna patch him up. We’re gonna fix him with these staples even though it’s completely inaccurate. You know, we use the cautery
tool, actually it’s called an electro cautery tool
in the operating room but we only use it to stop bleeds. For example, if a patient, we hit a little artery
and it’s sprinkling blood, we can use the cautery tool
to help it stop bleeding instead of using a clamp. And again, I’m burning his kidney. Oh, sorry buddy. Oh, we gotta go multiple incisions. Look at this. Now we have to use the
tongs not the thongs, to get these thorns out of his liver, which totally makes sense,
and now we gotta burn him and his liver. I don’t know why I’m burning his liver. It makes no sense medically. Gotta close him up and
we’re gonna be good to go. Burn pain away. What, you gotta go again? This dude has too much going on with him. I don’t think I’m gonna
be able to save him. I don’t think, there’s too many wounds. Wow, you gotta really
be quick at this game. This game’s no joke. I was here trying to have a good time but this game is serious. (flatline) Come on, Cletus. – Cletus. – Come on, Cletus. – I don’t like losing this much. Now, come on, don’t do that. Don’t give me that. You could tell I’m not a real gamer because I can’t talk and play this game. I clearly need to concentrate
just to rub the goo on this guy’s breasts. (laughs) Can’t stop laughing. It’s all good. I’m getting the pizza cutter
and I’m cutting into his left lower quadrant here,
to get to his kidneys, which would be actually in his back, but it’s okay. I’m getting the little
prods out of his kidneys. I don’t know how my man
got prods in his kidneys. This isn’t a strategy game, by the way, this is just pure, how
fast I can click my mouse. As a proud family medicine doc, I have to save Cletus Roadkill. Oh, if you make a
mistake he bleeds faster. You guys are probably
watching this and you’re like, “What is this guy doing “and how is this medically educational?” It’s not. (chime) Shh. Yo, you should be under sedation, Cletus. (claps) Yay! We saved Cletus. You know, before you go, I think
you should click right here ’cause I think this is a video you’re really going to like. As always, stay happy and healthy but you know just. (country music)

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82 thoughts on “Real Doctor Plays AMATEUR SURGEON! | Wednesday Checkup

  1. "Tongs not thongs"
    "I clearly need to concentrate just to rub the goop on this guy's breasts"

  2. Have you ever tried the iPhone game, Resuscitation? It's not really a silly game but it's somewhat challenging, at least to a layman.

  3. 3:42 I had to watch that part 3 times and I was laughing so hard I could breath.😂😂😂😂😂literally I actually had tears in my eyes!!!

  4. HIs computer ran off of power when he was about to save the patient lol dr.mike i have the same feeling "how?why?" when it happens for me to be using my laptop and it justs "oops im gone bye" dwhoihsiosds

  5. Doctor mike: fix ribs
    doctor mike: there is something satisfying about it…
    Also doctor Mike: there is something delicious about it…
    WHAT!? 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Doctor mike: fix ribs
    doctor mike: there is something satisfying about it…
    Also doctor Mike: there is something delicious about it…
    WHAT!? 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I think it would be interesting to see him play Trauma Team XD It's on Wii. This is about 5 different doctors and the gameplay is similar from one of the doctors that you will pick :3

  8. Im from Germany and i Love u so much. Im laughing all the Time. Its funny to watch u playing games.
    I wish i had a doctor like u, when i had nephritis last year.

  9. I remember my cousin got a whole nail inside his foot and my grandma took it out. Nothing happened. He is still alive.

  10. Yesss thank you Dr. Mike for saying that about only using staples if you need speed! I had several very deep lacerations on my thigh and the a&e department I went to used 30 staples, left them in for three plus weeks so getting them out with no anaesthetic was one of the most painful experiences of my life.

    Use sutures not staples peoples

  11. Mike, This game made by Adult Swim. Ya know, The same people that made, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, and Bob's Burgers… They aren't very accurate.

  12. I used to play this game back when i was 7 or maybe 8 with and like super small iphone that had this long oblong charger yeah ….. fun times

    But i think it was the older version

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