psHEALTH: Reinventing Healthcare with Intelligent Automation
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psHEALTH: Reinventing Healthcare with Intelligent Automation

(upbeat electronic music) – psHEALTH was set up to
solve problems in healthcare. So our customers are a mix of
private healthcare providers and some of the providers
are operating inside the National Health System. In many places, in healthcare,
have been quite decentralized and it’s been hard to get,
sort of, consolidated view of what happens to the patient, and where the patient is
going inside the system. So, we got interested in this
idea of how do you operate a better, single point of
access or referral hub. And when we first saw in operation, this was inside the
National Health System, it is very, very manual, the process. You’d have people go in, copy and paste data from one system, put it into a, sorta, simple CRM system. And move it through the many,
many touch points, of re-key. The ART solution that we built, ART is Advanced Referral and Triage, tries to help the
healthcare system determine, where the patient goes. In summary what it
does, is we’re using RPA or Robotic Process Automation, as the way of integrating, ’cause these are all legacy systems. We then, take the referral, and we use some quite sophisticated, machine learning processes
of extracting the content of the referral from the GP. And the last step is then, once we’ve structured the information, is driving it through our
rules engine, which in essence, says, “We believe patient X
should go to destination Y.” We think about taking a
referral through the process. How many minutes does
that take end-to-end. And we have many examples
where we’re cutting out six, seven, eight, nine minutes,
per patient referral. And if you’re doing a couple
hundred thousand a year, that’s very, very meaningful. The relationship with Appian, has been really fabulous for us. In essence, we have built a
business on top of Appian. And I guess what is exciting
about the work we do, it’s really meaningful. We’re contributing to making
healthcare better in Europe, and that’s for me,
personally, very exciting, and obviously our team
enjoys that challenge. (upbeat electronic music)

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