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100 thoughts on “Nurses Reveal Their Horror Stories

  1. One of the nurses I work with , I'm a CNA , she was doing a dressing change and the resident had necrosis in his foot. Long story short the residents foot came off. Mid change. They all knew it was going to happen but the nurse was trying to keep composure the whole time.

  2. Why are so many people talking about Kat??? Courtney should be the main conversation… She 🔥 and would be my dream nurse… Cured instantly

  3. Leave Kat alone man she’s funny 😂😂 it’s just a light-hearted video if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all

  4. The nurse at 3:30..the one who got ‘extra supplies’, i’m assuming she has never been a CNA. Putting PPE on to clean patient/resident up? Cmon. As a Certified Nursing Assistant myself, I’d hate to see her doing rounds in places like nursing homes (where I work) that requires cleaning over 30 people up multiple times a day. She couldn’t handle it.

  5. 10% of comments about the vid
    10% about the guys d**k
    80%about kat and how she is an embarrassment and not professional or something like that

  6. Geeze everyone is being a little rough on Kat. Let’s not all act like we haven’t had our days where we didn’t want to give 100%. It’s not like she let the guy sit in his own fecal matter

  7. If you can't handle vomit, poop, and other secretions then a nursing career is NOT for you! That's super embarrassing for the patient, the hospital and team when you can't act professional and do your job during those types of sensitive moments. If the patients could help themselves they would, but obviously they are vulnerable and sick so they need help. When I was in the hospital and had some issues going on bathroom wise, not one of my nurses turned away.

    Kat lady you need to find another profession if poop bothers you! Can't even imagine how you are around catheters!

  8. Kat should be gored she did not help if it was a code blue she might be needed she needs to let someone know what there doing take over her job she is lazy

  9. I get that people want to put there opinion but like, y’all are dissing Kat like waaaaay too much. I get the whole she should have helped, but at the same time you don’t have to shame her and diss her like that.

  10. Been there with the necrotic toe. I was hoping and praying my patients one didn’t fall off during dressing.

    I think the worse I saw was a necrotic penis

  11. Once I went to the doctor for a check up then we waited hours and hours so I had to go to the bathroom and the doctor was on her phone the whole time and asked her if she was done and she ran to the room

  12. yeah yeah yeah Kat is a bad nurse for avoiding the crap now lets discuss more important things …HOW HOT IS COURTNEY !? CAN YOU SAY NURSE FANTASY ?

  13. yeah these aren’t even bad. my dad is a nurse and has thousands of stories. here’s my favorite one:

    so my dad and his good friend had just started working at a hospital and were, obviously, new, and the other nurses liked to mess with them and freak them out. there was a super bad motorcycle crash which required a helicopter to pick up the guy. my dad’s friend went up to the roof to help out, and when the helicopter landed, one of the operators tossed him something. turns out, it was the motorcyclist’s leg. sadly, he didn’t make it, but damn, that’s certainly one way to freak out a newbie.

  14. One time my…I guess uncle…like…woke up in the morgue toe tagged and everything and just like…told the terrified ME that he needed to go to work.

  15. Jesus fuking christ yall chill tf out abt kat like damn yall all know that if sumthing like that happend yall would do thr same so dont even lie

  16. where in live (canada) nurses don’t clean up, we don’t even do IVs & drugs (although we know how), we are basically team leaders that do a lot of paperwork and monitor/evaluate patients. In the team there is people specifically for all things hygiene of the patient!

  17. Omg everyone stop going after Kat!!!! She did what she was supposed to, get dressed for a code brown. She said she went to get more supplies just in case and got ready for the whole event. Would you guys want to clean up someone’s poop and butt? No didn’t think so, so stop blaming Kat so much!

  18. Why do people like Kat get into nursing? If you can't change a diaper then pick another career. Cause when people make such a big deal about small stuff like that then what will you do when things get real real bad?

  19. I could never be a nurse I’m so glad there are other people in the world to deal with this stuff😂 y’all got some big hearts

  20. Kat doesn't know she can easily be in that patient's situation. A seizure can cause anyone to loose bowel functions. I wouldn't want Kat to be my nurse or a nurse for any of my loved ones.

  21. Retired 30 yr RN– having a bariatric, iddm with cdiff & multiple wound dressings who is either confused or combative or both.

  22. Ya know, no hate but Ik where Kat is coming from. I mean, most comments are saying that “she’s not a good nurse” but honestly, if I was her I would do the exact same thing!

    I mean, at least the patient was funny :/ but it’s not good to hate on other people because of how they explained their story, and how she reacted.

    I mean, at least she said it straight and in a nice way rather than a mean and criticizing way…

  23. Omg. Courtney this happened to me!! It was my first semester of nursing school, but the difference is when I removed the old dressing all the toenails just fell off 😭😭😭😭

  24. Everyone is calling out Kat but in the other nurse videos she was really passionate about her job and taking her time getting supplies to clean up 💩 to avoid doing it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like her job cleaning up 💩 isn’t the only thing nurses do

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