Nursing and Midwifery at University of South Australia – Health Sciences
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Nursing and Midwifery at University of South Australia – Health Sciences

[ wheezing and coughing sounds ] Hi, my name’s Chelsea I’m studying Nursing at UniSA at the East campus. My name is Stella Onwuchekwa I’m an international student from Nigeria, studying Nursing. I’m Melissa and I’m studying Midwifery at UniSA and I’m a second year student. We’re in the labs once a week, so it gives us a chance to get hands-on and ask experienced nurses and tutors about what it involves and how to care for patients and it just gives us the opportunity to get a real life experience about nursing. We spend lots of time in the labs here at university practicing with models and real equipment and we also spend a lot of time out in hospitals and in clinics. So, we have a small group, tutorial class and then we come to the practical labs. Mostly we work with mannequins and then we work with ourselves and then we go into the facilities during our clinical placements and work with the real world. I get to interact with so many people here. The labs here at uni are set up like a real hospital they’ve got all real equipment they have dummies, not real people obviously but all the experiences we get at uni are very life-like and it gives us an opportunity to simulate what it would be in a real hospital. We practice injections, taking blood just how to position patients. And we spend time each semester in the labs here, anything from two days up to a week each semester practicing clinical skills before we go out into the hospital. It’s been nice in Adelaide, specifically at City East campus it’s been really, really nice because we’ve got teachers, we’ve got lecturers, we’ve got tutors who are interested in making sure that we make it where we want to be they want to make sure that we are doing what we want to do and we work to do it really right. I really want to be a pediatric nurse, so when I finish I’m hoping to do my graduate year in a pediatric hospital. I then want to come back and do my Midwifery which UniSA offers. Naturally, I enjoy nursing, because I have a passion for nursing but studying here has also helped me a lot to build up my passion and I’ve come to enjoy it really, really well I’ve come to enjoy nursing the old aged and even the mentally disabled and the school is really preparing me for that. I think the experience at UniSA, spending time with the lecturers, and also in the clinical labs practicing our clinical skills has really set me up to go out there and work and feel comfortable and confident straight away in the hospital environment. [ wheezing and coughing sounds ]

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