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30 thoughts on “Officer Resigns After Fatally Shooting Woman In Texas Home

  1. WTF??????? That police officer needs to held accountable for his actions. I'm sick and tired of innocent people being killed by police for no reason other than the police themselves being on edge all the time. Sorry for the loss of your granddaughter, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, co-worker, etc. etc. etc.

  2. He got spooked…less then a year on the Job an experienced officer should've taken the lead…Now he's Definitely going to Prison…

  3. Frickin nosy neighbors! Mind your own business and if you were that concerned why didn't you walk over and knock on the door? Because you were scared and thought there was an intruder or a burglary! Why does everyone hate on the police?

  4. Why did they bring up that she owned a gun…were they attempting to justify killing her because she was a black woman with a legal firearm?

  5. when he is convicted he will be a felon he will no longer be able to carry agun his small penis will be his only defense and that caused the problem in the first place RIP Atatiana

  6. The guy should probably never have been allowed to own a gun, much less be given a badge to go with it.
    Nobody wants to be a cop anymore, so they're having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to fill spots, so get used to this shit.
    In a day and age when people are incredibly fucking stupid, you end up with stupidity pretty much across the board.
    This is murder plain and simple, but society is killing itself with its own stupidity.
    My condolences go out to the family.

  7. If black cops killed white people as often as white cops kill black people, the mayor, governor and city leaders would shut the city down! They would bring in the national guard! They would stop it overnight! We don’t need any more worthless prayers or useless marches!

  8. Love how news stations reported she had a gun in the home. This imbecile must of had telekinetic power to know she had a gun in her home. The gun in her home Jefferson could have easily obtained and used her lawfully owned gun against the officer that was clearly trespassing. But lucky for this retarded officer Jefferson didn't have nor was trained to think everyone in her path is an enemy and or going to cause her great bodily harm, to bad this officer didn't have the same mindset.

  9. Cop allegedly graduated in 2014 with a biology degree. Why become a police officer? Probably not smart enough to do anything else. I wouldn't trust someone like that to make photo copies, let alone carry a weapon.

  10. All of his retard thug buddies came to get evidence (like finding a gun) so they could buy time for the filthy idiot to avoid handcuffs and get a story
    into play. Then he could resign and get his pension from the communist union who protect thugs and criminals. Chief is a coward, scared to death of the pinko commie union.

  11. If it wasn't for the body camera- we all know they would have promoted that they found a gun in the house..For the life of me I don't understand why the hell they reported that in the first place. Always covering up for these rogue cops!

  12. This a**hole needs to go away for a loooong time!!!!, the blue klux klan strikes yet again and an innocent life is lost as a result, lock this mofo up now!!!!

  13. Sue the state…..

    They treat black people like shit..

    Sue the.state..
    And black must keep sue until
    They release the black have equal rights…

  14. Never be fooled by a smile by a bad cop it's just a mask he's not arrested because the police Dept is corruption let's get it straight it's not the neighbor fault don't blame him

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