Nurse arrested for following hospital policy
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Nurse arrested for following hospital policy

the disturbing video comes from the
inside of an emergency room and the woman screaming a burn unit nurse who is
being arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer the incident captured by
police and hospital cameras happened in July but now the district attorney says
he wants a criminal investigation University of Utah nurse Alix wubble
says she was just doing her job following Hospital protocol by refusing
to let police take a blood sample from an unconscious patient nope wubble says
detective Jeff Payne demanded a blood sample from a car crash victim who was
in a coma and severely burned his truck smashed by a car racing from police
according to local media Bob Wills calmly explains the policy for obtaining
blood she even gets her supervisor on the phone who backs her up the tension
only escalates she’s the one that has told me no okay no we’re done we’re done
you’re under arrest we’ll go we’re done Salt Lake City’s
police chief apologized and said what happened was unacceptable I was alarmed
I want to be very clear we take this very seriously we’re now wobbles isn’t
filing a lawsuit I feel very strongly and giving people the benefit of the
doubt and I surely believe that he was honest in his apology and sincere and
his willingness to try and make change and make things better police release
wobbles without charges that day after she sat in the police car for 20 minutes
detective Payne said in a written report that his watch commander advised him to
arrest the nurse for interfering with a police investigation
hey another officer on administrative leave
as internal investigators looked into this startling incident dan Simon CNN
Salt Lake City

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100 thoughts on “Nurse arrested for following hospital policy

  1. This is so ugly. I am so glad that people start recording these things as no better proof than a video of a scene. Heard that police officer got fired and nurse awarded $500k. This is fair. However, wonder if outcome would be similar if it’s a brown or black or an immigrant nurse.

  2. Most of the time, when a policeman does something bad they don't get charged with a crime, they either get a suspension or fired…

  3. Letting him getting away with it
    That's crazy I would of sued him for everything he has. Once he has done it he will do it again that's why the police get away with so much

  4. the nurse is so nice i would've filed a lawsuit and be saying how disappointed this makes me in the Utah PD and made a huge deal about it

  5. This is why people don’t trust cops and have so much hatred for them. Just because you’re a law enforcer does not mean you’re above the law. I get this is America so abusing your position and power is widely accepted and expected but we need change.

  6. I hate the cops in america. They’re so racist, do their jobs wrong and they need to take their head out of their moms fucking asshole.

  7. Jesus !!!! I'm Italian so I really don't know much about America laws but I really heard some fuck up stories about cops there ! I heard that if you're black they can shot you, but in this case they used forse against a white nurse!!!!!!! So it doesn't matter who you are, they always abuse their power against you ! Jesus, I'll never go to your country

  8. The police proving they're wrong once again !! Do they get consequence's? No. They just apologize like we want an apology. Fire his ass for he was wrong !!! Wow

  9. Another example of police trampling on constitutional rights. Being a police officer is a hard job. Some police thibk that they can do ANYTHING in the name of the law or policy and that's just not how it works or should work.

  10. Should have been awarded $5,000,000 for emotional destress. All the cops involved should have been fired and charged with assault.

  11. Nurse : ** PLease sir you're hurting me! **
    Officer : *THEN WALK*

    me : **_BRUH HOW!! You is literally squeezing her, draging her, and hurting her**

  12. Up next : 8 weeks baby got arrested for crying so loudly and disturbing the locals before being arrested he got shot in the leg for his heavy resistance

  13. Police: Master Nurse, I take it the patient is unconscious. I must have a blood sample.
    Nurse: In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, You will not get a sample.
    Police: Are you threatening me Master Nurse???
    Nurse: The law will decide your fate.
    Police: The law? I AM THE LAW!
    Nurse: What?
    𝗣𝗼𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗽𝘂𝗹𝗹𝘀 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗹𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁𝘀𝗮𝗯𝗲𝗿
    Police: It's treason then.

  14. Yeyeye evrytime you are taking stuff like this seriously,but how the fck then nothing changes and stuff like this are repeating over and over,one wise man once said that police is just a giant crap hole for politicans and mafia.

  15. What a bloody joke usa cops are mad this would never happen in uk america needs to sort there cops out shame on them 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  16. i hope someday everyone get's rights, we should deserve something this way, without these ''police'' officers we would be fine, great work guys, GREAT work.

  17. Why only her? Why not everyone in the department that's qualified to draw blood? Cops can be so stupid. Logic goes BYE BYE as soon as you give them handcuffs and a gun. I'm an ER RN for 20 years. I've seen plenty of cool cops. But not everyone is good at their job. A bad cop is more than just bad at his job.

  18. That is so fucked up, and as a nurse I would hate if someone just dragged my ass out for doing my job. Smfh with this old ass cop…🙄🙄🙄

  19. Fucking pigs, he should be arrested for assault on that nurse. Then the chief comes on say that is unacceptable behavior. Give me a break, that chief probably patted him on the back in reality. Cope need to be humbled somehow. Because you have that stupid little badge does not give you the right to act like you do. If I was her I sue that sumbitch for everything he had. Hopefully he will need a nurse one day. Let his ass lay there.

  20. WTF? Why police can get into hospital and arrest someone on duty? That bustard need to be dismissed and put in jail for 100 years.

  21. So sad, just sad, he even used force at her work place. If it is me I won’t admit any guys from that department under my care. These stupids must know the value of a nurse.

  22. What a power trip. I get why some cops are portrayed bad in the media. Its unfortunate, because not all cops are bad, but this one certainly is.

  23. Cops need worse punishment then citizens , and why should tax payers pay for these idiots mistakes. Take his house and retirement to pay for it.

  24. There not sorry. Simply saying what the public want to hear. Welcome to utah! They abuse the badge here like no other. Constantly harassing the public. Best advice stay away from salt lake. The police are scarier than the criminals.

  25. The new "norm" for these vids should be too comment is the officers name and address since this is a free country and all

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