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Nu Skin: Pharmanex LifePak | Product Training

Are you concerned that your body may not be
getting all of the nutrition it needs? If so, you’re not alone. We all fail to make
the best choices when it comes to our diet and lifestyle because our lives are simply
too hectic. Every day our bodies are subjected to many extreme demands from our modern lifestyles
which entail unbalanced diets, environmental pollution, insufficient or vigorous intermittent
physical activity, chronic mental stress. In fact the DNA in each cell of our bodies
receives 70,000 free radical hits each day. Free radicals are chemically reactive molecules
brought on by environmental stresses such as sun exposure and pollution and even internal
metabolic activity that can lead to an early onset of aging skin and health as well as
many degenerative conditions. Adults who want optimal health now and for
years to come must combat the ravages of aging with an anti-aging supplement program that
contains antioxidants, to combat free radicals and prevent cell degradation, and vitamins
and minerals to prevent debilitating conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies.
Pharmanex LifePak Nano is a breakthrough nutritional anti-aging supplement program. Specifically
formulated to protect DNA and cells, nourish and protect the brain, bolster the immune
system, support cardiovascular health and regulate blood sugar metabolism, protect eye
health, build strong bones, promote joint function and mobility, protect against the
effects of sun radiation and help maintain healthy skin tone and elasticity.
This comprehensive proprietary formula uses nanotechnology, the science of manipulating
substances at the molecular level to aid in absorption so nutrients and minerals are delivered
and distributed more quickly and easily throughout the body. Featuring powerful antioxidants like NanoCoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, broad spectrum dietary
carotenoids, and Omega-3 fatty acids, and an array of essential nutrients and minerals,
LifePak Nano has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all adults aged 18 to
40 years. Each sachet contains two LipoNutrient soft gels, one vitamin capsule, one phytonutrient
capsule, and three mineral capsules. Simply take the contents of one sachet with eight
ounces of fluid with your morning and evening meals.
The revolutionary LifePak line also offers additional formulations designed for use by
consumers of all different ages and specific needs.
LifePak Prenatal is especially formulated to meet the basic and specific nutrient requirements
of pregnant and lactating women. LifePak Women is formulated for pre- and perimenopausal
women, and LifePak Teen is for children and teens age nine to 18 years. And finally, Jungamals
is our LifePak for children under nine years old.
Pharmanex’s LifePak supplement line provides an advanced nutritional foundation for a long
and healthy life full of vitality and youthful energy for individuals of any age.

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1 thought on “Nu Skin: Pharmanex LifePak | Product Training

  1. I can honestly say that of all supplements, this one works. I was only able to take for one month,however, I am no longer able to work. if I was able to afford it again, I would do it in a heartbeat.. I have met with their representatives and they are very forthcoming and honest. They stand behind their products 100%. Thank you 🙏

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