(original) Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era
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(original) Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

I have one resident that barely opens her
eyes, she didn’t respond. As much as I tried for two years, no matter
what I tried- massage wouldn’t work, nothing worked. When we got introduced to the iPods, and the
family told me the things that she liked, it was amazing once we put the iPod on her. She started shaking her feet, she started
moving her head, her son was just amazed. Ok, can we stop because now I’m getting (becomes
emotional)- I’m seeing her all over again. “Hi papa. Hi papa.” “Huh?” “How you doing?” “I’m alright.” “Who am I?” (mumbles) “Ok, it’s Cheri.” How long has he been in the nursing home? Approximately ten years. He was having seizures and my mother couldn’t
handle him at home. Of course it affected me greatly because he
was always fun-loving, singing, every occasion he would come out with a song no matter where
he was. I remember as a child he used to walk us down
the street near my brother and he would stop and do ‘Singing in the Rain.” He would have us jumping and swinging around
poles. He was good, he was always into music. You know?Always loved singing and dancing.” His name is Henry Drayer.” “Uh huh.” “And we’re looking more or less for religious
music for him. Because he enjoys music and is always quoting
the Bible, so I’d rather have that for him.” We first see Henry inert, maybe depressed,
unresponsive and almost unalive. “Henry?” “Yeah?” “I found your music.” “Oh, wow.” “You want your music now?” (Henry begins singing, incomprehensible) “Let’s
try your music ok? And you can tell me if it’s too loud or not.” But then he is given an iPod containing his
favorite music. (Henry begins to sing and becomes energized)
And immediately he lights up. His face assumes expression, his eyes open
wide, he starts to sing and to rock and to move his arms and he’s being animated by the
music. And he used to always sit on the unit with
his head like this. He didn’t really talk too much to people and
then when I introduced the music to him this is his reaction ever since. (laughs) The philosopher Kant once called
music “the quickening art” and Henry is being quickened. “I’m going to
give it back to you.” The effect of this doesn’t stop because when
the headphones are taken off Henry, normally mute and virtually unable to answer the simplest
yes or no questions, is quite voluble. “Henry?” “Yeah?” “Do you like the iPod? Do you like the music you’re hearing?” “Yes.” “Tell me about your music.” “Well, I don’t have none…” “Do you like music?” “Yeah, I’m crazy about music. You play beautiful music, beautiful sounds. Beautiful.” “Did you like music when you were young?” “Yes, I went to big dances and things.” “What was your favorite music when you were
young?” “Well, I guess Cab Calloway was my number
one band guy I liked.” (begins to scat) “What was your favorite Cab
Calloway song?” “Oh, I’ll be home for Christmas (sings) you
can count on me, with plenty of snow, mistletoe, presents wrapped ’round your tree, ooh!” So in some sense Henry is restored to himself. He has remembered who he is and he has reacquired
his identity for a while through the power of music. “What does music do to you?” Through this beautiful, new technology you
can have all the music which is significant for you in something as big as a matchbox
or whatever. And I think this may be very, very important
in helping to animate and organize and bring a sense of identity back to people who are
‘out of it’ otherwise. Music will bring them back ‘into it,’ into
their own personhood and their own memories, autobiographies.

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100 thoughts on “(original) Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

  1. When he started singing I'll be home for Christmas, I almost cried. Music is the most important thing in my life, and I've never gone 1 day without it.

  2. Is dementia a sign of death or is it a disease that causes/ ends in death? Not from a Google perspective but from a family member/ care givers perspective. What does dementia patients talk about?

