Nursing Home Heroes – a tribute to elder care staff
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Nursing Home Heroes – a tribute to elder care staff

A nursing home operates 24 hours a day. You can’t have a nursing home without nurses.
You can’t have and nursing home that provides compassionate care without nursing assistants.>>It’s like a puzzle each person’s got a special part and without that part and without that part’s
function the team can’t be effective has it should be.>>and you would think that just like if you
are on the outside where it’s you know you have a manager and then you have you know the people underneath, it doesn’t
feel like that here because we’re so interested in making sure that our residents are okay>>when you work in a nursing home you have to
always everyday go that extra mile with somebody. you just can’t say that, well I’m only going to do
so-and-so today. I’m tired, I don’t feel well I’m not for it today. It’s not gonna work.>>You got to be patient. You got to understand what the residents their needs.>>It takes something within somebody.
Everybody just can’t do it. Everybody can deal with what we deal with
every day.>>It make the staff feel nice when the family
said you know such-and-such unit take such a good care of
my loved one then it just bring my heart joy.>>It is hard when you start because it is something
new and you have to get to know all these people and you know what they’re used to or what they do like what they don’t like but
as long as you’re here for the right reason and as long as you are here not just to do a job, but you feel
something for doing for other people then it’ll get easier and it got a lot easier for me.

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8 thoughts on “Nursing Home Heroes – a tribute to elder care staff

  1. Nursing homes are a business. They brain wash the nurse to have compassionate care. While keeping all of the profits. The Administrator always puts the most minimal staff to run the home. We should not call them nursing homes but we should call them administrator homes. Right now the majority of nursing homes in america are working short staff underpaid in all the departments. They are managed very different than hospitals.

  2. I am a nursing home adminstrator and it is not about the bottom line. It is about finding the balance where you can take what Medicare is willing to give to cover the costs and making sure that you have enough caring staff on the floor to ensure that all the residents feel loved and cared for. Hospitals will always have more staff. They receive thousands of dollars a day to give care. Nursing homes might receive 150 to 400 a day. The real problem is the re-embursement not the adminstrator

  3. Hey i volunteer in a nursing home, and the way some people talk to you is completely astounding, where i am at sometiems they talk to you really awful the client and staff members, but i know not all are like that, i like a place to work where its fresh new and they are polite and treat you right and fair.

  4. when our turn will come we will wish that we could get abused in a retirement home but its going to be open grave for the gen X Y Z they dont no how good they gut it but its about to get a hole lote worst thanks baby boomers for costing a fortune in health care and leaving your debts behind like your remainsi hate my boss jobe but will none the less forever be thankfull for the elders

  5. What's good about nursing homes is that they provide 24/7 medical assistance and monitoring. This could be a very good option for our loved ones especially those who are suffering from physical and mental disabilities.

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