Nurses day 2019 Theme – Health for All (Short version check other video for Explained version)
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Nurses day 2019 Theme – Health for All (Short version check other video for Explained version)

International Nurses Day International
Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12th the anniversary of
Florence Nightingale’s birth International council of nurses
commemorates this important day each year with the production and
distribution of the International Nurses Day resources and evidence Operated by
the nurses and leading nursing internationally International Council of
nurses works to ensure quality nursing care for all and chooses healthy
policies globally International Council of nurses chooses a theme each year to celebrate International Nurses Day Our 2017 to 19 campaign nurses a voice to lead focuses on need for nurses to become more effective and vocal in policy
development and implementation the resources and evidence deal with the
critical issues of time and highlight the many ways in which nurses are making
an impact Before we go ahead please subscribe to
our Channel and press the bell icon for more updates on Nursing Our Aim according to their scope of
practice nurses provide appropriate accessible and evidence-based care for “Health for all” to be achieved there must be a transformation in the approach to health and well-being With a core role as patient advocate their scientific reasoning skills numbers and spectrum of care across the continuum Nurses are ideally placed to lead and inform health services decision making and policy development As one of the most trusted and respected health professions Nursing has a pivotal role to address the multiple health challenges that are being faced all over the world Nurses are the engine room of the health system and are required to respond to the health needs of individuals communities and the world The International Council of nurses Code of ethics states inherent in nursing is a respect for human rights including cultural rights the right to life and choice to dignity and to be treated with respect Nursing care is respectful of and unrestricted by consideration of age color creed culture disability or illness gender sexual orientation nationality politics race or social status Nurses render health services to the individual the family and the community And co – ordinates their services with related groups The need for Nurses is universal Health for All Health for all the precursor to Universal Health Coverage UHC was first articulated with the appropriate guidelines and actions in Alma Ata declaration on primary healthcare at its core Alma Ata affirmed that improvements of health can only be obtained through the combination of Health Sciences sound economics and policies and action against social injustice Health for All means that health is brought into the reach of everyone in a given country Health in this context means not just availability of health services but a complete state of physical and mental health that enables a person to live a socially and economically productive life Resources if you would like to know more about the evidences and studies regarding the role of nurses in attaining health for all Kindly visit the website of International Council of Nurses that is And click on what we do and choose campaigns Here you will find everything that you needto campaign for access to health and universal health coverage, and to provide the evidence you need to convince others that Nurses have a leading role in achieving Health for All Spread the word and use your Voice to lead! Wishing you a very happy nurses day 2019 Please subscribe to our Channel and press the bell icon for more interesting updates on Nursing

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