Nursing #WeGotThis
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Nursing #WeGotThis

There you are. Never tied to a desk. Every day different. You’re strong and highly skilled. You’re not here because you have to be you’re here because you’re called. It’s not an easy job. Oh no, you’ll be tested Mind body and soul. And some days, you have to be brave and fight for what you know is right Your voice and the voice of those you care for especially when they can’t or won’t speak for themselves. You will connect with people in their most
vulnerable times. You are part of the most trusted profession
in the world. You have the ability and privilege of improving the lives of not only individuals, but also families, communities, and entire populations. There are many paths— caregiver, scholar, researcher, innovator, or even policy advocate. But you won’t simply choose a path you will defy convention and better humanity every single day. And when the world needs compassion and scientific knowledge you’ll be there. You are a nurse. Not just any nurse. A Hopkins nurse. Nursing. We Got This.

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