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Nursing Pillow | Dr. Altmann + Baby Maxton | Ergobaby

Hi I’m Doctor Tanya Altmann, pediatrician
and mom of 3 boys. This is baby Maxton, he was born a month ago
weighing 7 and a half pounds and we’ve really enjoyed using the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing
Pillow. I like the firmness because it helps hold
him up at the proper position and keep him elevated and latched on properly so he won’t
slip off as with some of the softer nursing pillows. Also the curve is very nice because it really
helps cradle the baby and keep their head slightly elevated; that way you can let gravity
help pull the milk down. And it can really aid those babies that have a little bit of
reflux or that spit up a little bit.

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  1. I really want one of these, but with my first I was only able to nurse "football" style on one side. Does this pillow allow for nursing in that position?

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