Open Enrollment 2020 Retiree/LTD Health Insurance
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Open Enrollment 2020 Retiree/LTD Health Insurance

It’s that time of year again to review your
health insurance options during open enrollment! Open enrollment starts November 1st and ends
November 30th. The coverage effective date is January 1st,
2020. You will be mailed a packet by the ASRS. We encourage you to review the materials in
this packet. The “Your Retirement” newsletter includes
an overview of everything you need to know about open enrollment, including new meeting locations. Also included in the packet is the 2020 Retiree
Group Health Insurance Guide. There are two different guides depending on
if you are Medicare or Non-Medicare. You’ll be mailed the guide that applies to
you! Please read the Enrollment Guide carefully
to learn more about the 2020 plan offerings. This is a passive enrollment year. For Medicare enrollees, no significant changes
were made to your plans. If you are happy with your current coverage,
you do not need to take action. Your current coverage will roll over to January
1st, 2020 for the new plan year. For non-Medicare enrollees, it is also a passive
enrollment HOWEVER we are introducing 2 new plans for
in-state retirees in 2020 that will replace the 6 plans that we offered in previous years. If you are currently enrolled in an in-state
non-Medicare plan through the end of 2019, and take no action during the open enrollment
period, you will automatically be enrolled in the
new non-Medicare plan that the ASRS believes most closely aligns with your existing plan so that coverage continues uninterrupted. For our out-of-state members, we will continue
to offer the Choice Plus PPO Plan. If you wish to make your own plan choice,
you must complete the open enrollment process. Now, mark your calendar! Open Enrollment presentations have been scheduled
throughout Arizona from November 1st through November 30th with representatives from the ASRS, United
Healthcare and Sun Life Financial. This is a great opportunity to hear the insurance
representatives make formal presentations and ask any questions you might have. A big change this year is how and where we’ll
be presenting meetings to you. You now have 3 options for attending a meeting
to learn all you need to know about Open Enrollment. The first is to attend a live-in person meeting
presented by ASRS, UnitedHealthcare and SunLife Financial. This year there will be NO meetings held at
ASRS office locations. Meetings will be held in new locations around
the state, to accommodate more members. At all the locations Medicare meetings will
start at 8:30AM and 1:00 PM and Non-Medicare meetings will start at 10:30AM
and 3:00 PM. The second meeting option is to attend one
of our online webinars that also include presentations from the ASRS,
UnitedHealthcare and SunLife Financial. An advantage of the live meetings and webinars
is that you can ask your questions to the vendors. And the third meeting option is to watch an
on-demand video by either UnitedHealthcare or SunLife Financial, which will be available 24/7 on our website. Please note there are separate meetings for
Medicare and Non-Medicare retirees! Dates and times are also available on the
Open Enrollment page of our website. Registration is NOT necessary for in-person
meetings but registration is required for online webinars. Just come to the meeting on the date and time
most convenient for you! We also have health insurance videos and other
learning opportunities to help you make an informed decision. We have an online health insurance enrollment
application available through your secure myASRS account. With a few simple clicks you can view your
current ASRS medical and dental insurance, make changes, add dependents, terminate coverage,
or enroll in a new plan. Online enrollment is convenient and simple. You can estimate net cost and submit the enrollment
application directly to the medical and/or dental vendor without delay. If you are making any changes, you must complete
the entire online enrollment application. Your completed online enrollment application
must be submitted by November 30th, 2019. There’s a lot to consider when deciding what
plan is right for you. Review the guidebook, attend an open enrollment
meeting or webinar and take advantage of the online resources
on the Healthcare page of our website. Don’t do it alone. We’re here to help!

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