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QardioMD – Digital Health. For Healthcare Professionals.

On average, a doctor spends 70% of his time on unnecessary visits and routine check-ups. Most of those involve taking a blood pressure measurement. Sound familiar? What if working smarter was simpler than you
think? Consider this: You prescribe your patient
a new blood pressure medication; You want to know how their blood pressure is affected. Your patient goes home, takes their medication, monitors their blood pressure by keeping a diary and brings it to you at their next appointment. How do you know if the patient really monitors their blood pressure and reports the correct data? Or maybe some of your patients own a
connected device and start sending you a mountain of unsorted data. Either way, you are getting too little feedback or too much. Wouldn’t it be great if your patients could
reliably send you accurate data without having to come in to your office? Meet QardioMD. A simple yet powerful tool that saves you time and cost and lets you effectively care for more patients with the click of a button. QardioMD shows you all your patients’ remotely generated data in a single, easy-to-use dashboard; automatically prioritizing them so you can
focus on those that most need your attention. QardioMD is fast, secure and HIPAA-compliant, helping you manage your workflows better and your productivity the smart way so you can see more patients and provide better care while saving time and cost. And with recent changes in healthcare laws, health professionals in many states can now be reimbursed for remote monitoring time. Qardio’s clinically-approved and medically
accurate devices can measure everything from blood pressure to continuous EKG, giving you an in-depth picture of your patients’ cardiovascular health. Try QardioMD today and bring the digital health revolution into your practice.

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