Pre-Surgery Tour – St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center
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Pre-Surgery Tour – St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center

[Music] Hi, I’m going to St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center for a procedure. Come with me so you can see what it is like. I love walking through the sliding glass door. See you turn. It Lets me know that I am in the right place. Next, we walk down a long hallway to suite 1E. Once I push the silver button into the waiting room, my parents check me into the registration desk. We wait here until they call my name. There are fun games, books, and TV to watch while I wait. When the nurse calls my name, we walk to go see how much I weigh and how tall I am. Then she takes me to my special room. I get to sit on a fun bed with wheels. It’s called a stretcher. They give me fish pajamas and comfy socks to wear. I also get a bracelet that has my name and special numbers on it. Now, it’s time for the nurse to check my vital signs. She checked my temperature by giving my forehead a little swipe. It feels a little cold. She gives my arm a little hug. This is checking my blood pressure. Next, she checks the oxygen in my blood by putting what looks like a sticky bandaid on my finger. It lights up. Good news – none of this hurts. Sometimes they use a special straw called an IV to help me get my sleeping medicine. Before I go for my procedure, I meet some of the nurses and doctors that will be taking care of me. They’re wearing scrubs which I think look a lot like pajamas. They also wear special hats and masks. They asked me a lot of questions over and over again, but I know that helps them take really good care of me. When it’s my turn, I take the ride on my stretcher to the room where I will have my procedure. It’s called the operating room or the O.R. The O.R. has lots of stuff that doctors use for my procedure. I see bright lights as soon as we roll into the room. The room monitor looks just like TV screens. I scoot over to a swishy bed with the help of nurses and doctors. They put stickers on my chest to monitor my heart and breathing. Those stickers are pretty cold. They find the perfect spot for my blood pressure and pulse ox just like they did before. Now I’m ready for my sleeping medicine or anesthesia. The doctor who helps me fall asleep is an anesthesiologist. He puts my sleeping medicine through my IV or I get a soft mask to breathe my sleeping medicine. I picked the flavors now for my sleeping medicine. Root beer is my favorite. Now, it doesn’t take long before I am taking the hospital nap. I wake up in the same room where I started. This is where the nurses take care of me when I wake up. My parents are with me. They ask me to drink water, juice, soda, or eat a popsicle. I still feel sleepy after my surgery. When I am ready to go home, all of my Hospital stickers and special straw are taken away. I’m so happy to be going home. I love my ride in the wheelchair and I wave goodbye to all the nice people who took care of me. St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center is a great place that loves doing what’s right for kids. [Music]

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