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Peer Support and Wellness Center

>>The Peer Support and Wellness Center is an alternative to traditional mental health services and what we do here best is peer support and we do peer support in several ways. One of the ways i that we do have a 24/7 warm line where people can call and get peer support over the phone, day or night. Um, another thing we do is wellness activities everyday and we do things that move toward wellness rather than illness. Like to move beyond the illness and have a life of our choosing our activities reflect that. >>Well I go to- they have many many activities and one that I like the most is double trouble, which is a group that’s baed on being dually diagnosed, um, if you’ve had a substance abuse issue along with a mental illness that you may suffer with a disorder and you kind of bring it home and target on both issues, um, they also have another class that’s creative writing, like freestyle writing, you know, you’re not stopping to think which is something that I tend to do often, get caught in my head. So, um, you’re not- you’re thinking but you’re not you’re kind of freelancing, flowing and whatever the topic may be you’re expressing your emotions and then we have to- have an area of time that we choose to talk about what we put on paper. You have aromatherapy classes, which personally I don’t really take part in because I do have allergies pretty bad and any type of smell, no matter how good it may be tends to bother me, so. But other people benefit tremendously from this class and I wish I didn’t have the allergy because it’s very therapeutic and relaxing and calming and it’s it’s a nice activity. >>Oh, let’s see, we had a memorial day, uh, holiday, uh, barbecue on saturday that I was a part of. Last week I was invited to go to the botanical gardens, where we had a picnic, and it was, aw, it was one of those days when it was so hot, it would have had to cool down to be hot. But, the the flowers, the, uh, the gardens were just so so beautiful it took your breath away. And, uh, that’s when I became familiar with or was introduced to the respite center activities. And, uh, understand that I haven’t, uh, I’ve had one meeting here, one group meeting. Um, I’m having my interview with you, uh, they have an arts and crafts area which I’m really looking forward to because I love to do collages. >>I come to the Wellness Center for groups. And to learn more. And, uh, maybe even socialize, watch videos sometimes. The, the groups are interesting most of the times, you know, if you can enough people in here to have a group, you know, and it’s it’s really helpful. It’s good for the mind, body and the soul. >>I like it, it’s fun. You get to do different things, get to find out that, you get to go on a lot of different activities. Really, what I like to do, interact with different things. >>We’re trauma informed, uh, we don’t trigger people here like sometimes hospitals do with their admission process, you know, they take away all your stuff, they go through your stuff and they lock the doors behind you and the have a gazillion rules you must follow and we, we don’t’ really do that, of course we have guidelines, but they’re all based on mutuality and respect of each other and so we are trauma informed so when person walks throughout eh door they are treated with dignity and respect. We don’t go through anybody’s stuff and we don’t lock doors so there’s no curfews and people are self-directed that come here and they get to decide what’s best of them, we don’t decide what’s best for them and we don’t direct their wellness, they do. We just provide resources for people to be able to do that. >>Because there’s not maybe a quote “psychiatrist” or psychologist here on staff, um, basically meaning someone that’s medically certified that maybe this wouldn’t, um, be on the level of, you know, being able to meet one’s needs, but I say just the complete opposite, it’s a very very, um, humble atmosphere and environment and you tend to get out of it what you put into it and what you choose to take, the help that’s here, the services that’s here>>Usually medial people have a tendency to have, uh, I don’t want to say an agenda, but they have a preconceived notion, if you will of what to expect and what not to expect, whereas being a, a peer specialist, you’ve been down that road. On July 7th I will have been sane, civil and sober for four years. >>The Center has helped me with that. Being, being, uh, independent of being able to, uh, do things. It give you that power, it has helped me with that. >>Another thing that we do, we offer respite, where a person can stay here for up to seven nights instead of going into a psychiatric hospital, and, um, the way to get into respite is the person would fill out a proactive interview. And a proactive interview serves to build a relationship with, um, a certified peer specialist here and the potential respite guest so when they come into respite they will have a relationship and know somebody when they come here.

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  1. good video. I am indiana certified recovery specialist and have DOVE Support Ministry being selected for a grant from the Division of mental health and addiction to introduce CRS to providers in Southern Indiana.

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