Niles left with hole in budget after no one bids on wellness center
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Niles left with hole in budget after no one bids on wellness center

No one has bid to run the Niles Wellness Center — which means the city has to fill a 160-thousand dollar hole in its already tight budget. Niles City Council’s finance committee was hoping to discuss the deficit at a meeting this evening — but no one showed up with the details — though a plan is not expected until the February 15th council meeting. The committee instead heard from light department superintendent Jim Newbrough. A retirement in the light department means three people will change jobs — and under a new Niles law — all job openings must be approved by city council. Guidelines have been established on how positions will be filled. [A21]20170206 NILES COUNCIL-SV “THAT I FEEL ARE REALLY GOING TO GIVE THE DEPARTMENT HEADS TO MAINTAIN THEIR ABILITY TO MANAGE THEIR DEPARTMENTS BUT AT THE SAME TIME GIVE COUNCIL THE PROPER COMMUNICATIVE TOOL TO MAKE SURE WE CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS IN FULL TRANSPARENCY.” The finance committee was also told about plans to replace all of the city’s traffic lights and street lights over the next few years — with more efficient LED lighting. When finished it will cut in half the electrical cost of running the lights. [A22]20170206 OH FENTANYL TZ-VO

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