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Nykaa So Matte Mini लिपस्टिक – All 20 Shades | JoyGeeks |

I’ve broughtNykaa So Matte
for you in this video. It is not a new brand,
it’s been around for sometime now. You will see all the 20 shades
in this video. Keep watching! Hi, I am Aparna Ganesh
and I welcome you toJoyGeeks.You must subscribe if you enjoy
videos related to beauty and wellness because I make tons of those. Of late, I have developed
a keen interest in bullet lipsticks. So I explored these and I thought
that especially these mini ones, really was a good deal. In Rs.199/- such
a cute packaging and it is travel
friendly as well. So I thought, definitely,
I should bring this in. Earlier, it was available in a big packaging
as I’ll just show you; you can see it in my palm. The one that I’m using now, it’s so tiny, it’s so cute! Tiny little thing, it’s a tiny lipstick. You can buy a small lipstick
to try the shade before you go in for the bigger box. I think it’s a great idea, plus… I think you can own more shades now,
don’t you think; when you take a smaller shade. Umm… I don’t know of a lipstick junkie
who’s ever finished a lipstick. So it’s always nice to go
for a mini thing… Of course, if you compare the price
then the bigger one will be cheaper. But in the larger scheme of things
I would go for a mini. It has pros and cons. I think it is like any regular bullet
that stays on your lips for three to four hours. It is easy to touch up. Packaging is good. Ummm… it costs only Rs.199/-. It feels very comfortable on the lips. It remains hydrated for a long time. It doesn’t let your lips dry. After even quite a few hours. So that’s very good
and it also fades evenly. So I think these are all the makings
of a good lipstick. Nykaa is a paraban free, (incomprehensible) free brand. And AA ++ for that. This is the kind of lipstick that I always say
that you have to rub hard. You can’t get it in one swipe, But eventually you do have
a medium pigmented lip which you can build
to a better coverage. It is not a purely matte finish. If you’d expect a powder matte, it is not so… I think which is why
they came out with ultra matte, which is a pure matte look. But this one is comfortable, umm… more comfortable than ultra matte,
although I love that as well. If you’ve liked the video so far
then please hit the like button right away. It is definitely not transfer proof. It doesn’t get wiped off so easily,
I think it stays pretty well. And actually after sometime
I think the transfer reduces, as one doesn’t see stains
on the cup after sometime. I will swatch twenty shades
and you must tell me your favorite shades, which are the ones you already have. I’ve divided the shades
just as they’ve divided it on their site. Just like them, with Nudes, Pinks,
Reds, Berrys, Corals, Brown. I’m following the same way. Although one or two nudes I thought
were outright pink but it’s ok. Let’s just go with the flow. Enough of talking, we have twenty shades
to watch, let’s go! Beachy Peachy 37 M It’s such a beautiful shade Just, you know, brightens up the face. And I love the pigmentation on this as well. It is good for light to medium skin tone. Devious Pink, so this is peachy shade… And this is more towards the pink,
I like both the shades. Rub it in… I like for sure… Racy Rose, this I thought was a soft pink. I know this and this look very similar
but it’s wrong, there’s a lot more peach here. This is darker, this is lighter. It’s a Deeper Brown and its more pigmentive. I quite like this shade Bon Bon. It’s a beautiful brown… You can wear it everyday,
it is not very dark. This will be a beautiful nude
for dark skin tone, although it will also suit light
and fair skin tones too, beautifully. Soft matte is the word I would like to use, even though this matte
is not like powder matte, at the same time
it gives you a soft look. Scarlet Siren has better pigmentation
than the earlier one. It is red with slight orange tone. Regal Ruby… It is a little deeper red. In the bullet it seems a little dark. It’s not translating as dark on the swatch. Regal Ruby 30 M is a deep red, which will suit every skin tone,
especially dark skin tone. This has that rust red to it which I love,
we also call it brick red. This definitely got to be
one of my favorites. This is the most pigmentive red. I really liked how it is featuring on my lips
and overall effect is lovely. Very beautiful shade. It’s a lovely shade,
easily one of my favorites. It has a peach coral tone and… It’s an every day wear
and it will brighten up your face. You do have to really
work your way to this. This was after swiping it four times. I think it won’t show on NC 40 and above
unless you want a full nude and you apply a little gloss over it,
it will look good. Otherwise I think the lighter skin tones
can enjoy this more. It’s a berry shade, not really nude. But in their website
this was listed as a nude. Taupe Thrill is a very subtle
brownish pink I’d say. This I think will suit
from light to medium, for dark skin tone
you can’t see this at all. This is a true coral shade which I think
will suit most of the skin tones. I will suggest this for the girls
with lighter skin. I don’t mind this on a day I’m wearing
a heavy eye makeup. I could apply a little gloss over it also,
it will look lovely… but definitely it won’t show
on dark skin as you can see, it barely shows on me. This is the first shade I tried first,
to test this formula. I liked the time it lasted, the way it spread, it will definitely start fading
after three hours. You can touch it up after that. This I would think would be one of my favorites
from the berry shades. It has a purple tone but as you can see
it is not very pigmented. It is not translating
as dark as it looks but it is one of the darker
berry shades in this range. It’s a purple tone berry shade. I’m not such a big fan of this,
especially the little sheen it has, I don’t think I’ll
be able to wear this. But it’s alright
if you love this, please note that Sugar Plum left
a very very strong stain on my lips. I’m definitely not a fan
of that lipstick anymore. Because I don’t like such
strong stains anymore. Once I wipe it,
I want my lips clear after that. I don’t think there’s too much difference
between Sugar Plum and this actually. If you enjoyed this content and
want to see more then go ahead watch and enjoy more videos
that you can see on your screens and let me know what you think.

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