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The skeleton is made up of bones, which provide support and shape to the body. They protect soft internal organs, such as the brain, and heart, from injury. Together with muscles, strong bones enable the body to move freely. Bones have a solid outer surface, called compact bone. The inner bone is called spongy bone, because it is less dense than compact bone, and has many small holes like a sponge. Bones contain cells called osteoclasts that break down bone tissue. Other cells, called osteoblasts, make new bone tissue using minerals, such as calcium and phosphate, from the blood. Hormones, such as estrogen, growth hormone, and testosterone, help keep the number and activity of osteoblasts higher than osteoclasts so that more bone is made than removed. Physical forces and pressure during exercise also help bones to grow stronger and denser. These processes allow bones to grow strong in children and young adults. People have their strongest, most dense bones, called peak bone mass, in their thirties. After this age, osteoclasts gradually remove more bone than the osteoblasts make. Osteoporosis is a condition that leads to weakened bones, causing them to break more easily. Healthy bone is dense enough to support and protect the body, and to handle the stresses of movement and minor injuries. However, people with osteoporosis have abnormally thin bones with larger holes in the spongy bone. There are two types of osteoporosis. Primary osteoporosis is usually related to older age, as well as a reduced amount of estrogen in women. Secondary osteoporosis affects both children and adults. It is related to other diseases or conditions, such as cancer, hormone problems, or use of certain medications. A person has a greater risk for either type of osteoporosis if they don’t develop enough bone mass when they are growing from childhood to adulthood. Risk factors that can lead to low peak bone mass include: a family history of osteoporosis, being white or Asian, being female, a poor diet, certain medications, such as steroids or certain seizure medicines, lack of physical activity and weight-bearing exercise, and lifestyle behaviors, such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol. A person also has a greater risk for either type of osteoporosis if they have an abnormal amount of bone loss after age thirty. Some bone loss is normal after this age. However, a person with the same risk factors for low peak bone mass can be more likely to get osteoporosis as they age. Increased bone loss is also common in women after the time of a woman’s last period, called menopause. After menopause, a woman’s ovaries stop making the hormone estrogen. With the drop in hormones, bone-removing cells, called osteoclasts, are more active than the bone-making cells, called osteoblasts. Bones may break, or fracture, easily because they are unable to withstand the physical strain and pressure from even normal activities. Common fracture locations in people with osteoporosis include the wrists, spine, and hips. Building strong, healthy bones through a diet rich in calcium and vitamins, and getting regular exercise, can help prevent as well as treat osteoporosis. Common medications for osteoporosis include: biophosphonates, a medication called Denosumab, selective estrogen receptor modulators, or SERMS, and calcitonin. In general, these medications act on bone-removing cells, called osteoclasts. Parathyroid hormone acts on bone-making cells, called osteoblasts. Food or supplements containing calcium and vitamin D are also recommended for osteoporosis. For more information, talk to a health care professional.

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  1. im asian but i do calisthenics workout.I eat the right food(s) and fruits.I dont smoke or drink.I have no family background of osteoporosis.What are my chances to get osteoporosis?
    (Am so curious to know)

  2. To balance what we've seen & heard in this video some might find it well worth going to a site called "Save our Bones"..they also mention a British Medical Journal report on this subject?

  3. So if Idubbz truly was diagnosed with osteoporosis he would have likely broken his back when landing on the wheelchair

  4. Find the odd o

  5. Find the odd o

  6. Your animation is mind blowing ,well done i saw ur each n every video ,please make more and detail video of other medical related ,pls

  7. im sure someone has mentioned before but the recommendation for treatment is oral biSphosphonates and not BIphosphonates

  8. The end of this video is incorrect.
    Parathyroid hormone does not activate Osteoblast activity. Osteoblasts are bone forming. If it did that, it would decrease blood Ca2+ levels and PO43- levels from the blood to make the bone. PTH activates Osteoclast activity– which breaks down the bone- releasing Ca2+ and PO43- into the blood stream. As a result, high levels of Ca2+ (PO43- is ejected in the urine) causes Thyroid hormone to release Calcitonin in order to bring the levels down. Calcitonin inhibits osteoclast activity. When Pb+ Ca2+ levels drop below the desired happy level–Parathyroid is activated to release PTH to go full circle again.

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  10. hi..my knees, hips, shoulders and ankles sound bone and bone. Do I have osteoarthritis? Every day I search google and youtube what is the issue I'm experiencing now. I just do not know what is the difference between arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporysis. At first I remember it's a normal sound. Over time it gets louder when it comes to legs. sometimes it hurts on my knees. I'm doing jogging and biking exercise for 3 weeks and there is nothing to do. It sounds like the knee, including the hips, ankles and shoulders keep going. Are jogging and cycling good for me ?? i do yoga , exercise and diet..please reply doctor. or anyone who has experience like me and has recovered.

  11. Metabolic acidosis is a major cause of osteoporosis. To avoid that do not eat animal protein, switch it out for plant protein (lentils, beans, oats, soy, legumes/grains and so on).

  12. Shadow: (Eats the proper foods for his bones to grow stronger) Yummy! :3

    Rouge: Uh… You do realize that those foods are contaminated right?

    Shadow: 0-0"

    Surgeon: (Takes Shadow to a hospital) Ok, lay down while I get the surgical tools and some restraints to keep you still.

  13. Americans drink milk, they have high osteoporosis chance.

    Asians dont touch milk, they have healthy bones.

    Brainwashed by the food industry.

  14. Me: help I slep to long 🙁 now I have osteoporosis
    Doctor: get in the wheelchair to heal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Edit: well thanks for much likes :3

  15. I read strength/resistance training and some cardio ‘reverses’ osteoporosis. What does that mean? The production of osteoblasts shoots up exponentially after your 30s?

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  17. I have Tryprophobia, but I am really curious to know what Osteoporosis is. So I am suffering while learning more information.

  18. DO not try to scientifically analyze osteoporosis its too complicated just know that weight bearing exercise will build up your bones skip the dangerous drugs get a weight vest for osteoporosis by nyk see nykweightvest online to order and start getting strong bone in less than a yr

  19. At 3:27 I have all those risk factors accept for the alcohol or smoking, because I can’t afford to buy alcohol or smokes

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  21. good vedio. more reade and more information


  22. looks like nature is both racist and sexist because:
    risk of injury: being male
    risk factors for low peak bone mass: being white or Aisian

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