Nursing Research Improves Care
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Nursing Research Improves Care

The University of Louisville’s school of nursing is working in conjunction with University Hospital while they go through their magnet journey as a part of that they have to show evidence of research and evidence based practice so the faculty and faculty researchers are helping the staff in the development of that My project is looking at the use of intensive insulin therapy in the ICU and there are a number of ways that protocols are being used in the ICU to manage intensive insulin Intensive insulin means that patients who come in need to have their glucose levels or blood sugar levels at a certain range and we use protocols to maintain that patients are typically put on an insulin drip and the nurses are required to calculate any drip changes or changes in the rate of that insulin as they are being monitored We are doing that currently with the use of a hand protocol where they have to to actually do the hand calculations there is technology out there that will actually allow us to do that by computer the use of the computer we think is more safe It will prevent some of the errors just mathematical errors that you know might be common when people are kind of in a hurry and it’s going to be useful and it’s going to be helpful for patients going to contribute to better patient outcomes and hopefully it will also be better for the nurses, they’ll be more satisfied with this process it will be you know less time consuming for them and having those prompts to get things done will be helpful and will keep their workflow in a better more manageable state

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