Nurses Review “Nurse” Costumes
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Nurses Review “Nurse” Costumes

– I guess I can walk around like this and say, “Happy Hallo-” Ow! Do people really wear this for Halloween? (peppy instrumental music) – I am a registered nurse. – I am an oncology nurse. – And I work in the emergency room. – I work on (mumbles) unit
and sometimes float to ICU. – We are going to be trying
on nursing Halloween costumes. It’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be exciting. – I actually don’t know how it’s gonna be. – What I wear everyday is
usually very comfortable. – Not sexy at all. – I’m wanting to see the difference. – So this outfit, where do I even begin? – I don’t know, my scrubs
don’t look like this. There’s nowhere to put stuff,
I mean, this is flimsy, it’s see-through. – Our male co-workers,
I don’t think they would really wanna wear this everyday. – They just remind me of pajamas. – I’m diggin’ it! It’s way more comfortable
than what I’m used to. I would wear these if I could. – We do wear all sorts of colors,
depending on the hospital, and there are a lot of
nurses that like pink. – Let’s just do something
generic like blue or something. – If I were to ever wear this
in the hospital, and if I got any bodily fluids on me, it
would go straight through. – This is an old thermometer,
I’m not gonna, you know how long it’ll take to take
someone’s temperature in the ER? – It’s very comfortable
and it’s comparable to what we normally wear. – Yeah, it’s definitely kind of accurate. – Oh, this is a scrub nurse for surgery? (laughing) – So nurses stopped wearing
dresses I don’t know how many decades ago. – It just screams hospital,
but diner. I’m confused. – I guess if you’re back
in the 1950’s, then I guess it would be very appropriate. – Well actually, there are some nurses, I have seen a couple that
still do wear these outfits. I’m just kind of doing a double-take, like where did you come from? – I like it. I like the skirt. – You get a little
peek-a-boo shoot right there. That is not professional. – We’re not at work to be cute, especially in the emergency room. Who makes these uniforms?
I want to talk to them. – I just feel kind of silly in it. – This is a joke, it’s not even a costume. – Oh my gosh, I don’t even
know what to say about this. – I like that it’s form
fitting, a little bit. – More kind of like a fantasy I think. – I don’t have hearts on my uniform. – This nurse would cause a heart-attack. – I already get a lot of
perverted patients. This, uh-uh. – I don’t really like it that much. – Oh my god, if I showed
up to work like this, – they’ll die on the floor laughing! – I think it’s both, silly and fun. – It’s complete trash to me. – There’s nothing really to say
except I wouldn’t wear them. – Being a nurse and putting on
all of these nursing costumes insulted me, actually, as a nurse. – I don’t think they were that
bad, I think I’ve seen worse. – I mean, every profession,
I guess you could slut it up. – I’d be pro-sexy male nurse costumes. I’m glad that our profession
is on a costume rack, that’s kind of cool. I would feel honored that
they would want to be a nurse. (laughs) – No matter what they wore. (playful piano music) – It’s just so sad, what’s
happening over there. – Oh yeah, mmm-hmm. (whoosh) (whoosh) – You don’t know the half of it.

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100 thoughts on “Nurses Review “Nurse” Costumes

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  2. i mean… it's not for work…. it's for Halloween.. so.. it's not supposed to be accurate.. it's supposed to be sexy.. idiot.

  3. Being a girl who lives around the corner from a "medicwear" store, I can tell you, these outfits look nothing like real doctor/ nurse outfits. Also greys anatomy

  4. Ok, my moms a nurse and she wears teal or white and that's all. It's would be all white or all teal or q real pants and shirt with a snowy-white jacket.

  5. But… you can go to Goodwill and buy scrubs for next to nothing. I kind of like the retro nurse costume though .-.

  6. when you say sexy nurse I think of that one male nurse in his twenties who I have a crush on. I'm 13. lolololol.

  7. I work as a medical assistant, and we typically perform as a nurse, but we definitely legally can't perform some procedures that nurses do. Are any of my fellow male nurses or medical assistants out there?

  8. it's a costume. it's supposed to be unrealistic. Halloween is an unrealistic holiday. about dressing up as something you're not, and getting candy from people who bought candy specifically to give to you. which is very unrealistic any other day of the year.

  9. I was in the ER and I saw so many doctors and nurses were wearing clothes you would expect for like a first date, like jewelry, dresses, heels, fabulous hair, make up….it was weird for the ER

  10. This gets me mad. Evey costume for women have to be sexy. Women aren't sexual objects, we have Professions too!

  11. I get when they're saying well this isn't accurate but when they complain about the quality that's where I have a problem because it's probabaly a 15 dollar costume and it's not meant to be high quality

  12. It's Halloween tommorow I still don't know what to wear…

    EDIT::[ I know I know I am going to be….(Drumrolls) the tall made to move Barbie in the colour oranhe…. Yeah just a yoga pant and a orange shirt that Is plain and I will write Barbie on it done…]

  13. Guys that girl with black wavy hair ummmmm needs to do her eyebrows I wouldn’t want her as my nurse she looked like a phsycopath in the thumbnail

  14. In my country nurses still wear dresses..they wear white dresses..white shoes..white everything..yup..its a must..

  15. I was an ob/gyn for Halloween last year, but I wore real scrubs and a name tag from my aunts hospital 😊

  16. They’re costumes… they’re not meant to be completely accurate but recognizable as well as “fun”

    No everybody wants to wear your plain dusty scrubs For Halloween Suzan.

  17. The costumes here are just the beginning of insults. There is way sexier( depending on your idea of sexy), then what has been shown. There are lingerie versions that barley cover the law. Keep those for when your hubby is sick.

  18. My mom is a nurse so I am a nurse for Halloween almost every year because I put no effort into my costume so I just grab a pair of her scrubs and a stethoscope and I’m set LOL we’re the same size

  19. None of these outfits being shown are really worn by nurses. Our uniforms came down to mid calf (below the knees) and was flailed out so you could move without showing your underwear like these girls are doing. The front was closed up to the neck So you couldn’t see down the front of their dress (unlike these girls). We also wore CLEAN,POLISHED, SUPORTIVE shoes every time we worked!! Today you cannot even tell the floor mopping crew from the patient care crew! Let alone whether they know anything or not. Sorry guys nursing is gone downhill since 1960 when I graduated. Too much emphasis put on machine results and not enough on patient observation and care by the nurses.

  20. Remember one time I wanted to dress up as a Nurse when I was 10 and basically my mom works as a Nurse for BAMC and she walked over,Took it,put it back and said,”Let’s try something else” lol

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