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Ozone Sauna | What the Wellness | Well+Good

– It’s a dangerous life out
here on What the Wellness. (laughs) (gentle music) Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove and
this is What the Wellness, the show where I try out
the latest and greatest wellness trends,
treatments and experiences to find out what’s weird and
what’s actually worth it. So today I’m here at Upgrade
Labs in Beverly Hills. This is basically a one-stop shop for all things wellness technology. They have pretty much
everything you’ve ever heard of from cryo to infrared saunas to IV drips and a few things you
may not have heard of. So we’re using an Ozone Sauna which uses pretty advanced
technology to kill bacteria, help fight viruses, boost my immune system and improve circulation. I’m not a doctor and none of these claims have been vetted by a doctor but I do know I’m gonna get really sweaty and sit in this little egg pod thing and will probably make me look like a character on The Jetsons. So let’s go give it a try. Talk to me about the Ozone Sauna. What is happening in that little egg? – Have you been in a sauna before? – I have. – Like a steam room? Okay, so this is an
encapsulated, moist sauna and so it gets pretty warm inside the pod but what it’s doing is
it’s opening up your pores just to the right amount
so that we can allow ozone to go into the sauna. Now, ozone, let’s go back
to science a little bit. – But what is ozone? – What is ozone? – Yeah. – So we know oxygen is O2. You’ve heard that before, right? – Yes. – So ozone is O3. Oxygen, O2, it’s the main
fuel source for your body so everything that you do
from being able to see, to think, to even recover,
it’s all powered by oxygen. Once your pores are nice and open after we’ve warmed you up sufficiently and we’ve pushed the
ozone into the system, it enters your skin through your pores and the molecules actually separate. O2, and then there’s a
single O oxygen molecule floating around. Now, that single oxygen
molecule floating around looks for other single oxygen
molecules, bides with it, and now we’ve super dosed you with oxygen. And so your system, I’ll say it’s like an aggressive detoxification as well as super charging your system, giving it the fuel source
it needs to think, to live. – I guess we’re gonna
need to give it a try, see if it works for myself. – Yes we do! – I’m excited, kind of scared. So, what do I do? How do I get ozoned? – We’re gonna do a steamed sauna and then we’re gonna add ozone to that so we’re gonna have an
even deeper detoxification and it’s also gonna mimic
exercise, aerobix exercise. – Oh, great, more exercise. You’ll be passing burning calories. – Awesome! – Right, getting rid of
viruses, bacteria, parasites, and head wounds. – Cool! But first I have to get in there. – Yes you do. – So we got you and you’re
already feeling the warmth right? – Oh, I’m feeling the warmth. – So the humid humidity, the warm heat. So we’re gonna put this on
because when I put the ozone on we don’t want you to
breathe in that ozone. – That sounds good. – We don’t want to make you feel nauseous. – Oh, great, and watch this. – You don’t need to be breathing in. (laughs) No, no, no, you can rest, kind of. All right, so another thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually put a mask on. – Oh, great. – Okay, so we’re gonna give
you oxygen while you’re in here and the ozone actually helps
you utilize oxygen even better. – I’m literally teaching my
body how to use oxygen better, which is like the
fundamental thing bodies do. Before you put that on, how long do I have to stay in here for? – You’re gonna be in here for 20 minutes. – Oh, great. – And so we’re just gonna put this over your nose and mouth, all right? The most uncomfortable thing is the mask, but again we don’t want you
feeling nauseous from the ozone and we want again utilize that oxygen as best as we can, right? So I’m gonna go head, feed you the oxygen. You feel that? You feel the air? – I do. – Good. – Okay, so I’m gonna put the ozone on now. – Great. – There we go, ozone is on. You’re gonna sit here
for 20 minutes, okay? 15 minutes of that is
going to be the ozone and then five minutes for it to dissipate just with the steam, okay? – Sounds good. – All right. – All right, I’ll be here if you need me. – Okay. – How do really tall people fit in here? (gentle music) Okay, I have 39 seconds
to go and I literally don’t think I can stay in here any longer. I am hot, my heart is racing,
I’m a little claustrophobic, but you know what, I did a
good thing and I’m just ready to get the fuck out of here. Okay, three, two, one. – How do you feel? – 15 minutes was good
but like, that’s intense. – Yeah, that’s an intense detoxification. Some people understand that detoxing doesn’t always mean pleasurable. – Yeah. – So we can see that we did
definitely do some detoxing. We have some of those elements that we talked about is on that towel. – Well I mean, I’m hoping that
15 minutes inhaling oxygen and sitting in ozone, this cold thing I’ve been kicking, will be gone. – Definitely. – But yeah, that was great. – Good, so now you have time to cool off. You just can’t shower for two hours. – I really wish I could shower. So quick check in on my ozone
experience a few weeks ago. I definitely felt a little
bit like, unwell afterwards. I wasn’t super sick, but
just sitting and sweating for 15 minutes, I was
probably already dehydrated. One of the biggest benefits
that I think I have felt is the immunity boosting. So ozone is antibacterial,
it helps your body kind of rid itself of toxins but also helps strengthen immunity. And since then, I’ve actually
been on like four planes. It’s flu season, almost
everyone I know has a cold or stomach bug or something going on. And since ozone, I’ve been
feeling really healthy, I’ve definitely had pretty good energy. I haven’t felt the jetlag
as much as I normally do and I haven’t gotten sick. Some of that is probably
due to the fact that I’ve been drinking water and
having a lot of Vitamin C but who am I to say that
the ozone didn’t help? If I did it again and it
was proven to me again that it really boosted my immune system as much as I think it has been, then I’d say it was kind of worth it. So weird of worth it, we may never know but I’m glad I gave it a try. (gentle music)

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