QNET Products | If You Use Your Phone for More than 2 Hours A Day, This is What You Need.
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QNET Products | If You Use Your Phone for More than 2 Hours A Day, This is What You Need.

the density of the electromagnetic radiation in our environment is increasing especially the radiation from modern mobile devices can no longer be ignored the human body is exposed to these frequencies without any protection the consequences are headaches stress and performance deficiency we have therefore developed the Amezcua guard that harmonizes the negative electromagnetic influences the e guard is simply glued on the device producing the radiation and thereby provides an all-round protection and increased well-being it is important for you to apply the e garde to electronic devices such as the mobile phone tablet laptop or computer international scientific studies have proven the preventive and harmonizing effect we commissioned the experimental therapist Heinz Meyer from OB butan and Switzerland to verify the effect of the Amezcua II guard through dark field microscopy the dark field microscope shows the unadulterated native blood without chemicals or additives and we are looking at the living blood as it really is in the body with a tiny amount of blood plasma pinched in between two pieces of glass we can observe the movement of the red blood cells but we also see disturbances in there like exposure to radiation etc to get clear evidence the test person is not allowed to use a mobile phone one hour before measuring such very nice blood magnified a thousand times and completely free-floating erythrocytes in clean plasma the test purse now holds a turned on mobile phone in the hand without the Amezcua a guard protection so now one can see a buildup of small chains the single red blood cells get caught up in these chains and cannot flow fast anymore and then that leads to a sluggish flow and an oxygen deficiency in the body now the test person uses the mobile phone protected with the Amezcua guard for one minute unbelievable again free-floating red blood cells free of radiation that’s impressive I’m amazed we recommend you place the Amezcua guard at these particular points on your electronic devices say goodbye to e smog and say hello to healthy living you

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20 thoughts on “QNET Products | If You Use Your Phone for More than 2 Hours A Day, This is What You Need.

  1. Ini benar nyata penggunaan handphone dalam waktu yang lama sangat tidak nyaman panas cepat lelah dan pusing.. Tapi sekarang lebih baik . Eguard luar biasa mungil tapi jozx buat nelundungi dari radiasi ekektronik… Bye bye radiasi

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