OSHO: Sex Is Your Life Force
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OSHO: Sex Is Your Life Force

silence shared in words presents Sex Is Your Life Force …Sex is the most significant force in you. Sex is your life-force. It is from this energy that you come. It is this energy that keeps you running, alive. Call it elan vital, call it life-force because the word sex has become so condemned by the priests that even to use it is to feel as if you are doing something wrong. Use “life-force” and you can see the difference. With the word life-force you don’t feel at all guilty. With sex immediately something inside you starts pinching that is your conscience. The priest has managed to create a small mechanism in you; it starts pinching you, telling you that something is wrong. Sigmund Freud is a by-product of the religions. If there had been none of these religions, there would have been no possibility of any psychoanalysis, because what would there be to analyze? First one needs a repressive system, then a Sigmund Freud is needed, an Adler is needed, a Jung is needed and they will go on coming. While religions go on suppressing, more and more sophisticated methods of psychoanalysis and treatment will be coming. It is a growing profession. Copyright© OSHO International Foundation, Switzerland www.OSHO.com/copyright OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation

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87 thoughts on “OSHO: Sex Is Your Life Force

  1. As usual…OSHO is right on – without the Religions suppressing natural Being, there would be no need for psychological healing.

  2. I feel so pre-disposed to dislike this man but all one needs to do is to listen to any of his talks and one needs to admit he is a wise wise man. Not a god, guru or cult leader but a man who speaks truth.

  3. "Religion is a disease." – Heraclitus
    "Religious doctrines and creeds are a disease of the intellect." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  4. i think what he means is sexual people can be more feel at ease,alive and light than the repressive ones

  5. oneinnerdepth is one of those everything is chemistry guys he doesnt know about consciousness which the life energy which osho is calling sex energy here by which he just means your most basic energy your energy in its natural flow and natural manifestation consciousness is your life force but your biology is sex so by repressing sex you decrease your consciousness and create your own individual unconsciousness and this guy here obviously in the collective unconsciousness and maybe even cosmic

  6. Sexual energy is our life force. Activation of this energy brings us closer to God, ourselves and each other. This short clip explains a lot about the potential power within us!

  7. If you like what this man has to say, you will love Alan Watts. He says many of the same things, but he basically PROVES it to you. Youtube him.

  8. there might be a very important metaphysical aspect of sex; but sex is the 'elan vital'- it goes so far, this idea doesn't fit well. peace.

  9. Cristianismo de forma alguma se opõe a sexualidade; se opõe apenas a luxuria e adulterio….Cristianismo propoe o controle,não abolição.

  10. Sex creates life. And it brings us closer to ourselves and to Creation — within us and each other. Self pleasure is sacred. Lovingly honor your body. Our Body is OUR Temple!!

  11. Osho is so deep thinker…love him ..i wish he was alive right now….bold and brave and truthful and profound

  12. Freud, Jung, Osho… they will keep on coming. Because truth is so powerful, it will come out through the works of such brave men.

  13. She isn't life force…it's is process until sperms reach the egg sex only give pleasure … actually that pleasure and urge was given to us by nature so that we do it .

  14. An unfortunately Indian women are poor in this particular segment…. especially tribal and rural woman's. Even 90% don't know how to create fire and playing with it….

  15. one man asked sir jones that when should i have sex, he answered when you want to give away all the energy you have.

  16. Osho International, tell me please the name of the full discussion of this fragment. I think it would be great to find not only for me…

  17. Sex is a life force but this energy has to be harnessed to achieve more subtle things in life . Rather than just dispense this energy copulating

  18. Hes wrong and right. Sex is a necessity in life but the abuse of it or the over release of semen is unhealthy because semen is extremely valuable. Its essentially your life force.

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