  3. Heart touching ❤️ love for life and more reason to go on living is sparked by listening to fine music. Singing and hearing instruments played soothes our ❤️ and calms our spirit. Thanks for video

  4. If we made it to a old ages Makes me sad to know one day we all going to end up like that ….I only hope is a better life after this one cause once we get old hell on Earth starts

  5. Listen up folks. Idk who this will help but. With alzheimers, one of the main issues that doctors refuse to take into consideration is that the brain is dehydrated. All our lives, if we dont consciously try to constantly drink alot of water everyday, your body is functioning in a state of dehydration. This is coupled with the fact that when people actually do drink something, it's a soft drink or coffee which increases dehydration. What do you think will happen by the time you are 60 plus? The body can only keep up with it until it shuts down. Doctors of alternative medicine have actually cured this disease in their patients. The first thing they start with is putting the patients on an aggressive water drinking regimen, so that it hydrates tdd he brain because alzheimers is a brain disease. People need to start drink a gallon of water a day now before they reach old age. I've said my peace. I really respect this nurse for helping out this man.

  6. You can tell his eyes light up when he listens to the music. Musical therapy is a wonderful thing for dementia patient's, my father had dementia. This makes me so happy just to see how alive he gets when he listens to music!!

  7. He said the world needs beautiful music to generate love..
    Maybe this is the answer to cure most of the world's violence. No more Heavy Metal/Rap etc.

  8. Praises to God almighty and for blessing this guy . It’s amazing what God can put in our path to help us to help ourselves in Jesus amen

  9. Nursing homes are so wrong to me. I know alot of people don't have a choice but to place their loved ones there but the way humanity is suppose to play out these people take care of us and when they get to this point family is suppose to take care of them.

  10. This is why I always sing to my residents, they need this in their lives. Sitting in those nursing homes are very depressing.

  11. I did try this on my friend. Funny enough she couldn’t remember what she eat for lunch but once the music started she remembered all the lyrics. She loved Frank Sinatra songs. 😁

  12. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

  13. Music is very nourishing to the sick.a great way for theraphy that nothing else can give,for the soul mind and body.memories come alive….

  14. This is so amazing to me..my grandma has Alzheimer’s and I think she needs this kind of therap. Gonna mention it to my aunt who is taking care of her. Smh..I have always wanted to go to nursing homes to entertain as a kid, but my mom told me I couldn’t because some ppl r mean and she didn’t want me to experience anyone’s ignorance as a kid full of life.

  15. It's a known fact that music heals ..
    The vibrational frequencies connect with our energy and resonates in our souls 💞💖

  16. I'm a fairly young woman temporarily living in a nursing home due to a catastrophic injury as i recover. It really saddens me how some elderly residents are just left to sit stooped over and drool. I try to interact with them and I'd love for them to have this kind of therapeutic attention.

  17. Well of course music moves you when nothing else will older like to hear music even in dining room in hallways they come to life again everyone should know this

  18. 2085:

    He was unresponsive and had no life until we put the headphones with his music on.

    Him: bobbing head to the tunes

    “I want to fuck you like an animal. I want to feel you from the inside.”

  19. please check out the link below 💖
    After watching this video, a man named Mike Sherman was inspired to write this beautiful song.. I thought it was so nice, I had to share with everyone 💞


  20. I love it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯

  21. Bless his heart. 💕💕💕💕💕🎼🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶🎹🎻🎺 just wonderful.. All caregivers should take training from this lady!!!!

  22. Oh My God ! His answer to the world's problems is to listen to music. He loves church music and said God came to him. What a simple yet intelligent statement from the mouth of a man who hasn't responded in years.

  23. Positive feedback the nurse is truly a God sent.. I heard him say Loud I am a Holy Man of God. I pray that he will find Peace in that Nursing Home..And the Angel of the Lord will always watch over them..There are good Nursing homes and bad ones..Again God blessings be upon the nurse..

  24. 40 years ago my daughter was in dance schools. She went to nursing homes to practice before competitions. She began to choose songs from the 30's and 40's because seniors that hadn't spoken or reacted to anything ,some from the last time she performed, began to try to clap, sing and sway as she danced and brought them into the performance. Today music moves me..my body wants to move …somehow, something thinks I am " alive" again ….

  25. Music is the only thing that keeps us alive🙏🙌🙌🙌✌☝❤ once your dead you wont hear it anymore.

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